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    Name: Christian
    Height: 6 ft 2 in
    Weight: 227 lb
    Age: 37
    Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Nickname: Captain Charisma
    Manager?: None yet but is looking
    CWA accomplishments: None
    Non-CWA accomplishments: A two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, two time World Heavyweight Champion and a nine-time World Tag Team Champion.
    Type (Face or Heel): Face
    Style of Wrestling: High flier, a mix of other styles
    Gimmick (i.e. respected, hated, bully, etc.): Friendly, good natured, loyal and a bit of a prankstr.
    CWA Win/Loss Record: 0-0-0
    Current CWA Fueds: None
    Finisher(s): Killswitch
    Appearance: Like the pic below
    Entrance Theme (If you wish to include one): Just Close Your Eyes - Waterproof Blondes
    Introduction Promo: Camara pans in on Christian talking into his cell phone, after a few seconds he says goodbye and spots the camara. He smiles and says, "Hi there most of you should know me but for the ones that don't my name is Christian. Now you proably wondering why i'm here. Well the reason i'm here is because i want to belong to the company that is the future of wrestling, the CWA. I'm going to make my mark on this company because thats how i roll." Christian grins as Camara fades.

    Superstar Base Pic (Post a picture of what your character looks like, or resembles): (will post pic soon)
    REASON FOR JOINING CWA: I came here to be a part of a great new wresling campany and to wow the peeps.
    E-Mail address: will send in
    Aim/MSM/etc screen name: Have none

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