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    Brilliant Leader or Crazed Geek?


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    Brilliant Leader or Crazed Geek? Empty Brilliant Leader or Crazed Geek?

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    Brilliant Leader or Crazed Geek
    A look at Cody Rhodes
    By: Oscar Harris
    In the history of professional wrestling there have been only a handful of superstars who make me cringe when they talk. Some, like Wade Barrett and Sheamus, make me cringe because of the icy tones in their voices and their depravity. Some, like Lucas Turner and Zack Ryder, make me cringe because they butcher the English language. Second Generation superstar Cody Rhodes fits into the same category as Wade Barrett and Sheamus. When he talks he knows exactly what to say to get under his opponents skin. And yet there is another side to him. Unlike Wade or Sheamus, Cody seems to have an affinity for all that is geek. Just look at the name of his new team, Nocte Hemata. It's named after a group in a book that Cody read. That leads some to ask, is Cody just a crazed geek who has his own idea of what is right or wrong or is he truly a brilliant team leader?
    Cody was in one of the greatest teams of all time, Legacy. He was a bit of a tweener. He often didn't agree with the depravity of what Orton was leading him and Ted to do. When a bad guy meaner than Orton came to attack, Cody was often left behind to be attacked. That leads one to ask what he knows of leading a team. He didn't even lead Priceless when they were a team. Why then does he think he can lead number one contenders for the CWA Tag Team Titles Vitani Summers and Angel James as this team Nocte Hemata. He may not know much about leading but he does have team experience. I have heard rumors that Orton would often give Cody advice that he didn't give Ted, why I don't know. Now, with that being said, you have to think that Cody would have an understanding for the teams if that was true. He obviously knows what he is doing in choice of team members.
    Vitani, being Cody's girlfriend, is definitly not going to be in harms way no matter what Lucas Turner seems to think. Not only that, she is a powerful woman who Angel James better be glad isn't the number one contender for his Vixxens Championship. However, there is something that Lucas seems to be right about: the spots in the team and comparing them to who use to be in Legacy. Vitani takes the spot that Cody himself use to have, definitly making sure that Cody doesn't become as crazed as Randy was when leading Legacy. Cody is the Randy, the rightful team leader and the one who is going to be calling all the shots. Angel James is the Ted DiBiase jr, strong and kindhearted but even having more of a mean streak than Vi does. Now, don't get me wrong, I look forward to seeing Nocte Hemata in action. But there is something I can't place. Is Cody doing this for his own selfish reasons or is he truly in it for the sake of the CWA? Lets review what he's done so far shall we? At Devestation when Sheamus faced off against Amy Hennigan and was hurting her badly, Cody came to the ring with a steel pipe and beat the tar out of Sheamus to save Amy. He also convinced his daddy into cancelling the Kane/Amy match. Now, with as much pull as he has in the CWA, one can only hope that he doesn't decide that whoever becomes the number one contender to Christian's title isn't on the receiving end of one of Cody's attacks.
    Now while it's easy to see that Cody is going to be the leader of one of the best factions in CWA history, it's also easy to see how some could mistake his genius for insanity. It is even easier to see that Cody tends to be a bit of a geek. His wrestling boots, when he was wrestling WWE, had the image of the Tri-Force from the popular Legend Of Zelda series. He also once said in an interview that he based his original ring gear off of Angel from the popular X-Men series. Currently, his team name (Nocte Hemata) is based off of a book series that he read. Hell, I even mistook his outfit at the end of the 12-5-11 Monday Night Carnage show to be that of Ezio from the Assassins Creed line of video games. That's popular of any geek, to name things after what they read in books or play in video games. What isn't common is to see a geek so ambitious and angry that they take the mannerisms that Cody has taken. I'll remind you of what I said earlier about Cody attacking Sheamus with a lead pipe. Some may take that as going a bit over the top. I myself didn't understand what he was doing until I took a step back and looked at it. In his mind, and certainly in the minds of his fans, Cody was simply protecting a woman from an angry man. Most geeks wouldn't have the, pardon my French, balls to go and do something like that. They would have been terrified of the big, bad Sheamus.
    However, there is another way that Cody is like a geek. Like a geek, he is a the favorite of one of his parents. In this case he is a daddy's boy. He only came to the CWA because Fight Night General Manager Dusty Rhodes asked him to. One can only wonder if what Cody is up to is how his old man feels. Certainly it could be made out to look that way. I caught up with Dusty himself and asked what was going through his mind when Cody attacked Sheamus and when Cody came to him about forming his team. He told me, “Oscar, there are few things in this world that I take pride in. The most important is my family. What my boy is doing isn't because I told him to. It's because I raised him to respect everyone. This team, the Nocte Hemata, is about respect.”
    Respect. A word that Randy Orton seemingly lacked knowledge of when he brought young Cody Rhodes into the Legacy. A word that Cody Rhodes seems to know everything about. This reporter believes that Cody is not only a crazed geek but is also a brilliant team leader. After all, it is possible to be both.

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