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    CWA Insider issue 3


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    CWA Insider issue 3 Empty CWA Insider issue 3

    Post  Christian on Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:27 pm

    CWA Insider issue 3 JerryXMASbigger
    Note from the Editor: I would like to thank all the photographers that worked so hard to help bring you this issue, the Editor Peri Blake.
    CWA Insider issue 3 Picnikcollage-1949

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    Interview with Jerry Lawler
    The Editor sat down and have a short interview with the owner of CWA, Mr. Lawler.
    Peri: Thank you again Mr. Lawler for taking the time for this, so what are your plans for the CWA in the coming year?

    Jerry: *chuckles* I can't tell you most of my plans Peri. After all, where would the fun be in that. But I can tell you I have another title belt on the way as well as some new stars both in and out of the ring.

    Peri: *smiles* Can we have any hints about the new stars sir?

    Jerry: One of 'em whose gonna be there in ring is definitly an all American.

    Peri: I'm sure everyone will be happy to welcome all the newcomers.

    Jerry: I hope they will. I'm impressed with the company I created so far. *nods*

    Peri: Everyone loves to work for the CWA and you sir. But what about Dusty sir?

    Jerry: Dusty has been my best friend since we were kids. I ain't worried about him. My son and my daughter will gladly protect me.

    Peri: *nods* what do you think about the superstars already here?

    Jerry: All of the superstars and Vixxens are here because I find them highly talented. Personal feelings aside, all of them are great at what they do.

    Peri: *nods* Sorry if this is too personal sir but what do you think about your son and daughter's relationships that have with certin superstars?

    Jerry: I agree with Christian and Carter. They seem to be good with each other. But there's something about Sheamus that I just don't like. He can be mean and fierce. What if he ever lost his temper with my baby girl?

    Peri: *nods* But he seems to really love her.

    Jerry: Doesn't matter. I don't trust him

    Peri: *nods* Thank you again sir for the interview.

    Jerry: Thank you for having me.

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