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    All promos are due by Saturday at midnight.

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    Post  Guest on Mon Dec 19, 2011 6:21 pm

    The promo for this lovely holiday PPV. Created by your Shaman of Sexy. Enjoy! And Happy Holidays!

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    The camera flicks on and is following Belle Moore through the back. She appears the be avoiding them but can't find a place to hide. Still she tries and tries. Coming out of nowhere Amy Hennigan comes to her friend and the sound of the conversation is slowly heard

    Amy:Belle,Belle babe are you ok?

    Belle:No Im not fucking ok! How could I be? Tonight I have to go out there and face my fiance in the ring! *she starts to shake*

    Amy:Belle,calm down. I know you don't want to face him but you have to. Don't let this get to you,prove that you can face him. *hugs her*

    Belle:*muffled* But how? Thats like asking me to face Shanny.

    Amy:*pulls away* Haven't you do that before?

    Belle:Not willingly. And if you don't recall that resulted in both of us going to the hospital. *chuckles humoressly* Remember? My mom came down torn between getting mad and babying me.

    Amy:Oh yeah. Didn't you like almost break his arm and he almost broke your nose. All because you kept trying to push each other to beat the other.

    Belle:It won't be like that tonight. I...I can't hurt him. I can't. I haven't ever even yelled at him. How can I go out there and give him a twist of faith?

    Amy:Babe,this is all for you. *sighs softly and pulls her over to the wall where they slide down and sit* I can tell you he is just as torn about it.

    Belle:You think so? I mean really? I know he loves me but maybe he can switch it off unlike me.

    Amy:I know so. After all,your his fiance. Just looking at him looking at you everyone can tell he loves you more than anything. You think he will want to hurt you? I don't think so.

    Belle:Then what can I do? *holds face in hands for a moment before looking up* I have to be a big girl about this don't I Ames? I have to realize this is my job and therefore have to do this. I have to see that I don't always get the things I want and have to claw my way back to the top like before. By going through Wade.

    Amy:Sadly the answer is yes. You have to. Just like Sheamus and Nolee should have. Well Nolee,not so much Sheamus. *winces for a moment*Im betting she wishes she had faced him like the athelete we have seen for the whole time she has been here. But you both need to. Wade and you.

    Belle:And if we can't? What if we just can't go to that squared circle,look at each other, and see the other as an enemy that must be taken out? *looks at her sadly*

    Amy:Your going to have to. In this business we don't pick who we face. I can tell you right now that if I ever had to face Johnny I would be in the same spot as you but knowing I had to. As much as you love someone you have to do it.

    Belle:For the fans? Isn't that your saying?*smiles humoressly

    Amy: *pauses and chuckles* You know what? For the first time it's not for the fans. It's for you. For you to see how much stronger you can be when you do what you have to. Im sorry Bells.

    Belle:And what if Im not strong enough to take him on? You have seen him Ames. He is so much bigger and stronger than me. I mean,I have never been one to shy away from a challenge but this one? I don't want this. I want so back to put a stamp on this that says 'return to sender'. Yet everyone here expects me to do this. Hell,even Shannon texted me saying that the whole TNA locker room is rooting for me. All of them. All my friends standing behind me and here I am running like a scared little girl.

    Amy:Then stop running from this match. Tonight you will go out there jamming to Bad Girlfriend,get into that ring,and stop running from this. You can't pull that shit anymore. Time to stop and face it.

    Belle:That's the thing,I want to stop so bad. *looks at Amy with a sad smile* I just don't know how. I wish I did. I know I will go out there tonight and be physically there but not mentally. Thats all I have to do. Be there physically just not mentally. I don't think I could stand being out there mentally.

    Amy:I can't say I blame you for that. Mentally going from matches is how we all survive them at times.

    Belle:*whispers quietly* Will you go out there with me? Just so I don't feel so utterly alone for once? I always go out with Wade but tonight that's not the case. I need someone there so I won't turn and run back up the ramp. It's time to grow up.Can you believe that I would ever grow up? Hell,I have been a kid all my life. Sad that something like me having to beat my fiance's ass brought me out of it. I wish it were something else but it's not is it?

    Amy shakes her head as the camera backs up. Belle rests her head on Amy's shoulder. They appear to be talking a bit more but it's too soft to even hear. The image fades of the two silently sitting with their hands intertwined like Amy is giving Belle her strength

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    We open up on the inside of a beautiful home, a majestic Christmas tree in the center of the room. It's decorated in silver and gold ornaments with white garland. The CWA superstars are around the room, their families with them. Wade stands on a chair, glass of wine in his hand. He taps on it and the noise of the room dies down.

    Wade: It's good to see you all could make it. I thought that since tomorrow is our Christmas themed pay per view we could have our Christmas party today. *he smiles* Now, looking over the lot of you I can see a lot of friendly and not so friendly faces. But that's the thing, be friend or foe we're all gathered here today. We have good will in our hearts for the man or woman next to us. So I propose a toast. To long lives, good friends, and true love.

    The members of the CWA roster toast and Wade steps off the chair. He crosses over to Heath Slater who is standing at the food table.

    Wade: I'm glad your here Heath.

    Heath: I didn't come here because of you. Justin wanted me to come because he wanted a date.

    Wade: About the attack...I'm sorry. I had been in a bad place for a long time and seeing Justin again after so long...

    Heath: *hesitates* BEfore he came to the CWA we talked about what you had become. That Wade, the man you were, wasn't really you.

    Wade: Your wr-

    Heath: No Wade your wrong. Justin and I know you. That man was a mask. We all know what was wrong.

    Wade: *mutters* I was lonely.

    Heath: And instead of letting people know, you pushed us all away.

    Wade: I know...

    Heath: Thus I forgive you.

    Wade: *blinks his eyes in surprise* What?

    Heath: I forgive you. I mean, it's the season of giving naw mean?

    Wade: *smiles* Yes I understand you.

    Heath: *laughs* So who you got at the pay per view?

    Wade: *grows serious again* Belle.

    Heath: Oh man that's bad luck.

    Wade: Tell me about it. If I hurt her, I feel bad but if I don't give her my all she'll get mad. I know Belle, she'll want my all.

    Heath: Damned if you do, damned if you don't naw mean?

    Wade: *nods and runs a hand through his hair* Yeah.

    Heath: So what are you going to do?

    Wade: The old me would have complained to Jerry about the unfairness of this match. The new me? Well, the new me is going to give Belle my all. Sheamus and Nolee fought each other and did fine. hell, I'd venture to say their relationship is stronger. If Belle loves me as much as I love her this match will only be a problem emotionally.

    Heath: You think you'll win?

    Wade: You and everyone else are going to have to get use to me not saying I'll win. I'm confident I'll put up a good fight. That's all anyone can hope.

    Heath: *claps a hand to Wade's shoulder* This is the Wade that Justin and I know and love. Now lets go fhind him and Belle before they do something like spike the punch.

    The camera pans out to a wide shot of the room before fading out.

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    We open on a small hotel room where Nolee is getting ready to go out. Her hair is plaited down her back and she's wearing a black sweater and blue jeans with no shoes on. She hears a knock on the door and opens it to see WWE superstar Jack Swagger standing there. He's wearing a gray turtleneck and blue jeans with black boots.

    Nolee: Jackie! *hugs him* I didn't know the WWE was in town!

    Jack: *laughs* Hey Nolee! Can I come in?

    Nolee: *nods and lets him in* Yeah but you gotta be quick. I'm meeting Sheamus and we're going to go skiing.

    Jack: *smiles and sits on her bed* Sounds fun. How did you get pasty to agree to skiing?

    Nolee: First off, by telling him we're going out to dinner but to dress warm. Second, I wish you wouldn't insult him. He's a good man.

    Jack: I guess that I just haven't gotten to meet him yet. At least not outside of work. I'm glad your happy though.

    Nolee: Thanks. So is it true that your thinking about coming to the CWA?

    Jack: Oh I've contemplated it. But at the moment Nick and Vickie need me. Maybe soon though.

    Nolee: That'd be fun! Me and my bestie on the same show!

    She looks under the bed for her tennis shoes, not finding them. She stands to see Jack holding them on his lap as he still sits in the bed.

    Jack: You still own these? I was there the day you bought these. We went to see Midnight In Paris and then went to the mall.

    Nolee: *takes her shoes* Yeah. That was a good day.

    Jack: So who you got at the ppv?

    Nolee: *putting her shoes on* Justin Gabriel.

    Jack: Ooo, that should be a good match! You always did like him in the Nexus.

    Nolee: Jack, I liked him when I first saw him on NXT. He's quick, he's tough, and he knows how to please the fans. If you ask me, this craft needs more people like him. It's a shame the WWE never realized what an athelete he is. Then again, maybe it's not. That's how he ended up here.

    Jack: So you think this will be a walk in the park?

    Nolee: Ain't no way in hell this will be a walk in the park. I'm stronger than he is...I think. But that speed...god he's quicker than should be humanly possible.

    Jack: You're telling me! I've fought him before!

    Nolee: *smiles* Well I've got something he doesn't.

    Jack: Oh yeah?

    Nolee: I have been a champ in the CWA. Justin? The closest he's EVER gotten was when he attacked Wade at Hell To Pay.

    Jack: were a Vixxens champ...

    Nolee: So? I was still a champ. And if I play my cards right, I'll be in the running for the new title.

    Jack: New title?

    Nolee: Don't tell dad I know but the first four matches in the card are judging who could be the very first Five Nations Champion.

    Jack: Five Nations?

    Nolee: Think of it like the Intercontinental or United States Championship of the WWE. I heard dad saying that whatever two people win their match in the fastest time will be contended for it.

    Jack: Sounds like you just raised the stakes in all of the matches. Welp, good luck with Justin. We still going to see My Week With Marilyn this weekend? You can take Shea.

    Nolee: I'll go see it but I don't think Shea will go. Not his thing. Saturday sound good?

    Jack: Perfect. *he kisses her cheek* Check ya later!

    The camera fades out as Nolee watches Jack leave.

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    The sound of car doors slamming is heard as the camera fades in on the outside of a house. Two little girls, who are recognized as Emily and Alyssa Turner, run to the front door. An older blonde woman walks behind them and knocks on the door. It opens to reveal Lucas Turner, looking considerably less sour when he sees that it's his daughters. He leans down and hugs them, picking them up as he looks at the other blonde.

    Lucas: Dana.

    Dana: Lucas.

    Lucas: Did you need something?

    Dana: Are you coming to Alex and I's Christmas party?

    Emily: You should daddy!

    Lyssa: *nods* I can show you my room at mommys!

    Lucas: *hesitates* Yes I'll go.

    Dana: Good. It's Friday at 7. You remember where I live don't you?

    Lucas: At my home in Florida.

    Dana: Anyways, I have to be going.

    Lucas walks inside with Emily and Alyssa. He puts then dowm and Emily crosses her arms over her chest.

    Emily: So spill the beans! What have we missed?

    Lucas: *laughs* Missed with what?

    Lyssa: Your job daddy! We don't get to watch!

    Lucas laughs and goes to the shelf on the wall, pulling something off of it. He lowers it so that the girls can see it: the tag team title belt that he is so proud of.

    Emily: Right on! You and Miss Nolee?

    Lucas: No, me and Mister Carter. I haven't talked to Miss Nolee lately.

    Lyssa: I like Miss Nolee.

    Lucas: *smiles* I know you do. Now run on upstairs ang get your things put away. When Uncle Preston, Aunt Jessie, and Uncle Kevin get here we'll open presents.

    Lyssa and Emily run upstairs as a knock is heard on the door. He walks to the door and opens it to see Kevin, Jessie, and Preston. All three are wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and jeans. Preston is holding a stack of boxes that are wrapped.

    Kevin: *as he walks in* Hey bro.

    Jessie: Where are my nieces? *walks in behind Kevin*

    Preston: Where do you want the presents? *he manages to get inside without dropping them*

    Lucas: Hey Kev, jess, Preston. *to Jessie* Upstairs. *to Preston* In the living room under the tree. We can go sit in there.

    Jessie runs upstairs and comes back moments later holding Emily and Lyssa's hands. The family walks into the living room and sit near the pretty Christmas tree.

    Kevin: Wanna be Santa this year Preston?

    Lucas: My house, I'll play Santa.

    Lucas hands out the presents and after Emily and Alyssa open all of theirs he smiles.

    Lucas: Did I do a good job?

    Emily: I got everything I wanted! *she hugs her Justin Bieber doll*

    Lyssa: *smiles* And so did I! I love you daddy!

    Lucas: Tell your aunt and uncles thank you and then you can go play.

    Lyssa+Emily: Thanks! *they run off*

    Kevin: They're getting so big.

    Lucas: *chuckles* Tell me about it.

    Jessie: So who you fighting at the ppv?

    Lucas: Aw c'mon do I have to talk about work?

    Jessie: You knwo eventually Kevin's gonna start talk about a picture he's painting or Prestons gonna bring up a discovery in the field of science. So who are you facing?

    Lucas: Me and Carter vs Angel and Vitani.

    Preston: Great...just what you need...*rolls his eyes*

    Lucas: Excuse me? What was that?

    Preston: I don't think you and Carter should get to fight Vitani and Angel. I mean, Carter's not to bad but you'll just hurt them.

    Jess: That's the point dweeb.

    Kevin: Be nice to Preston. He has a point. Lucas is going to hurt those two girls.

    Lucas: And Jess has a point to. The point of me fighting them in a match is to hurt them. As an artist you don't make things purposefully ugly do you? No. This is my art, the mat my canvas. If Angel and Vitani didn't want to get hurt, they wouldn't have gotten themselves in this match!

    Preston: You offered it to them!

    Lucas: They could have turned it down and I swear if that punk Cody gets involved I'll hurt him.

    Preston: *stands up and storms out*

    Kevin: Lucas, I wish you wouldn't be so hard on him. I'll be back for dinner, I'm going to go and try to calm him down. *leaves*

    Jess: In your defense, Prestons been moody lately. Want me to come help with dinner?

    Lucas: Sure.

    The two walk off as the camera fades out.

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    We open up on the inside of the Lawler family living room. The room is empty except for someone laying on the couch but boxes with all sorts of wrapping paper sit under the tree. It appears to be late at night but a soft song plays in the background.

    Have yourself a Merry little Christmas
    Let your heart be light
    From nw on your troubles
    Will be out of sight

    Carter walks down the stairs, shirtless but wearing red and black flannel pajama bottoms. He gets downstairs and shakes the person on the couch.

    Carter: Pete wake up.

    Pete jolts awake, the camera shaking a little bit. He rubs his eyes tiredly before blinking to see who woke him up.

    Pete: Carter? What are you doing up?

    Carter: Thirsty. Can't believe dad made you sleep on the couch.

    Pete: I asked for the couch. He wanted me to make sure you nor Nolee got into your presents. Can you fix me a glass of water?

    Carter: Sure man.

    Carter walks into the kitchen and a few moments later he comes back with a glass of water and a glass of milk sitting on a tray with chocolate chip cookies. He sets it down before sitting on the couch next to Pete.

    Pete: Cookies and milk?

    Carter: *laughs* Brian and I made them. Usually Nolee would make all sorts of cookies and candies around the holidays. We'd sit up late just laughing and talking while we ate cookies and drank milk. It was the one time it could be just the two of us. *he looks into his glass* She's with Shea now though. Can't complain though,I'm happy she's happy.

    Pete: *smiles after taking a drink of his water* You two are close.

    Carter: Just now figuring that out?

    Pete: *hesitates* Then what was last week about?

    Carter: Last week?

    Pete: You and Lucas naming your team. You mentioned that you were tired of making sacrifices. What was that suppose to mean? I mean you do everything for Nols.

    Carter: I know I just...I dunno.I got caught up in the moment. I mean,I'd do anything for Nols. But I have sacrificed a lot for her. I just...I didn't mean to sound the way I did. Everything else though? I meant it. I won't let them take my title. Sure it may not be as reknowned as the CWA title but I put up a hell of a fight for the tag team title. So far it's the definitive moment of my career.

    Pete: Carter you don't want that to be the definitive moment of your career.

    Carter: Why not? It's the CWA tag team titles. Any title is worth having.

    Pete: Carter, you were forced into the team He blackmailed you. Now your proud of it?

    Carter: *runs a hand over his tired face* Yeah, I'm proud. Not of how the team was formed. I'm proud because I've been told my entire life I'd never be a good wrestler. Hell,I was told to my face by Ric Flair that I'd never amount to much. Do you know what it's like to be told by a man you've idolized all your life that you'd never be anything?

    Pete: Well you got at least one nominaton for Warrior of the year.

    Carter: Really?

    Pete: Yeah, from Christian.

    Carter: *blushes* He's to good for me.

    Pete: So you think you and Lucas can beat Angel and Vitani?

    Carter: Pete, I'll do anything to keep my title. Forgive me if I do anything that people don't see me as their good little country bumpkin. I ain't gonna play no games for this. If they don't bring their A games, they'll lose. *he looks at the clock* I should be getting to bed. Lucas will want to work out in the morning. Go to the guest room, get some sleep.

    Pete: The couch is fine.

    The camera fades out, the last thing we here being the song we heard at the beginning

    Through the years we all will be together
    If the fates allow
    Hang a shining star upon the highest bow
    And have yourself a Merry little Christmas now
    Justin Gabriel
    Justin Gabriel

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    The camera opens on Justin Gabriel, who’s standing with his back to the camera, leaning against metal railing as he looks at the view that’s visible, making it obvious he’s up somewhere high. The camera slowly zooms out as Justin turns around, revealing that the person with the camera’s nowhere near the edge.

    Justin: Are you okay? Not going to pass out on me are you?

    Heath’s voice: I…I sure hope not…last thing I want is to pass out and fall from up here…

    Justin: *frowns* I’m sorry Heath…but I like it up here…You sounded terrified of the idea of going bungee jumping, so I figured coming up here on top of Table mountain would at least be a little better…

    Heath: I’ll be fine…I think. As long as I stay away from the edge, naw mean?

    Justin: *chuckles* Yes, I know what you mean; you said earlier you don’t like heights. Anyway… *changes the subject to distract him* It’s one year today, still think you can put up with my craziness? My liking of heights…the fact that I’m almost permanently hyper…

    Heath: Your insisting we travel out here right before a pay-per-view you need to be at…

    Justin: Hey, it’s only for a couple of days, besides, I have to see my ma, seeing as it’s almost Christmas and I’ll probably be busy travelling around the actual day…

    Heath: I know, I know. I was joking. I don’t mind coming here…except the part where I’m up here…But there’s also the working in different companies, your anxiety disorder…you care about most people more than we deserve…though that did help Wade quite a bit… Your obsession with your hair and doing crazy things…

    Justin: Like juggling, enjoying going bungee jumping and surfing?

    Heath: Yes, they’re some of the things. There’s also the fact that you like hugging everyone… But to answer your question Paul, yes I do still think I can put up with you.

    Justin: *smiles slightly* That’s always good…but you only call me by my real name when you’re upset…

    Heath: I know…I’m just…not liking it up here…

    Justin: Sorry, we’ll go soon, okay? …You do know you’ll have to meet her while we’re here, right?

    Heath: Yeah… *sounds nervous*

    Justin: *chuckles* Oh relax, she already knows & doesn’t have a problem with it. *pauses* So…at the pay-per-view, I’m up against Nolee…

    Heath: Sheamus’ girlfriend?

    Justin: Yeah, that’s her. I finally actually spoke to her the other day, she’s a nice person from what I saw…she has a few personal issues that could do with sorting out though, but that’s her business…

    Heath: Have you seen her promo yet at all?

    Justin: *nods* I have actually… She uh… *nervously scratches the back of his neck*

    Heath: What?

    Justin: Well she complimented me a lot…

    Heath: *sounds slightly irritated* How so…?

    Justin: Relax Heath, I meant she complimented my in-ring skills. You know anyway that even if she was single I wouldn’t want her, I don’t date girls.

    Heath: *mumbles* You still sometimes flirt with them…other guys too…

    Justin: *frowns* I do not…very often… You know I’d never actually do anything…

    There’s a silence as Justin watches a response from Heath, smiling, Heath presumably having nodded.

    Justin: Anyway…She complimented on my speed and strength…Though she seems to think the she’s stronger, I guess we’ll find out who really is in a few days. *looks at his watch* Oh, we should start heading down…she’ll be expecting us soon.

    The camera cuts out, Heath having switched it off; when it comes back on, Justin is seen knocking on the door to a house, hugging the woman that opens the door. The two speak excitedly in Afrikaans before Justin turns to face the camera.

    Justin: *grins* Come over here Heath. *he motions for Heath to come closer, shaking a head at a question his mother asks him*

    Justin’s mom: Hello, you must be Heath?

    Heath: *nervous* Yes ma’am…

    Justin’s mom: *chuckles* Well at least you’re polite…Come in you two so we can talk.

    The camera cuts out again, coming back on to show Heath sitting on a couch next to Justin’s mother, both smiling as Justin walks on screen, sitting on the arm of the couch that’s closest to Heath, having set the camera down.

    Justin’s mom: So you mentioned to me once a friend convinced you two to get together…which one was it…?

    Justin & Heath: *both smiling* Wade.

    Justin’s mom: The tall British one…? *frowns slightly*

    Justin: Don’t worry ma, he’s not really a jerk…well…not anymore now. He was…for a bit.

    Justin’s mom: So work’s going good yes?

    Justin: I…guess so. I lost my last match, but that’s okay. I’m up against Nolee…

    He stops suddenly as his mother frowns.

    Justin’s mom: A girl? Paul, why are you hitting girls for?

    Justin: Ma! Moenie bekommer nie! (Don’t worry) It’s part of the job, I’m not really going to hurt her. She thinks she’s stronger than me anyway…

    Heath: *smiles up at Justin* I doubt that…

    Justin leans over to kiss Heath, smiling back once he sits up properly again.

    Justin: *playing with Heath’s hair as he speaks* Anyway, she pointed out that the closest I’ve gotten to being a champ in the CWA is when I attacked Wade at Hell to Pay…thing is though, she has no titles outside of the CWA, while I’ve held both the FCW Heavyweight title, the WWP Cruiserweight title and the FCW and WWE Tag Team titles…so she really can’t brag to me about her Vixxens’ title, not like I’m jealous of that. I can’t even and don’t want to win that title.

    The three of them laugh, Justin’s mother shaking her head at him.

    Heath: I’d be worried if you ever did want to go after that title Justin... *he smiles as Justin’s mother nods in agreement*

    Justin: *still playing with Heath’s hair* I would be too. *pauses* So, even if she does turn out to be stronger than me, like she said, I’m much faster and strength doesn’t really count for much if she can’t even catch me…

    Justin’s mom: *nods* I’m sure you’ll do me proud…and your father, I’m sure he’ll be watching you from above… *she smiles*

    Justin smiles softly, no longer playing with Heath’s hair, a sad look in his eyes. Heath looks up at him and notices, gently pulling Justin down onto the proper part of the couch, hugging him.

    Justin: *leans against Heath, speaking quietly* Want me to make dinner…?

    Justin’s mom: Nee, nee (No, no) you two must be tired from travelling all the way out here. You go rest, I’ll make it.

    She gets up and walks off screen, Justin and Heath talking softly before getting up as well. The two hug, Heath walking off after saying something. Justin comes up to the camera, smiling before reaching to turn it off.

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    Camera opens on a nice porch in the sun. A porch swing is seen with Amy Hennigan sitting in it with her legs folded under her. Her clothes look like they breath well and she is shoeless. Sipping her drink and reading she glances up at the sound of approaching footsteps. She smiles and motions whoever it is to sit down. We see that it is one of her friends,Alex[/[i]

    Amy:Hey Alex. You look good. What's been going on?

    Alex: Oh you know,just the normal life that we all have. Well except you. *teases her lightly with a smile*

    Amy:Have I ever liked the normal life? *quirks her brow*

    Alex:No,I suppose you haven't. But neither has Johnny. Good having him back with you?

    Amy:Are you kidding? I mean you know how close we are and when he was gone it sucked! I have Belle there but it's not the same as having your brother there,I know she understands that too since Shanny isn't at CWA either. Hell,I bet she wishes Shannon was there.

    Alex: I bet she does. They have always been close like Johnny and you are. Never find one without the other. Nervous for your match at Seasons Beatings? *steals a sip of Amy's ice tea*

    Amy:*glares teasingly* Not really. Gail is an amazing athelete but we both know she is a jobber. I am actually just happy to be going to the Pay-Per-View.I kinda want to prove that as much as Johnny and I are alike I want to set us apart. It's just something I want to try. Even if it's a simple match backstage never lacks excitement.

    Alex:Yeah I heard that. I saw Wade beat you last week. *jaw clenches* He shouldn't have been so rough at times.

    Amy:Your kidding right? He was easy on me comparing on how he used to be. At least he was a gentleman about it. *sips her drink*

    Alex:It just sucks when you get tossed around like that. Hurts to even watch since they are so much bigger.

    Amy:Bigger?Yes. Quickier? Not usually. You know me Alex,I have never run from a fight. I'd be a hypocrite to Belle if I ran from Wade. At least I somewhat get a break this week.

    Alex:*nods and takes Amy's hand* Just be careful.

    [i]Camera fades as Amy gentley removes her hand from Alex's. He looks unhappy about it as a breeze kicks up and blows Amy's hair in her face.
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    The camera fades in on the Vixxen's champion Angel James pacing in front of Vitani Summers’ locker room, Petey Williams standing nearby. Petey is trying to calm Angel down, who is speaking in rapid Italian. She stops as the door opens and Vitani steps out.

    Vitani: Hey Angel…*frowns slightly* What’s up?

    Angel: *takes a deep breath trying to calm down* Did you see what he did?

    Vitani: *raises an eyebrow* Who? Cody?

    Angel: Yes Cody! *mutters in Italian*

    Vitani: No…why? What did he do?

    Angel: He got me DQ'd against Sheamus, he cost me the title shot. *curses in Italian* He knew what this meant to me and he still did it....

    Vitani: What? *frowns* Why would he…?

    Cody appears, leaning against the doorway, arms folded.

    Cody: Is there a problem here?

    Angel: You know what the problem is Rhodes.... You cost me my match!

    Cody: *shakes his head slowly* No, I protected you from that anger driven ginger.

    Angel: I can take care of myself and you know it!

    Petey: Angel calm down love.

    Cody: Never said you couldn’t. I just decided I’d take care of him so he learns not to hurt anyone else…

    Angel: *glares* You know that is not true, Sheamus is my friend and he would not hurt me or anyone else.

    Cody: *glares back* Oh yeah? What about the other Vixxens he’s Brogue kicked harder than necessary with those huge feet of his?

    Vitani: Hey! Come on we need to focus on the pay-per view, not stand around arguing with each other.

    Angel: *mutters again in Italian* You are right Vi.....

    Vitani: *looks at Cody before looking back at Angel* We won’t have much luck against Lucas and Carter if we can’t work together.

    Angel: *nods slowly* Did you see Carter's promo?

    Vitani: *nods* Of course I did. He said the exact same thing, we need to be at our best for this match.

    Angel: *nods* I know, I know....

    Vitani: It’s more Lucas’ promo I was concerned about…even his family’s convinced Lucas will hurt us. *looks worried*

    Angel: *nods slowly with a worried look too* He does not care if he hurts anyone; we have all seen that.... He thinks fighting is about hurting, but he is wrong. You can win a match without hurting someone, everyone knows that. Lucas fights because he likes to hurt... And he thinks because he hurts someone that makes him great, but what I find amusing is that the only reason he is tag team champion is because of Carter....

    Vitani: *nods* Without having bribed Carter, Lucas wouldn’t even have a team…

    Angel: *chuckles dryly* No one will go near him.... Not with that great big ego of his. Wade may have had an ego too, but he had charm too.... Lucas does not.

    Vitani: *nods and pulls a face* Lucas is just…Lucas…

    Cody: The definition of the word ‘asshole’. *smirks* I mean…look at how he treats his brother…

    Angel: *shoots Cody a look* True, for a man who said he understood losing family; he does not treat the rest with love and respect...

    Vitani: Which is just wrong, I would never even think of treating my family like that. The way he treats his brother Preston is horrible.

    Angel: It is a wonder he has anybody in his life at all....

    Petey: Makes you wonder how Nolee became friends with him...

    Vitani: *nods* I know, I don’t see how anyone can put up with the guy… *after a pause* What if he does try to hurt us?

    Cody: *frowns* You know I won’t let him.

    Angel: So you will cost us this match too...?

    Cody: *looks offended, acting innocent* What? Me? Of course not…why would I do that?

    Angel: *mutters softly in Italian and shakes her head* Never mind..... Vi we have to focus and work as a team, if we do not then Lucas can and mostly likely will hurt us.

    Vitani: *nods* I know, we’ve worked as team before, without having to use bribery, so I think we’ll be fine with that.

    Angel: *nods* You ready to show them that the Vixxen's can take on any challenge?

    Vitani: I hope so… *looks nervous* I mean…last time I was against Lucas I…

    Cody: …needed Cody’s help. *frowns and mumbles something*

    Angel: Vi you know you can do this... You have beaten both Carter and Lucas before and you will be able to beat them this time.

    Vitani: *takes a breath to calm down* Right, sorry… But aren’t you nervous at all?

    Angel: *smiles* Of course I am but.... But I am not going to let that get the best of me.

    Vitani: Which would be why you’re the Vixxens’ champ already, you don’t let it bother you. *she grins*

    Angel: *grins* Ready to show Lucas why you do not mess with the Vixxens?

    Vitani: *smiles and nods* It does help if I live up to our theme song you wrote us.

    Angel: *hugs Vitani before looking at the camera* Lucas you started this war and now it is going to cost you the title you hold so dear.... You will learn that we are not to be messed with and that we are just as good as any of the men in this company. Carter we have no problems with you and I hope we can still be friends, but we will do anything to win those titles. You can count on that.

    Angel pauses and looks down before looking up with a fire in her eyes.

    Angel: We are the Nocta Hemata and Lucas you better watch out.... Because you will fall.

    Angel walks off followed by Petey. Vitani smiles as they walk off; then turns to Cody.

    Vitani: *speaks in a quiet, threatening tone* I swear, if you interfere in this match and get us disqualified…

    She gives a stern look to Cody, who frowns when he realizes what she means and watches as she walks off.


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    You Make The Rain Fall

    The camera zooms in on an older man, walking towards John's hotel room. He knocks, waiting patiently for John to open up. The door opens, and John did a double take on the man before squealing happily before throwing his arms around the man's neck.

    Johnny: Daddy! I missed you so much! *laughs* You couldn't wait to see me until I got back to LA?

    Johnny's Dad (Named Jack): *chuckles* Yeah yeah, quit flattering yourself. But yes, I missed you princess. *messes up his hair, making John scowl*

    Johnny: Thanks. *grumbles and fixes his hair* But really, what brings you here? I mean, no one died right?!

    Jack: Calm down Johnny. No one died. *steps inside the hotel room, the camera following* I just wanted to see you and Amy wrestle. I haven't seen you two in action for a long time. I haven't watched you wrestle Johnny since your accident.

    Johnny: *nods, biting his lip* I'll be fine, Daddy... It's Zack Ryder. Of all people to make me face at a pay per view, they put me against Zack Ryder. It'll be a piece of cake with not a hair out of place.

    Jack: *laughs* Still cocky like your mother. She wanted to come here but she couldn't. She still doing last minute Christmas shopping. What'd you get her?

    Johnny: I'm not telling on national television. *points to the camera* She's nosy. Like you. I'm not telling anyone what I got them. *chuckles*

    Jack: *rolls his eyes* Alright alright, Princess. You know, I did see your last promo... You know how I feel about you... acting like that. Johnny... your a grown man and you sleep with everyone and everything. I thought you traveling with Amy would make things better. But you just seem to be getting worse. Ever since you left for college and had that accident, your life is like a downward death spiral.

    Johnny: What a lovely way to put it. *looks down, clenching his jaw* Dad... I'm fine. I am in control of myself. I--

    Jack: No your not, Jonathan. Don't try and tell me you are. I know you drink before your matches. After your matches. I know for a fact you drink every day of your life. It needs to stop. Its the holidays and your heading into a PPV. The last thing I want is you drunk off your ass at your match and breaking your neck again and never waking up!

    Johnny: *shrinks back* Dad! I'm trying, okay? I try to stay in control of myself but I just... can't. But the thing is I'm not worried. You don't need to be either. Zack Ryder is a fly on the wall compared to me and I could face him drunk and win-- Not that I would.

    Jack: *sighs* Look. The main reason I came here is to make sure you sober up for your match. Its the first time Im seeing you compete and I'll be damned if your trashed. And John, that means laying off the sex too. I don't need you picking up a disease.

    Johnny: *groans* Daddy I'm not talking about sex with you. We talked about it years ago. *shifts in his seat* Quit your worrying. All will go well.

    Jack: *sighs* I'm your Dad, Johnny. It's my job to worry. You know, I'm almost lost you once, kid. You and your crazy head will be the death of me.

    Johnny: *chuckles softly* Yeah I know... *chews his lip for a moment* You know I'm sorry for being... wild. I'm not Amy or the twins. I'm a wrestler. I'm all grown up. I'm making my own choices, and if I suffer from those choices then that's my fault. I'll deal with the consequences. I'll always be your Princess, but I'm also a man now. *smiles softly* Your raised me well. Trust that you did a good job. I'll be okay.

    Jack: *looks at him for a moment* Yeah I did do a good job with you, didn't I? *chuckles softly and stands up* Give your old man a hug before I leave. I have to go call your mother and run some errands.

    Johnny: *smiles and stands up, hugging his father tight* Thanks for coming Daddy. I'll make you proud. I'll win for you. *chuckles softly against his chest*

    Jack: *smiles and hugs him close* I know you will, Princess. You always did. Even if you worry me more than anyone else in the family. Don't think for a second you disappointed me.

    Johnny: *nods, sniffling slightly before pulling away* I'll see you in the crowd tomorrow then?

    Jack: Of course, kid. I'll see you sober?

    Johnny: Of course. *smiles* I love you.

    Jack: *rubs his back* Love you too, spitfire. *kisses his head before leaving the hotel room*

    The camera fades out on John watching his father walk away, the decisions and conflict and happiness running through his green eyes.

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    The camera opens up on the set of Z! True Long Island Story. Zack is seen on the phone with someone and he has a shocked look on his face.

    Zack: Are you serious bro?! Angelina says that to me?! *he hears a beep on his phone and pulls it away from his head* Yo, Hugh, I gotta go but I'll call later. Woo Woo Woo you know it!

    Zack pushes a button on his phone as if to switch calls

    Zack: Hey dad! Whats up bro?

    Voice of Ryder's father: Hey son! I heard you were on that new show, whats it called, the CWA.

    Zack: Yep that's the name of it!

    Papa Ryder: That's awesome! You doing good there?

    Zack: Oh yeah! I had a match against Nolee but lost. She's tougher than she looks bro.

    Papa Ryder: A girl? Woah, totally not cool.

    Zack: It wasn't like I had a choice.

    Papa Ryder: So who do you fight this week?

    Zack: John Morrison. Can you believe that bro? I mean, he's totally a chumpstain.

    Papa Ryder: You know it. I mean, doesn't he sleep with anything that has two legs.

    Zack: Last time I heard he did bro. But that doesn't matter. I've got this match with him and from what I heard Nolee say this could lead to a title match! A title match bro! I mean, I lose the United States Championship and I can totally maybe win another.

    Papa Ryder: I bet you could bro.

    Zack: Are you serious bro? I know I could!

    Papa Ryder: So your pumped for this match?

    Zack: Pumped ain't the word. Stoked is.

    Papa Ryder: Stoked huh? You gonna win.

    Zack: Dad, I only have one thing to say to that. Woo woo woo, you know it!

    The camera fades out as Ryder gives a goofy grin to the camera.

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    The camera fades in on a room decorated beautifully for Christmas; the camera then zooms in on the CWA Champion Christian sitting on a couch. He has two cats on his lap and Rusty is sleeping by his feet. He smiles at the camera and pets one of the cats on the head.

    Christian: Well now that Edge has the camera going, let me start off by saying "hello" and "Merry Christmas" to all the peeps. We have a few different things to share this evening, first off two of my lovely cats decided that they wanted to be seen by the world. Let me introduce Felix and Oscar.... And you all know Rusty, he decided he wanted to nap apparently... *chuckles softly* The rest decided to be camera shy, which might be a good thing......

    Christian moves the two cats off his lap before standing up, he walks in front of a television screen. He picks up a remote and smiles.

    Christian: Well I decided that today I would show another documentary of interviews I made yesterday.... Well it was a toss up between this and the Reso/Copeland "we throw one party so we only have to clean up once" Christmas party, but we had many.... Threatening phone calls from people that would rather we do not show that so...... We will be showing this instead.

    The camera then zooms in on the screen which turns on and shows Christian in front of a lovely house. Christian walks towards the house as the door opens and Wade steps out.

    Christian: *smiles* Hello Wade, do you have a few minutes to answer some questions?

    Wade: *smiles and nods* Sure, though I'm wondering how you managed to find this place.

    Edge: *from behind the camera* We googled it.

    Wade: You googled my...*he shakes his head* Alright. What do you have to ask me?

    Christian: *chuckles before clearing his throat* So what are your thoughts on the upcoming Christian vs. Sheamus match?

    Wade: Well, in all honesty, I'm glad for both of you. You were the one who beat me, managed to do something that not a lot of people could do. And he's my best friend, so I'm always proud of him. I hope he wins, though. No offense.

    Christian: None taken.... So have you and Sheamus finally patched everything up?

    Wade: *nods* Yes. Well, I would have to say not everything. We're working on it though.

    Christian: *nods* So who do you think will win the tag team match, Angel and Vitani or Lucas and Carter?

    Wade: I'd like to say Angel and Vitani. But Lucas is fierce. Carter will be easy to beat. Lucas, not so much.

    Christian: *nods again* So..... Are you still upset about your match with Belle?

    Wade: Upset isn't the right word. Pissed is the right word....

    Christian: Well I was trying to keep it PG, but that does answer the question.

    Wade: Please, we aren't the WWE. We don't need to be kept PG.

    Christian: *grins* Very true and I am for one glad to be away from that place... But enough about that, thanks again Wade.

    Wade: No problem Jay. Just let me know the next time you want to ask questions.

    Edge: *from behind the camera again* But where's the fun in that?

    Christian: *chuckles* Later Wade.

    Wade: Goodbye you two.

    Christian walks away from and towards the camera. The screen goes to black again before showing a different house; Christian knocks on the door and waits for someone to answer.

    Nolee: *answers the door wearing a towel around her head, obvious she's just gotten out of the shower* Oh! Hey guys, Carter's not here.

    Christian: Well actually, we're here to ask you some questions.

    Edge laughs softly causing the camera to shake a bit, Christian shoots Edge a look that says stop it.

    Nolee: *smiles* Okay, come on in I guess.

    Christian and Edge follow Nolee inside, the camera showing the living room.

    Christian: Thanks for doing this Nolee.

    Nolee: No problem. What's up?

    Christian: Just doing some interviews for my promo *clears throat* So what are your thoughts on the upcoming Christian vs. Sheamus match?

    Nolee: Oh that's right your facing Shea. Well, I think you two will put up a good fight. He will win though.

    Christian: *chuckles* I see... Is it because he is bigger than me?

    Nolee: *shakes her head* It's because he's meaner.

    Christian: So was Wade and I won that fight, *smiles* but I am glad you think I'm nice.

    Nolee: Well duh, if I didn't Carter'd get pissed at me. *chuckles and finishes drying her hair*

    Christian: *chuckles softly* So what do you think about your match at the pay-per-view?

    Nolee: I've got Justin. Like I told Jackie, it'll be a good match.

    Christian: *nods* What do you think about the tag team title match?

    Nolee: Carter's my brother but...I saw when he and Lucas named the team. That was so unlike him!

    Christian: *nods slowly* Do you think he and... Lucas will keep the titles?

    Nolee: It's hard to say. If anyone knows how amazing Angel is in ring, it's me.

    Christian: You did have a great match..... Well I guess I should let you finish getting ready, thanks again Nolee.

    Nolee: No problem. Good luck Jay, you’re gonna need it.

    Christian: *grins and laughs* I always need luck... Look at all my opponents.

    Nolee: Nah, you beat me to a pulp once.

    Christian: Did not, you nearly beat me.... I should get going, *waves* Bye Nolee.

    Nolee: Bye Jay, Adam. Oh! There are chocolate covered cherries on the table by the door. Have as many as you like. They are homemade!

    Christian: Thank you and see you later.

    The screen goes to black again and the camera slowly pulls back. Christian smiles as he looks at the camera.

    Christian: Well that was interesting and let me take a moment to say the chocolate covered cherries were really great. Now I have one more interview to show before I address my opponent at the Seasons Beatings Sheamus.

    The camera zooms back on the television screen as it comes to life once more. This time Edge is standing in front of the camera, Christian can be heard behind the camera.

    Christian: Okay, so are you ready Edge?

    Edge: *chuckles softly* You know this isn't my first interview right? I have been doing them for a while, I think I am more than ready.... *smiles* So ask away man.

    Christian: *smiles* So what are your thoughts on the upcoming Christian vs. Sheamus match?

    Edge: It's going to be a great match, I know for a fact it will be. I mean you have to great wrestlers in the ring together; it can only turn out to be a great match. But unlike the others I'm not going to say that Sheamus is going to win, and it's not because you are my best friend. It's because of how hard you work in the ring and I'm not saying Sheamus does not work hard as well..... I'm saying that when people watch you wrestle they can see how you put your whole heart and soul into it. It does not matter who you're fighting or if you are the champ or not, you prove in every match that win or lose you are one the best.

    Christian: *smiles softly before getting back to business* So what do you think of the other matches?

    Edge: They are going to be interesting to watch, especially the tag team match... Hard to tell how it will play out, another interesting one will be Wade vs. Belle. I look forward to seeing what happens at the pay-per-view. Now please turn it off so you do not break the camera.

    Christian can be heard sighing right as the screen goes black. The camera zooms back out, Christian smiles and moves to sit down on the couch again.

    Christian: Well while that was not as funny as the video from the party, it showed me two things. One I'm lucky enough to have the greatest best friend and two this might just be the biggest match of my career. I don't know if I will win or lose, but Sheamus I do know that I will do everything I can to win I promise you that.... I will not go down easy and I will not go down without a fight.... I hope you are ready to give the CWA the best match it's ever seen because I know I am.

    Christian smiles as one of the cats from earlier jumps on his lap, the camera slowly starts to fade out as Christian pets the cat on his lap.


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    The camera opens on two people sitting on stools at a bar in a fancy looking room that’s decorated with Christmas decorations, talking and laughing with each other. As the camera slowly zooms in, one is recognized as Sheamus’ older brother, the other is an unfamiliar red headed female.

    Keiran: *smiling as he looks around the room* So Kaelin, I take it work’s going well then? *he chuckles*

    Kaelin: *smiles* Well obviously Keiran, would I have this new place otherwise?

    Keiran: *rolls his eyes* Where’s Stephen?

    Kaelin: Over there obsessing… *she points at somewhere off camera* crazy cousin…

    Keiran: Hey! That’s my brother you’re talking about.

    Kaelin: And? He’s my cousin… *she smirks at Keiran when he frowns* …What’s he obsessing over this time?

    Keiran: Work. What else?

    Kaelin goes to say something in response, but changes her mind, shrugging her shoulders before getting up. Keiran stands as well, the camera following as they walk over to a living room area, both sitting on either side of Sheamus on Kaelin’s large couch. The camera turns to the T.V, where footage of Sheamus winning the WWE Championship is playing.

    Kaelin: *as the camera turns back to them* Stephen? What are you watching this for?

    She waves a hand in front of Sheamus’ face when he doesn’t respond.

    Kaelin: Stephen…?

    Sheamus: I won my first title in the WWE in a tables match against John Cena…John Cena of all people, WWE’s poster boy. That night I became their first ever Irish born champion and also managed to gain the title in the second shortest amount of time since debuting, only short of Brock Lesnar’s record by six days…

    Kaelin: *looking at Keiran* What’s he going on about? I don’t follow the shows…

    Keiran: He has a title match this week, against Christian at their big…pay…*looks like he’s forgotten the term*…show…thing.

    Kaelin: Oh…right.

    Sheamus: *nods* He was the first person I had a match against in the CWA, Christian was…I beat him and had a chance to become the first CWA Champion, only a certain someone who wasn’t acting like the best friend they were supposed to be ruined it for me…Now, three months later, I finally get my chance again.

    Keiran: Speaking of which…did yeh see Christian’s promo?

    Sheamus: *nods* I did. Wade still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of today’s technology. He didn’t even know yeh can Google people’s houses… *he chuckles*

    Keiran: And he still thinks of yeh as his best friend…

    Sheamus: He’d be mine if I didn’t talk to Angel more than I did him. *after a pause* Anyway, enough about that... Christian went around and interviewed both Wade & Nolee about our upcoming match, not surprisingly; they both said I’d win. *he smirks*

    Kaelin: Of course they did, you’re bigger and stronger than he is.

    Keiran: *smirks* And meaner…

    Sheamus playfully shoves his brother, laughing with Kaelin as Keiran pouts, folding his arms.

    Keiran: *smiling slightly, showing he’s just playing along* See? You’re meaner.

    Sheamus: I’m aware of that. The guy has to get his buddy Edge to insult people for him…What ever happened to the old Christian? He and Edge used to spit out insults every other sentence…Now, don’t get me wrong, I still think he’s a great competitor, the fact that he’s Champ proves that; but I would have liked to go up against the old E and C duo. This will be a good match anyway though, we’re both determined…

    Keiran: *cuts in* And stubborn… *he chuckles*

    Kaelin: *raises an eyebrow* What? And you aren’t Keiran?

    Sheamus: *chuckles as Keiran rolls his eyes* Well he did say he ‘will not go down easy’ and ‘will not go down without a fight’ That’s good, because neither will I. Yes against certain people I have hesitated for one reason or another, but I’ve still never backed down. Christian on the other hand, along with Edge, has weaseled his way out of multiple matches in the past.

    Keiran: What about his ‘I will do everything I can to win I promise you that…’?

    Sheamus: Well when people have said that in the past, it usually means cheating will be involved. His manger has helped him win matches by cheating before, but if he tries anything at Seasons Beatings…well he won’t be having a very happy new year, I can tell yeh that.

    Keiran: He also said ‘I hope you are ready to give the CWA the best match it's ever seen because I know I am…’

    Kaelin: *smiles* Well he sounds pretty sure of himself…

    Keiran: Well he is Canadian…

    Sheamus: Don’t stereotype him. It’s bad enough that we get stereotyped as all being drunk…or as Leprechauns…

    Kaelin: Which we so aren’t. We aren’t smaller than Hobbits, nor are we orange bearded men… *looks at Sheamus and smirks* Well…Keiran and I aren’t anyway. *she laughs*

    Sheamus: *frowns* Oh shut it; you have the same hair color. *he flicks part of her hair* But yeah, I’m ready to give the CWA the best match it’s ever seen, assuming people like Edge and Cody, for their own safety of course; stay the hell away from the ring.

    Keiran: Why don’t yeh just bring your own manager with yeh to make sure they don’t interfere?

    Sheamus: …that might be a good idea actually… *he grins*

    Keiran: *chuckles* Yes, I do have those occasionally…

    Kaelin: So who would you bring? Your girlfriend has her own match to focus on doesn’t she?

    Sheamus: *nods* She does. Don’t worry; I think I know someone…

    Kaelin: *smiles* If you’re thinking who I think you are, it’s a good idea.

    Sheamus: They know how to fight…

    Kaelin: And they’re protective of you…

    Keiran: What? *looks confused* Who do yeh mean…?

    Sheamus and Kaelin both laugh.

    Sheamus: You’ll see Keiran. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine…

    Sheamus picks up the remote for the T.V, which had been sitting beside his leg. The camera goes to the T.V as he rewinds to match he‘d been watching. It plays again to show Sheamus and John Cena both knocking each other off the turnbuckle they’d been fighting on, Cena falling through a table, while Sheamus fell to the floor. The footage continues to play, showing Sheamus celebrating his win, the footage pausing as Sheamus stands with one foot on the fallen John Cena, his title raised in victory. The camera goes back to Sheamus, the other two having moved.

    Sheamus: Christian, I defeated John Cena for my first WWE Championship. The second time I won it was in a Fatal Four Way match that included Cena, Edge and Randy Orton, who have all been listed as being some of the best in the business…besides the fact the one of them is now retired… If that isn’t proof enough that this is guaranteed to be the best match the CWA has seen, I don’t know what is. I have nothin’ against yeh and I respect both you and Edge, but after Cody’s little stunt, I’m not taking my chances. I’m not in the mood to deal with another manager who thinks he can do whatever he wants, including ruin matches for people. So you’ve had your warning to play fairly… I know Edge is retired and not supposed to wrestle, but if he so much as tries anything during this match of all matches, I may just forget that fact and treat him the same as any other wrestler; as just another victim of my Brogue Kick.

    He pauses, a dangerous look in his eyes.

    Sheamus: The same thing goes for you, Cody. I’m sick and tired of your bullshit little games where yeh act all tough and come and attack people and plot with your daddy, only to act all innocent and nice when Vitani shows up. Yeh told Nolee she should grow up, bad move. From what I’ve seen she’s much more mature than you. She doesn’t get all shitty over incorrect comic book references and she doesn’t play dress ups in the middle of an important promo like you’ve done. Mess with either of us again and you’ll know exactly how Casey felt after he pissed off Wade and ended up in hospital after it and how my own brother felt when I attacked him after he annoyed me…Casey’s still terrified by the way… *after a pause* Just in case anyone who plans on interfering in this CWA Championship title match, isn’t sure on how badly hurt they’ll be if they do…go watch the footage of me attacking Keiran. I restrained myself from hurting him as much as I had actually wanted to, purely for the fact that he is my brother. For those of you who actually value your health, I dare you to mess with me at Seasons Beatings.

    He glares at the camera for a few seconds before going back to his cheerful self that he was earlier.

    Sheamus: Warnings aside, to everyone that hasn’t pissed me off recently, Nollaig Shona… Or as yeh say it in English, Merry Christmas.

    He smiles as the camera cuts out.

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