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    CWA Insider issue 2


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    CWA Insider issue 2 Empty CWA Insider issue 2

    Post  Christian on Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:27 pm

    CWA Insider issue 2 Cristina_scabbia8
    Word from the editor
    I would like to take a moment and thank everyone that helped with the magazine and welcome the newest stuff member Peter Darwin. The Editor, Peri Blake.
    CWA Insider issue 2 Picnikcollage-2150

    Casey's lastest blog
    If I was actually allowed to talk about certain things without risking being injured again, the title would have a double meaning...but a certain red head wouldn't appreciate that...

    But he did say I could talk about his brother all I wanted... who for starters, like me, got an undeserved beating at the hands of one of the former Foreign Legion members.

    It was pointed out that Keiran was only trying to help his angry, troubled little brother...even if he was in fact going about it in the wrong way, though it seemed as if it was the only way Keiran knew how.
    Maybe Wade should just go get his little Nexus pet to give Sheamus one of those little speeches that inspired Mr. Ego himself to turn his life around and propose to his girlfriend...I'm sure it would make certain people happy if that happened...

    Speaking of Wade's 'pet'...despite what happened the week after Gabriel first turned up here, he seems to still consider him a friend, yet he had his own version of a temper tantrum after he found out what happened to his friend. He's also suddenly friends with Wade's fiance, wonder if that was his own choice or if he was told do it..or maybe he's just trying to suck up to his former leader?

    Lucas seems to have annoyed even more people than usual and even gets another match against Sheamus, this time without resorting to stalking and sounding like he's in denial...
    Lucas has aparrently pissed off the new Vixxens' Champion and fiance of Petey, who has been appearing as Angel's manager the past few weeks. He tried to flirt with the Vixxen in his promo he made when he was put up against the Italian, only to recieve a very negative response, Angel having already been seeing Petey at the time.
    Lucas also seems to have pissed of the younger son of one of the CWA's show managers, Cody Rhodes.

    Cody, I'm not even sure if he's officially signed with the CWA or not, his conversation with Dusty suggested he's not...unless he's signed on since.

    Cody to me seems like the 'Draco Malfoy' of the CWA...for starters he acts tough...until his father walks in the room, which is when he's suddenly just daddy's little boy, not the guy who cut a nice long heel promo that attacked two of McMahon's top superstars. He also gatecrashed a party he wasn't invited to, just to further his own schemes, much like Draco does in one scene... That and now supposedly he's gained himself two sidekicks to 'fix' what he deems to be wrong about this thing you know he'll be calling people some derogatory term to insult those he considers bad, such as the use of the word 'mudblood'...
    He says he's not like Randy, but this almost screams 'Legacy' to me...

    I was hoping to have some nice coverage of another successful Christian match...only Kane, I assume, never showed; the title match being cancelled due to 'unforseen circumstances'...what did Kane do? Kill someone? Actually, I don't want to know.
    The plus side is, Christian is still champ.

    Oh, for those who actually think that Justin Gabriel, who may as well be referred to as 'Captian Party', having been hungover in more than one of his promos...
    Try and take him seriously after listening to his old FCW theme... I know I can't.

    Oh and don't forget the fact that he used to be a model. Does the one on the left look familiar...?
    CWA Insider issue 2 141~0
    Casey Johnson

    Jerk of the month
    CWA Insider issue 2 RandyCouture5
    Lucas Turner
    Stalking: Stalked Sheamus and Nolee and tried to break them apart.
    Harrassment(including sexual harrasment): Of everyone, most notable being Angel.
    Blackmail: Blackmailed Carter into being his tag team partner.

    Beyond guilty, even more then Wade.

    Superstar Photos: Vixen champion Angel James, Vitani Summers and Cody Rhodes. The Nocta Hemata.
    CWA Insider issue 2 AngelJ7
    CWA Insider issue 2 Untitled
    CWA Insider issue 2 Cody-Rhodes-Coming-in-Goldusts-wedding

    Tucker Daniels's insight on the new Vixen's Champ
    Angel James the Italian Vixen and the new Vixen's champion. She defeat the former champ Nolee that the Pay-Per-View after a hell of a match. After the win Petey William's, Angel's boyfriend asked her to marry him. Angel was raised single handedly by her mother in Italy and came to America at 17 to start training to be a wrestler. She soon started to work for ROH where she meet Petey and her best friends Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. She has been in a war of words with Lucas Turner lately, after a promo by Lucas that angered the Italian Vixen. She has also joined Cody Rhodes and Vitani Summers to change the CWA. A new day may be dawning in the CWA.

    Casey Johnson's insight on the Nocta Hemata
    Nocta Hemata is the new team that has formed over the past few weeks here in the CWA. I’m sure by now everyone knows it started off with an angry boyfriend jumping ship to work for the company his daddy’s in and with Angel James being annoyed by a certain pig headed someone…
    The question is though will this team, that’s been named after something in a book Cody’s apparently read, last? He dressed up as a ninja or an assassin or something to go along with the promo he did to announce their team name… do the two Vixxens really want someone so nerdy as their leader?

    Angel’s also had bad experiences with teams here in the CWA, having been part of the very short lived Foreign Legion. She was hesitant at first about joining Cody and I don’t blame her, seeing as the Legion’s leader, Wade Barrett, tried to use her; though seeing as Angel is engaged and Cody’s with Vitani, there seems to be little chance of such a thing happening again.

    Funnily enough, the best description I’ve heard of this team comes from the very man they’re against, Lucas Turner: ‘Cody has taken the mind set of Orton, Angel is the second strongest so she's the Ted DiBiase Jr., Vitani is the weakest link so she's, ironically, the Cody Rhodes. Randy and Ted use to leave Cody to fend for himself all the time, Cody and Angel may do the same to Vitani.’

    Though Cody has denied the fact that he’s becoming like his former mentor, Randy Orton, as Lucas pointed out, Nocta Hemata is indeed looking to be like the Legacy. As much as he says he’s not, Cody seems to be becoming angry and bitter, much like Orton did; even spontaneously attacking people with a weapon as Orton had a habit of doing. It’s probably only a matter of time before he walks out one day to the infamous ‘Voices’.

    Vitani’s very fitting as the ‘Cody’ of the team, not just for the reasons Lucas mentioned. Cody was the last one to start insulting people as part of the Legacy and was often reluctant to go along with Randy’s schemes. Seeing as Vitani refuses to insult people, I’m sure she must be against the attacks, like the one Cody made against Sheamus at Devastation. Angel fits as the Ted because, as Lucas said, she’s stronger than Vitani and is the closest they will get to neutral ground in the team; Ted often having sided with Cody one week, but Orton the next.

    We have to wonder if, despite Cody’s denial, this group will end up like the Legacy, or like the Foreign Legion and fall apart right before they can even reach their full potential and if they can even achieve their goal of ‘fixing’ the CWA..

    Peri Blake's interview with Cody Rhodes
    The Editor was able to get a short interview with the newest member of the CWA, Cody Rhodes.

    Peri: Hello Mr. Rhodes, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

    Cody: Oh, of course. It's not a problem.

    Peri: So we all know why you started this group but why did you pick the members that you did?

    Cody: Why? Because they were the best choices. Angel's the Vixxens' champ, so who better than her? Plus she's one of the main victims lately....

    Peri: Because of Lucas and his promos?

    Cody: Obviously. Have you not seen them?

    Peri: *nods* But Lucas isn't the only one that your group seems to have a problem with.

    Cody: I'm aware of that... *he pulls a face*

    Peri: So what are your plans?

    Cody: Obviously what I've been telling fix the problems the CWA has, like the ones Lucas is causing..

    Peri: *nods* Well thank you again Mr. Rhodes for your time.

    The Rumor Mill
    Well let start this out with the man everyone is talking about, Lucas Turner. Who in a promo this week used a comic book reference in it..... Does this mean he a secret nerd? It might explain somethings about that man if he is. Of course it would help his cause if he got his facts straight, no wonder Nolee went with the Irishman.

    Next we move onto the resident nerd Cody Rhodes, who Lucas inplied is secretly bi or gay. Lucas referenced Cody's time in Legacy and said; "I've heard rumors about what Cody would do to and for Randy backstage when they were Legacy." So is Lucas right? Only time will tell..... Of course remember he was right about Wade and Sheamus....

    Of course this takes us back to Lucas, who many people in the back have questioned if he is bi or gay himself. Especially after things like saying he 'wanted' Sheamus and calling Cody dashing and a pretty boy. Does this mean he is trying to hide it by pointing out others? Of course also remember he is blackmailing Carter, who is open about his choice. Is he useing the blackmail for more then a partner? Does this mean Carter will no longer be courting the CWA Champ? Again only time will tell, well this is all for this week.
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