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    12-12-11 Monday Night Carnage Promos


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    12-12-11 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty 12-12-11 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Admin on Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:14 pm

    All promos are due no later than midnight on Saturday!

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    Post  Admin on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:44 am

    We open up on Nolee sitting on a hotel room bed with her laptop on her lap, headphones in and laughing at whatever shes watching on her laptop. She wipes her eyes, having teared up from laughing so hard. The cameraman taps her on her shoulder and she takes one of her earphones out of her ear.

    Nolee: Oh hey! *she looks over the cameraman* I don't think I've ever seen you before. Whats your name?

    Cameraman: Donald Patterson. Friends call me Don or Donnie, Miss Lacroix.

    Nolee: *smiles* And friends call me Nolee or Nols, Donnie.

    Donnie: Fair enough. Can I ask what you are watching?

    Nolee gestures to her computer screen and we can see that she's wathcing Zack Ryder's web show:Z! True Long Island Story.

    Nolee: I've never watched it before but after much poking and prodding from Carter I have gotta say it's hilarious. Ryder is one of the funniest guys I have ever seen.

    Donnie: Yeah, Long Island Iced Z is brilliant.

    Nolee: Not only is he brilliant but he's somebody we managed to steal right out from under the WWE's nose. I mean, they let him be United States Champ but they underutalized him. Dad's a huge Broski and he talked to Zack who decided, obviously, to come to the CWA.

    Donnie: You sound glad he talked Zack into it.

    Nolee: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. Not only is Zack a great athelete but...well...he's not to bad to look at.

    Donnie: *chuckles* Don't wanna let Sheamus hear you saying that.

    Nolee: Oh Shea knows I would never leave him. Even after he beat me last week we walked off arm in arm. Besides it's just Zack Ryder, contrary to popular belief he's not really Gods gift to women.

    Donnie: *smiles* Your not bitter with Sheamus for beating you to get into the running for the CWA Championship?

    Nolee: Not at all. We both knew he'd win, even if he doesn't want to admit it. He's stronger than I am.

    Donnie: Glad to see your not bitter. So you think you can beat Ryder?

    Nolee: let me tell you a little story. When I was in the WWE, the Spirit Squad was still around. If you remember correctly, back then Dolph Ziggler went by the name of Nickey. Me and Nickey would train together all the time. I could pin him no sweat. Ryder had a hard time when it came to winning the United States title. By a simple conjuncture if it took Ryder a hard time to beat Ziggler then it will be easy for me to beat Ryder.

    Donnie: Sounds like you're not worried.

    Nolee: It's cause I'm not. Ryder's a better comedian than I am but not a better in ring athelete.

    Donnie: *smiles* Well we got allw e need. It was nice to meet you Nolee.

    Nolee: Nice to meet you to Donnie.

    Nolee pops her headphones back in as the camera fades out.

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    Post  Admin on Thu Dec 15, 2011 3:41 am

    We open up on the inside of a tattoo shop. The walls are a crimson red and decorated in all sorts of designs that you can get as tattoos. Two cream colored leather couches sit in an L shape thats behind an oak coffee table that has black binders full of tattoo designs. A black counter, with a black cash register on top, seperates the front rooms from the back where the actual tattooing gets done. Lucas, dressed in a black muscle shirt and blue jeans with black boots, walks in with a younger man and a younger girl.. The younger man has black hair styled into a faux hawk and is wearing a white and green plaid t-shirt with jeans and white Nikes. The younger woman has long dark brown hair with green streaks hanging on her shoulders and is wearing a black skull tank top with black jeans and black Converse.

    Lucas: Alright Preston, Jessie. You go pick out the tats you want while I cut my promo for work.

    Jessie: *sizes up the cameraperson and smirks* That's who the loser with the camera is.

    Preston: *rolls his eyes* Be nice Jess.

    The two walk over to start looking at the wall designs while Lucas sits down on the couch and props his feet up on the table.

    Lucas: Your one of the new girls. Which one?

    Camerawoman: Ella Ross.

    Lucas: *nods* Nice to meet you. Anyways you caught me at an off time. I'm here with my sister and brother picking out their first tattoos.

    Ella: *stares at him in disbelief* There are more of you?

    Lucas: *laughs* I have two younger brothers and a younger sister. Preston's 20, Jessie's 19, and my other little brother Kevin's 24.

    Ella: *nods* Riiight...

    Lucas: *laughs* Don't worry the only one training to be a wrestler is Jessie. Preston's a biochemistry major and Kevin's an artist.

    Ella: So we should expect another Tuner in the CWA?

    Lucas: Oh no. Jessie wants to wrestle in the indies for a few years first.

    Ella: While we're off topic, hows Rachel?

    Lucas: *smiles* Good. She's been keeping in touch and at least once a week I go out to dinner with her.

    Ella: Sounds promising.

    Lucas: So you came to ask about my next match? Why don't you ask about the last match I had?

    Preston: *sitting next to Lucas* You mean when Cody Rhodes beat the hell outta you?

    Lucas: Yeah thanks for that reminder dweeb.

    Preston: Hey just pointing it out.

    Ella: He's got a point. Cody cost you your last match. Think he's got your number?

    Lucas: For starters, Cody would have to be a wrestler to have my number. He's a manager whose stuck in his daddie's back pocket. I'm surprised I didn't see why Cody was actually brought to the CWA: to get his washed up as been of a father the job as Monday Night Carnage General Manager.

    Preston: Hey, Dusty's a legend.

    Jessie: *sitting on Lucas' other side* Lucas is right, dweeb. Dusty is a washed up has been.

    Ella: What about Cody's disdain about you comparing him to Superman and his comment about your geek knowledge being wrong?

    Lucas: For starters, I was wrong about the Superman/Doomsday thing because I'm not a total nerd like he is. Secondly, I was wrong to compare him to Superman. He was right, Cena was more Superman. Cody's more useless. He's like...Aquaman.

    Preston: But Aquaman isn't-

    Lucas+Jessie: Shut up dweeb!

    Ella: So you have to fight Kane in your next bout. Worried after he got intentionally disqualified against Carter?

    Lucas: My tag team partners strong but he's a damn fool. He shoulda known that Kane was going to try something. He trusts everyone. In fact, I'm pretty sure he's friends with Vitani and Angel. He better hope that he's not because if we lose our tag team title match at Seasons Beatings to those two...*he trails off* But that's not whats being talked about. Kane is. Lets face it, he's not been intimidating for a while. Some times he doesn't even show up. I almost guarantee that it'll happen this time too.

    Ella: And if he does?

    Lucas: *shrugs* Then he'll eat the right hook same as anyone else.

    A tattoo artist walks out and Jessie stands up, looking at Lucas.

    Jessie: You comin big bro?

    Lucas: *stands* Sorry to cut this short.

    Jessie and Lucas follow the tattoo artist, leaving Preston sitting alone with Ella.

    Preston: Sorry about them. But I have confidence Lucas can beat Kane.

    Ella: Even when he treats you the way he does?

    Preston: He's my brother. Family is family, even if I don't agree with how he treats the divas...and Carter...and Cody.

    Ella: Your a lot more forgiving then I would be. Well I gotta go.

    Preston: It was nice to meet you.

    Ella cuts the camera off as Preston leans back on the couch

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    Post  Admin on Thu Dec 15, 2011 3:12 pm

    We open up on what appears to be a changing room but not one like in the CWA. Different costumes for what appear to be elves are hanging in different areas and we see a figure getting dressed in a Santa suit. As we get closer we can tell it's Carter Lacroix. he smiles at the camera, dressed in the red velvety fleece Santa pants with black suspenders and a white shirt, as he sits to lace up the black boots.

    Carter: Hey Pete.

    Pete: *snickers* Carter....whatcha doing?

    Carter: *smiles* I'm getting ready to work. I've always helped out at this mall since I've been old enough to work.

    Pete: Please tell me you were an elf at one point in time?

    Carter: *laughs* No, not an elf. Usually I just set up the Christmas displays but the guy who played Santa passed and they asked me to be Santa this year.

    Pete: Aintcha kinda missing the big belly?

    Carter: *chuckles* Aintcha? We've been spending to much time around each other, you're pickin up on my accent. *smiles* I am sorta missing the belly but that's easily flexible.

    He grabs a pillow thats sitting with the rest of the costume and stuffs it under the white shirt he's wearing. He slips on the all to recognizable Santa coat.

    Pete: Wow...*tries not to laugh*

    Carter: Oh shush up. I love the spirit of the holidays. It's about selflessly giving to others what you have, not caring about what you get. Santa, Father Christmas, Saint Nick, whatever you want to call him embodies that feeling.

    Pete: *pauses* I didn't think of it like that.

    Carter: *smiles as he checks the clock* I have time before I have to deal with the kids.

    Pete: So you've got Belle in a match this week?

    Carter: *nods* Yeah. I'm glad to. The last time I had a match against Belle...well...we all remember what happened.

    Pete: Think Nols is gonna interfere again?

    Carter: I doubt it. I chastized her the last time she interefered. Besides, I'm pretty sure the feud between Nolee and Belle has died down since Nolee lost the title. This time maybe Belle and I can put on a good match for the fans. I didn't get to congradulate her on the engagement I don't think.

    Pete: You don't gotta worry bout Nolee but what about Cody? He is, after all, the leader of the Nocta Hemata. You and Lucas fight Angel and Vitani at Seasons Beatings.

    Carter: I don't have a problem with Cody. He's a good athelete and though he may be all for taking down me and Lucas, I hope he realizes how much I respect Vi and Angie. Hell, I owe Vi a lot for helping me get rid of the fear I had for facing girls. I don't share the mindset of my tag team partner.

    Pete: I'm thankful for that.

    Carter puts on the Santa beard and hat. He looks himself over in the mirror before looking back at the clock.

    Carter: Well Pete we still got room for an elf if you wanna join us.

    Pete: *laughs* That's okay. Have a good time.

    Pete fades out on Carter walking to leave the room.

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    Post  Guest on Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:44 pm

    *Opens on Belle working out at the gym. She is doing flips between the ropes and looks to be practicing parkour. Belle stops when she see's the camera and sighs. Finally she slides out of the ring and motions them forward*

    Belle:Any reason your interupting my training or is it just for giggles?

    Cameraman: We just wanted your thoughts on your match with Carter this week. We all saw how it ended last time.

    Belle:Yes I suppose you did see it now didn't you? Im telling you right now that if she dares to get involved with our match I'll be even more pissed than anything.

    Cameraman: Will you do to her what you did to Maria?

    Belle:*chuckles humorlessly* What I did to her? Oh no,she did that herself. She got in my way,not the other way around. Maybe if she had kept her damn mouth shut we wouldn't have an issue like that.But to answer your question that was only the tipe of the iceberg. See,Carter has no idea what he is getting into this time. Sure we have faced before but that was the old Belle. She took pity on him and his sister came out. This time even if we are friends I am going to fight till the end. I won't be handing this over to him.

    Cameraman: And are you friends with Carter now?

    Belle: I don't see how that is any of your business.

    Cameraman: Im sorry,we didn't mean to upset you Ms.Moore. Can you tell us who you'll be rooting for when your fiance faces your best friend Amy?

    Belle:*sighs and looks sad for a moment* Listen,I love them both. I do. Wade is the best thing for me and Amy has been there for everything. I can tell you I won't be walking out with either them. They are both just amazing athlete's so it will be a good match.

    Cameraman: We have been seeing some changes in Wade lately,are you the cause?

    Belle:I guess you could say that. He is a stubborn man though so all he needed was a push in the right direction. For me,Justin started the push when he warned Wade he would lose me.

    Cameraman: Would he? Lose you I mean? Also,how does Wade feel about your interaction with Justin on It seems very flirt like.

    Belle:*laughs softly* Wade would never lose me. He knows that. This ring *points to her hand* shows that. As for how Wade feels about me being friends with Justin,he is fine with it. He understands I may have friends he doesn't like and has accept this fact. How anyone could think we are flirting is ridiculous. Isn't he dating Heath?

    Cameraman: But you were friends with Carter and you still ended up injured. It seems you always end up getting injured by an interuption or an irish temper.

    Belle:It does seem that way,doesn't it? I can take the pain,thats not the problem. However,ever time I get hurt Wade makes sure Im ok. He is very sweet that way. Now,as you mentioned my opponent for tonight I would like you to leave.

    *camera backs up as Belle gets back in the ring,this time Amy rolls in on the other side. They begin to spar as it fades to black*

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    We open up to see a black Audi pulling up to a lavish house. The car parks and out of the drivers seat steps Wade Barrett, dressed in a light blue button up shirt with black slacks and black penny loafers. His hair is not slicked back as usual, instead it lays curly on his shoulders. He sees the camera and a cross look falls over his already troubled face.

    Wade: You have the worst are with the CWA aren't you?

    Camerawoman: Yes, I'm Laura Pierpont. Sorry, Pete told me you might be here...wherever here is...

    Wade: You mean Pete didn't tell you?

    Laura: No.

    Wade: Welcome to Bennett Manor. This is the American home.

    Laura: Bennett?

    Wade: My God are you daft? Well...that's not fair to you I guess. My real name isn't Wade Barrett, it's Stuart Bennett. When I left home I started going by Wade, my middle name.

    Laura: You live here now?

    Wade: *seriously* You couldn't pay me to live here.

    He walks to the door and knocks, his shoulders squared back and his arms clasped behind him. When the door opens, it's a man whose obviously a butler.

    Butler: Master Wade?

    Wade: Hello Jerith. Is Victoria home?

    Jerith: Yes of course Master Wade. I'll go fetch her for you.

    The butler lets Wade and Laura in, going into the other room as they stand in the foyer of the home.

    Laura: Wade...who's Victoria?

    Womans Voice: I am.

    Laura turns the camera to face an older but still beautiful woman. Her black hair, with silver flecks in it, is curled on her shoulders and she's wearing a red silk dress and black pumps. Wade and the woman stare at each other.

    Wade: Victoria.

    Victoria: Son.

    Laura: That's your m-

    Victoria: Did anyone ask for you to speak, girl?

    Laura: My name is Laura and no.

    Victoria: Then you'll do well to mind your manners and keep your mouth shut. *she turns back to Wade* What possessed you to come visit?

    Wade: Belle says it's good for me to have a healthy relationship with my mother. Since I can't have a healthy relationship, I'm settling with letting you know I forgive you.

    Victoria: Belle?

    Wade: My fiance.

    Victoria: Fiance? What girl would marry a miserable toe rag like you? And I'm not the one who needs to be forgiven. Im not the one who abandoned my family.

    Wade: My family abandoned me. You and father never wanted me.

    Victoria: You were a mistake, the result of an innocent socialte allowing herself to get caught up with a poor man.

    Wade: Victoria, you were never innocent. I tried to be nice to you but I remember why I never wanted to associate with you now.

    Wade turns on his heels and storms off, Laura following him.

    Laura: Wade! Wait up!

    Wade: *turns* What?

    Laura: I'm sorry she was that way.

    Wade: I'm use to it. I should have know nothing would have changed. So, you wanna know about my match with Amy?

    Laura: If you don't mind telling us. If your to upset don't worry about it.

    Wade: I look forward to it but then again I don't. Amy is Belle's friend and I don't want to possibly cause Belle to be angry with me. Then again, it will be a good match. The Hennigans, both John and Amy, are quick and fierce. I'll have a hard time catching her if nothing else.

    Laura: Think you'll win?

    Wade: Possibly. Anyone can win on any given day. Now, I don't mean to be rude but I'm not feeling up to par.

    Laura: Of course.

    Wade gets back in his car and drives off as the camera pans out.

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    Post  Christian on Fri Dec 16, 2011 1:57 am

    The camera zooms in a room with a Christmas tree in the corner. A number of boxes and rolls of wrapping paper sit on the floor. The CWA Champion Christian and his best friend and manager Edge sit in the middle of the big pile. Christian has just finished wrapping up a box when he notices the camera.

    Christian: *smiles* Hey, I was wondering when you would be dropping by.

    Pete: Wow looks like you've been busy, how long have you been wrapping?

    Edge: Only about three hours I think...

    Pete: *looks shocked* Really?

    Christian: It would have been shorter, but someone forgot to put tags on a few of the presents....

    Pete: *laughs* So how much more do you have to do?

    Christian: Only about nine or ten more.

    Pete: You want us to wait while you finish?

    Christian: No I could use a break, so what interesting questions have you brought us today?

    Pete: So how do you feel after your match last week?

    Christian: I feel great, I proved the naysayers wrong once again and hopefully I can continue to do that.

    Pete: You are facing Vitani for the first time, are you excited about it?

    Christian: Yeah, very excited to face Vitani. She is one of the best Vixen's in the CWA and the match promises to be

    Edge: Hey quick question buddy, should I mark the tag Rhyno or Terry?

    Christian: *thinks for a second before answering* Mark it Terry the Rhyno, he will know it's for him.

    Edge: *grins* Perfect.

    Pete: *laughs* Is it always like this with you two?

    Christian: Most of the time yeah.

    Pete: *chuckles and shakes his head* So who do you think will win the match, Vitani or you? And do you think Cody will attack you like with Lucas?

    Christian: The match can really go either way, Vitani is very talented and skilled in the ring. As for the Cody issue....I'm not sure what's going on there..... I heard both Vitani and Angel are mad at him, but he did not care before when he went out to help.... So I'm really not sure what will happen. Hopefully though, Vitani and I will give the peeps a great match to watch. And I hope Vitani and Cody call work it out, she seems to really care for him.

    Pete: *nods* So what did you think of Lucas and his siblings in his promo?

    Christian: Well his sister seems to be like Lucas a lot... His brother seems to be the nice one out of the group.

    Pete: *nods* Yeah.... Well I will let you finish with your wrapping.

    Christian: *nods* Okay, oh before you go... *hands Pete two presents* Merry Christmas Pete.

    Pete: *smiles* Wow thank you! But you did not have to get me anything.

    Christian: *smiles* We wanted to, we try to give all our friends backstage at least a small gift.

    Edge: *nods* Yeah after all you all work so hard to make the show so great.

    Pete: Thank you again you two, this means a lot.

    Christian: Your welcome Pete.

    The camera starts to slowly fade out as Christian and Edge start wrapping the gifts again.


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    Post  Guest on Fri Dec 16, 2011 4:24 pm

    The camera zooms in on everyone's favorite broski, Long Island Iced-Z, Zack Ryder as he shoots another episode of Z! True Long Island Story.

    Zack: Welcome everyone to episode 45 of Z! True Long Island Story, I am your host, the Internet Champion, Long Island Iced-Z, Zack Ryder.

    Zack then notices another camera.

    Zack: What the-? Oh hey bro, your with CWA right?

    Pete: That's right. Pete Branaugh, good to meet you Zack.

    Zack: -smiles- Same to you bro. Here, for my new broski. -gives him a broski headband-

    Pete: -laughs- Why thank you. Anyway Zack, mind telling us at CWA what your doing?

    Zack: Are you serious bro? This is my show, Z! True Long Island Story!

    Pete: -chuckles- Sorry. Anyway tonight is your first match in CWA against Nolee Lacroix. How do you feel about it?

    Zack: Well bro, if she wasn't dating Sheamus I'd tell her to -does the call me sign- call me!

    Pete: Your a real hit with the ladies Zack.

    Zack: Thanks bro. But really it'll be tough adjusting to a whole new company without a few of my broskis. But I'll have the Zack Pack behind me tonight when I fist pump her face! Woo woo woo! You know it!

    Pete: Thanks for your time Zack.

    Zack: Sure thing bro.

    The camera then fades out as Zack returns to shooting his webshow.
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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Sat Dec 17, 2011 2:18 am

    Justin is seen standing in front of a mirror, fussing over his hair as he spikes it into the faux hawk style he usually is seen with. He smirks when he sees the camera person in the reflection, a young, almost frightened looking, blond female.

    Justin: Why do you look so scared for? *after a few seconds* …Are you the one that filmed that Rhodes thing last week?

    Camera girl: Yes sir, that was me…I’m new here…it was the first thing I filmed.

    Justin: *pulls a face* That’s unfortunate… We aren’t all like that, trust me. …You don’t have to call me that by the way; you can just call me Justin.

    Camera girl: Right, sorry…I’m Laura Pierpont. So um…you’re up against Morrison?

    Justin: Yeah, I am. I was actually wondering just the other day when I heard he was returning what it would be like to go up against him here in the CWA.

    Laura: Oh, why’s that?

    Justin: Well we actually have very similar wrestling styles…and also personalities. See, we both rely mostly on our high flying moves and our agility, but also have martial arts based styles we use as well. I wrestled my first match back when I was 15, against my father, so I’ve been wrestling half my life…the style of wrestling they have back home is a little different to what it is here in America and I also continued learning to wrestle while I was living in the UK, so my style’s a mix of those two places’ and also what I’ve learned while I’ve been here in America.

    Justin finishes fixing his hair, the camera zooming out slightly as he sits down on a chair, pulling his elbow pads out of his bag that was sitting on the floor beside the chair.

    Justin: Morrison has his Parkour training that he adds to his wrestling style where he can…which is a shame that the WWE never really let him use those skills to his full potential. I’ll admit I envied the skills he showed in their Royal Rumble they had at the start of this year, when he used his Parkour to help avoid being eliminated. I may be well known for high flying moves, but not even I’m capable of what he did that day…

    Justin pulls on an elbow pad and picks up the other, pulling it on as he continues speaking.

    Justin: Personality wise, we are both known for our looks, as Lucas’ family helped point out about me in my first week here…We both seem to also be stubborn, in our own ways, we both hate losing for starters; but then, who honestly doesn’t? We both also have a darker side, like Morrison showed last week, like I showed when I was in the Nexus and the Corre. One thing I have over Morrison though is that I haven’t had a major injury yet. The worst I’ve had is a burn to my face after a pyro accident, which had me in hospital for two weeks. Other than that I’ve only really had to deal with my anxiety disorder, which bothers me when I’m over-stressed…

    Laura: That’s not going to be a problem this week?

    Justin: *shakes his head* Oh no, I’m fine for now. *he chuckles* Besides, Heath would be mad at me if I ended up in hospital at this time of the year of all times…

    Laura: Oh right, you said you got together around this time…?

    Justin: *nods and blushes slightly* It will be a year next week… *smiles* Anyway, I have to go…before I end up missing my match.

    Laura: Oh right, well we got what we needed. Thanks.

    Justin gets up and nods again, grinning. He walks off as the camera fades.

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    Post  Sheamus on Sat Dec 17, 2011 11:06 am

    The camera opens on Sheamus pacing nervously in a hallway, outside the door to a hotel room. He’s mumbling something to himself in Irish, wearing jeans and a shirt the WWE used to sell as part of his merchandise. He pauses and glances down at the cross on his green shirt before sighing and knocking on the door. He waits for a minute or so without any signs of anyone answering the door and goes to turn away, just as the door opens.

    Man’s voice: Stephen…what are yeh doing here?

    Sheamus stops and turns around to face his older brother Keiran, running a hand through his hair.

    Sheamus: What do yeh think? I heard you were out here and stopped off to see yeh…

    Keiran: What on the way to your next wrestling show?

    Sheamus: *sarcastically* No, on my way to a dance recital. Where else would I be heading for?

    Keiran: *chuckles* If yeh really were doing that, you’d just fall on your face…

    Sheamus: *mumbles* Oh shut up…

    Keiran: *frowning* So why did yeh come here?

    Sheamus: To talk, obviously. *after Keiran pulls a face* Keiran please…I came to apologize…and I need someone to talk to…

    Keiran: You have your girlfriend for that…

    Sheamus: *sighs* I need someone outside of work to talk to… *after a pause, mumbling* …I need my brother…

    Keiran goes to say something, looking as if he’s about to snap at Sheamus, then stops and sighs, pulling Sheamus into a hug. The scene cuts to later on, Sheamus and Keiran sitting on the couch in the hotel room, Keiran with a drink in his hand.

    Keiran: So what was it yeh wanted to talk about?

    Sheamus: *pulls a face* …lots. For starters I had to fight Nolee in the ring last week…I couldn’t stop worrying about hurting her like I’d hurt those other Vixxens while I was angry…

    Keiran: But yeh weren’t angry during that match were yeh?

    Sheamus: *shakes his head* No, just worried…and now just to add to it, I have to fight my best friend.

    Keiran: *takes a sip of his drink before putting it on the coffee table that’s infront of them* Wade?

    Sheamus: No, Angel. I haven’t had time to properly talk to Wade since he apologized for being an arse. Anyway, I have to fight Angel this week after having a match with Nolee and…I…don’t think I can deal with it… *he sighs*

    Keiran: Okay, no. I may not have spoken to yeh much over the passed few years, but I still know when yeh aren’t saying something that’s bothering yeh. What is it Stephen?

    Sheamus: I…Nolee…she…*pauses nervously* Nothing. My match…

    Keiran: Fine, I get it…

    Keiran glances up at the camera before muttering something to Sheamus in Irish, who nods and responds in the same way.

    Keiran: So you think you can win this match, despite all the other things you’re worrying about?

    Sheamus: I don’t know. Angel, like a lot of the others say, is tough. I’ve respected Angel since we first met when the CWA started, she never lets other people’s comments hurt her, which…to be honest…I envy about her, that being one of my major flaws…

    Keiran: *smirks* That and your temper…

    Sheamus: Oh shut up. She’s also definitely a lot stronger than any of the WWE Divas I met, but then so are all the other Vixxens, that’s why they’re here instead of with Vince. But out of all the Vixxens, Angel’s the one I’d most expect to be able to beat me…

    Keiran: What, not Nolee?

    Sheamus: *shakes his head* She was just as reluctant to fight me as I was to fight her; she just does a better job of showing it. Angel I don’t think I’ve ever seen hesitate before a match. She’s said she’s nervous yes, but she still does what she has to…yet I’ve hesitated more than once when it comes to matches…and not just against Nolee.

    Keiran: I know; I do occasionally watch your matches…just not as much as I used to since we um…had that falling out…

    Sheamus: *nods* I know…

    Keiran: Oh, um…Angel’s that one you were in a team with yes? I’m horrible with remembering names of people I don’t personally know… *watches as Sheamus nods* She’s in that new team isn’t she…do yeh think they’ll interrupt this match?

    Sheamus: *aims a dangerous look at the camera* The other two better not. Both Angel and I have fought hard to get to this point, whoever wins will go up against Christian. If Cody or his friend gets involved, I’ll have to repay him for his attack the other week…

    Keiran: Won’t that make Cody attack yeh more…if you attack his girl?

    Sheamus: *shrugs his shoulders* Who cares, I doubt even Angel would help him then, because he attacked me first, I’d just be getting even. Besides…Cody’s too pre-occupied by Lucas… *he laughs*

    Keiran: *chuckles and shakes his head* Okay, so then those two won’t really be a problem then… So would yeh be annoyed if Angel won?

    Sheamus: What? Oh, no. I know she’s already the Vixxens’ champ, but she deserves it. Like I said, we both have fought hard to get here and if she can beat me in a fair fight…assuming I’m focused… well then that just proves it. I know most guys, like Lucas, get all bitter and angry about losing to a girl, saying its unfair or whatever, but if she can beat me, I won’t be like that. I’m not afraid to admit when people are stronger than me…

    Keiran: *nods and smirks* So there really is still some of that goodness yeh had when you were younger in yeh…

    Sheamus: Oh shut up Keiran. *looks down at the watch Keiran has on* I really should get going…I’ll call you to talk about the other issues later, when the cameras aren’t around…

    Keiran nods and they both stand and hug, the camera following Sheamus as he walks out of the room. He closes the door before stopping to look at the camera again.

    Sheamus: Angel, I don’t think I ever thanked yeh for not having a go at me and hating me when you did with Wade after that whole Foreign Legion thing. I also don’t think I apologized…I’m sorry for whatever part I played in making yeh drop the team. Also, good luck in our match. *after a pause* …I’d say I wish for the luck of the Irish to go with yeh…but I think I’ll be needing it all for myself…

    A worried, almost frightened look briefly crosses Sheamus’ face before he turns and walks away, the camera fading out.
    Angel James
    Angel James

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    Post  Angel James on Sat Dec 17, 2011 11:25 am

    The camera fades in on a quiet graveyard, showing a young woman kneeling in front of a small gravestone with a man standing behind her. The camera zooms in and show the couple to be the CWA Vixxen's champion Angel James and her fiancé Petey Williams. A small bouquet of white lilies and light purple orchids sit on the ground in front of Angel. The Vixxen is speaking softly in Italian and has her title belt on her lap. Tears can be seen falling down her cheeks as she slowly starts to get up. Petey wraps his arm around Angel as they start to walk away. Angel wipes her cheeks and manages a small sad smile when she sees the camera.

    Angel: I see old Andrea at the hotel told you where to find me my friend.

    Darcy: *nods* I hope it's okay Angel, he said the company would be good for you.

    Angel: *smiles* He always looked out for me and my Momma, he gave her a job when she was pregnant with me... *shivers at a cold wind* Come let us head back to the hotel, we can talk in the room.

    Darcy nods and the camera goes to black. It comes back on and shows a small, but bright and clean hotel room. Angel is sitting on the bed next to Petey looking more composed. She rests her head on Petey's shoulder before giving a melancholy smile.

    Angel: You know it is hard to believe it has been five years today... I still miss her so much; she was my whole world growing up. She did everything she could for me, gave up so much just for me. It did not matter that it was just the two of us, *starts to tear up* I loved her so much......

    Darcy: Angel we don't have to do this now if you still upset.

    Angel: *wipes her eyes again and shakes her head* No, I want to do it now.

    Darcy: *nods* Well have you seen some of the others promos yet?

    Angel: *nods slowly* Yes I have, I have to say some of them were very interesting. Like Lucas's, it was interesting to see him interact with his siblings. Though I thought his poor brother seemed to get treated poorly, but I am glad to see that his brother still cares for him. Lucas is very lucky to have such a loyal brother. And Wade's.... I am not sure what to say about Wade's. Wade may have some problems, but a mother should never treat their own child like that... Makes me really see just how blessed I was with my own dear Momma.

    Darcy: Have you... *pauses* Talked to Vitani or Cody since last week?

    Angel: I have talked to Vi a little this week, But Cody..... No I have not talked to him at all.

    Darcy: Do you think the Nocta Hemata is going to break up?

    Angel: I am not sure..... So much has changed now and I have to decide what I am going to do soon. I know I want to continue to team with Vi and I believe she does as well, but will it be within the group of the Nocta Hemata? That is something I do not know at all, but that is not what I will be focusing on the next two coming weeks. What I will be focusing on is things like my big match with Sheamus for the number one contender spot and the tag team match with Vi at the pay-per-view…and the fact that if I do beat Sheamus this week, I will be fighting twice that night. It is still hard to believe that I made it this far in the tournament. It is even harder to believe that I may become the first woman to hold the CWA title....

    Darcy: Who do you think will win the match with you and Sheamus this week?

    Angel: Really the match can go either way and a number of factors can possibly contribute to the match. So many things can happen during the course of the match, one wrong or missed move can change everything. The size difference could play a part or the different styles of Sheamus and I have could lead to either of us getting a pin fall. There is no real way to tell, but I can say this.... *pauses* I will do everything in my power to win this match. I will show prove that I am the best Vixen in the CWA.... And if I do win, I will be the first woman to challenge the CWA champion for his title. And if I am blessed enough to beat him, then I will finally be able to prove that the Vixxens of this company are not barbies. That we can go toe to toe with any of the men and we can win.

    Darcy: I heard that Sheamus decided to make up with his brother, what do you think about that?

    Angel: I am very proud of Sheamus for making the effort to try to fix his relationship with his brother, family is so important.

    Darcy: Any thoughts on what Sheamus said about you in his promo?

    Angel: I have to say I have a lot of respect for Sheamus right now and I thank him for all the compliments. I hope our match is great and good luck my friend.

    Darcy: Is there anything else you want to say?

    Angel: Yes, *pauses before smiling sadly* This match I am dedicating to the memory of my mother. *stands up* Now please excuse me, we have a plane to catch in an hour and I have to finish checking everything.

    Darcy: *nods* Thanks again Angel and good luck, I will be rooting for you.

    Angel: *smiles* thank you and you are welcome.

    The camera slowly fades out as Angel starts to pack.

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    Post  Vitani on Sat Dec 17, 2011 7:27 pm

    Vitani is seen pacing in her hotel room beside her bed where her phone is sitting, she looks at it as it rings and goes over to answer it, pausing just before she actually grabs the phone, then moves away and starts pacing again, a sigh hinting that it’s not the first time she’s done so. After about a minute or so, the phone rings again and she goes over to the bed once more. She picks up the phone this time and stares at it for a few seconds before pressing a button to decline the call, throwing her phone down onto the bed before sitting on the floor, her back leaning against the bed, her head in her hands. After a short silence, she’s heard sobbing.

    Pete’s voice: Vi…? Are you okay?

    Vitani: *sniffs and looks up after a couple of minutes* Oh…Pete…hey…

    Pete: *puts the camera down and walks over to Vi, kneeling in front of her* What’s up…something to do with Cody?

    Vitani: *nods* I…haven’t spoken to him since I saw that footage of him and Dusty…He…he’s tried calling, as I guess you just saw but… *she sniffs again, wiping her eyes*

    Pete: *guessing* You’re scared of what he might say?

    Vitani: *nods again* I know it looked more like…like Dusty of all people was the one plotting…but… *she pauses to take a deep breath* …but Cody never mentioned any of it…they’ve been planning all of that this whole time and never mentioned it to me Pete…not once!

    Pete: I’m sure he had his reasons…you should let him explain, I mean it could after all, be just part of the show.

    Vitani: I…I know…but that’s not the only problem I have, I mean…I know he’s been trying to help us, but this thing with Lucas… it’s… *she pauses to take a deep breath again, trying to calm down* …Well he’s right when he say’s he’s not like Randy. Too be honest, the way he is with Lucas… *she hesitates* …it’s like Wade’s obsession with Christian; he just can’t let it go.

    Vitani lets out another sob, ending up in tears again; Pete sighs and slowly hugs her, moving back to where he’d been kneeling beforehand when she calmed down.

    Pete: *trying to distract her* So…you’re up against Christian this week…

    Vitani: Hmm? Oh…yes, I am…first time too…Which means I’ll have fought both the champs…actually, besides Lucas, I’m friends with all the champs. Carter, Angel and Christian are some of the nicest people I’ve worked with in the ring…unlike Cody. He’s nice off screen yes, but as soon as he walks into the arenas, he becomes his on screen self, even off camera…

    Pete: He doesn’t seem very friendly on the show…

    Vitani: I know…and you’ve all seen us arguing, more than once…we’ve been like that for most of the time we’ve been together actually…to be honest, I’ve doubted multiple times that it would last much longer. I thought maybe helping Dusty convince him to come here would help…the different travel schedules were hard to deal with…but…but I think it honestly just made it worse…

    Pete: I’m sorry…you really should talk to him though Vi, try sort things out. So, do you have any last words for Christian?

    Vitani: Well obviously I look forward to fighting the CWA Champion…I’ve always loved watching Christian and Edge; they were always two of my favorites that I liked to watch before I decided to become a wrestler, so I guess you can say this match will be special for me.

    She manages a small smile as she looks up at the camera, Pete patting her shoulder before getting up to turn it off.

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    The clicking of heels is heard before the body of Amy Hennigan is seen. For the first time since she has been at CWA she isn't wearing her usual bubbly smile and seems lost in thought. She stops suddenly and hops up onto a crate. Finally Amy just nods and waves over the camera and the interviewer.[/i]

    Rose:Ms.Hennigan? This is the first we have seen you look so unlike yourself,does this have anything to do with your match tonight against Wade Barett?

    Amy:*looks at the girl* You don't waste time do you? No,I suppose in this business of all businesses time is something we don't waste around here. Everything has a set time and place. My time and place to either give something my all or just give up has come. You asked why Im so unlike myself,well I think thats simple. Belle is my best friend,she has done a lot for me. Wade is like her other half. I can't hurt him without thinking of what Belle might think of me. True she called me and said to give it my all but Im still stuggling to face him.

    Rose:May I ask which side is winning right now,the side that says to give up or the side that says to give it your all?

    Amy:Both are winning. See,I work here to give the fans what they want. Sometime ago someone said that if you give these people your all they will give it back and he was right. Whether the fans boo or cheer me I love it. I just hand this over to Wade and they will hate me but if I give it my all they love me. The cost of the latter is what worries me.

    Rose:You said Belle gave you the go ahead,does this ease your conscience?

    Amy:Some of it. I know Belle supports us both and she was right,it will be one hell of a match. Wade is a force to be reckoned with in the ring but I don't want people to think Im not. A win over him would be huge.

    Rose: Here in CWA you have made a habit of taking on the 'force to be reckoned with' and sometimes won and other times had your head knocked off. Do you think that could happen tonight?

    Amy:*laughs softly and tucks one leg under her other* You abviously haven't been here long. I mean that is always a possibility. That's what we do for a living,we get our heads kicked off. We get sent to the ER just to leave five seconds later. That's the life we live. Now,with Wade being the opponent I know that any pain he gives me isn't fueled by anger like the others are. I know his are just wanting to win the match and I respect that because I want the same thing. I think we understand each other that way.

    Rose:So you don't think Wade will trigger any anger her may have for someone else and use it against you?

    Amy:I think that's a very unlikely thing to happen. And before you ask why it's because when Wade is angry he loses control and can't control himself.Doing that with me means hurting me to God knows what extent. Now,Excuse me but I like quiet before a match.

    [i]Amy hops off the crate and walks away. By the slope of her shoulders it's obvious she is lost again in thought. She doesn't even acknowledge anyone who she normally does. The camera goes black

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    The camera zooms in, as a young, British, dark haired interviewer approaches the prima-madonna's dressing room door nervously. He knocks, holding the microphone up before John opened, who was already in his ring gear. He opened the door wider and smirked slightly down at the interviewer.

    Johnny: And who might you be, you pretty little thing?

    Interviewer: M... My name's Dan. Do you mind answering a few questions?

    Johnny: *shrugs* Ask away, kid.

    Dan: Right, well, your going up against Justin Gabriel. Are you worried?

    Johnny: *purses his lips* Last week, I was worried. I had many reasons to be, in my opinion. I just came back and I don't really like Christian. Plus the bastard's a champion, whether I like it or not. And to be honest, I really shouldn't care. It's a piece of gold around my waist that I don't need. Christian and I have never gotten along. But Justin is another story. The guy is just like me. It almost scares me. We're both gorgeous men. I really have nothing bad or bitchy to say about him. And unlike last week where I was a mental breakdown waiting to happen, I'm actually... looking forward to facing Justin. And that's a rarity.

    Dan: Well, you have the reputation of being a bit of a... cocky diva. And those aren't my words. I think your amazing... Do you think Justin can match up?

    Johnny: *hums in thought, and plays with a strand of Dan's hair, making the interviewer blush* I think he's one of very few than can match up to me. He's not afraid to fly high, like me, and I admire that. *pulls his hand away and crosses his arms* I think he will. He better. Because if he doesn't, I will be sorely disappointed. Because I've seen what the kid can do. It's almost as good of what I've done. We're both polished and graceful in the ring. I'm really not sure who'll win. It's kind of strange to feel this way about an opponent.

    Dan: *nods and chews his lip* Gabriel said that the advantage he has over you is injury. You've had a major injury, and he has not. Do you think your neck will be your weakness?

    Johnny: *chuckles and flips his hair* I injured my neck when I was 18. It's no secret. I was an elite gymnast. I made a miscalculation and I snapped my neck. I was paralyzed for a year. I have... worked very hard to be where I am. My neck may still hurt but to be honest, it doesn't affect me. It doesn't affect my ability to beat someone's ass. *rubs Dan's shoulder* Or get some ass.

    Dan: *giggles slightly and brushes his hair aside* R-Right... *coughs a little, trying to regain his composure* Do you think you have more experience then Justin? Because of your injuries and the time you've put into the business?

    Johnny: *shrugs casually* Let's put it this way: I know what it's like to be knocking on death's door. I may be a... temperamental, bitchy little Diva that everyone takes me for. But I pride myself on it. I embrace it. I embrace the fact that I can still fucking walk. I embrace the fact that the majority of the locker room hates me for everything I am because I would rather be hated for everything I am than loved for everything I'm not. Justin is just like me, but he hasn't gone through what I have. I admire his... spunk, but when it comes to toughing through pain, and doing everything you can to be on top in the business... I don't think Justin has that. I think the kid still has a lot of innocence. And that's not always a bad thing. But there will come a times where you have to be a bitch, be mean and claw your way to the top, and I'm not sure Justin can do it. He has a lot of talent, he has the look, and I'm almost jealous. But he needs to learn how to... be mean when it's necessary.

    Dan: So.. with all this being said, and the differences and many similarities pointed out, how do you think your match will end?

    Johnny: *chuckles and looks straight into Dan's eyes* I think it'll end with who ever can fly the highest. *winks at the camera and tells the cameraman he should shoo before he pulls Dan inside his dressing room, a sly smirk on his face*

    Dan: *blushes and drops his microphone, letting himself be pulled inside John's dressing room*

    Johnny: *throws a final look at the camera* Now ladies and gentlemen, the following sounds will not be appropriate for viewers under the age of 18. *winks and shuts and locks the door*

    The cameraman blinks before scurrying off and shutting the camera off before any sounds could be heard. Half the fans stare blankly at the tron, dumbfounded. But the Morrison fans simply grin knowingly, and wait for the next match.

    (Author's Note: For the record, this is what Dan looks and sounds like: ...Gorgeous, young british kid.)

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