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    12-5-11 Monday Night Carnage Promos


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    12-5-11 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty 12-5-11 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Admin on Tue Dec 06, 2011 3:11 pm

    Promos are due no later than midnight on Saturday!

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    Post  Admin on Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:00 pm

    We see pictures all strewn out on a baby blue carpet. Zooming in on these pictures we can tell they all have Nolee in them accompanied by someone. IN some she's with Carter and Jerry and in some she's with Sheamus. We zoom out to see Nolee looking at these pictures. She looks happier then she did the week before but there is still a meloncholy look on her face. Her shirt is a long sleeved pink one that has the words "Country Girls Rock" on it and she's wearing blue jeans with no shoes. Looking up, Nolee waves at the camera with a smile on her face.

    Nolee: Pictures are truly worth a thousand words. Some remind you of a time when everything was a bit more sweet, some bring back loved ones you haven't seen in a while. Still some remind you of the ones who would do anything for you and you would do anything for.

    She hands a photo of herself, Carter, Brian and Jerry to Pete. The family is in front of the Christmas tree that the boys set up the week before. Nolee is wearing a long green t-shirt with Snoopy wearing a Santa hat on it and colorful toe socks. Carter is wearing black and red flannel pajamas. Brian and Jerry are dressed in the same outfit of plain black shirts and red pajama bottoms. Nolee stands next to Jerry who stands next to Brian while Carter, being the tallest, stands behind them.

    Pete: Nice bed head.*laughs*

    Nolee: Oh shut your face. It was Christmas morning of...*she checks the back of the photo* of last year actually. It sometimes amazes me how much I've matured over the year. But there's a reason I'm shoinwg you this photo. Even after all Brian and Dad have said and done to each other, this photo proves they still love each other. Carter and I will be the same way. Sure, I beat him last week. But he's still family and I still love him. I don't care if he robbed a gas station, he didn't by the way so you can count that out as what Lucas is blackmailing him with, or if he shot JFK. He's my big brother.

    Pete: *smiles* That's sweet Nols. I know he feels the same way.

    Nolee: *smiles* So do I.

    She takes the photo away from Pete and puts it, along with the rest of the family photos, back in the cardboard box. She picks up a photograph of her and Sheamus. Nolee, dressed in a strapless emerald dress that reaches her knees, stands next to Sheamus, dressed in a long sleeved white shirt under a brown sweatervest, and black slacks. THeir arms are linked and both look like they could be anywhere on Earth and as long as they were together they would be loving it.

    Nolee: *puts her hand on her Celtic knotwork necklace and smiles* This is from one of mine and Shea's first dates. He took me to dinner and then to a show, theater not movies. When we were first dating everything was easier. As out relationship gets harder. That's okay though. I do better when my back is against the wall and the odds are against me. *she wipes at her eyes with the back of her hand*

    Pete: Nolee are you crying?

    Nolee: *shakes her head but then sighs* Yes.

    Pete: Why?

    Nolee: I...I have to fight him. I knew it was going to happen in a one on one match sooner or later but I really hoped we woudln't have to. It was hard enough to fight Carter. But Sheamus? He's....he's someone I'm afraid to fight.

    Pete: Because he'll hurt you?

    Nolee: No not because he'll hurt me. Any damage he does to me will simply be bacuse it's a match. What...what if this strains the relationship? We just patched everything up. I don't want to ruin it again.

    Pete: You both know there are risks to take in that ring.

    Nolee: *sighs* I know I just...

    Pete: You just hoped it would be easy. Can I give youa bit of advice a friend once gave to me?

    Nolee: *shrugs* Sure.

    Pete: Nothing worth having in this life is ever easy. I'm glad you two are having problems. It proves to both of you that your worth having.

    Nolee: *smiles softly* I guess.

    Pete: Any last words for Sheamus?

    Nolee: *looks right into the camera* Shea I know I said I'd lay down for you in that ring but the more I thought about it...the more I can't. This match is going to be fair. Your going to have to fight for it. Just like we fight to prove to everyone that we belong together.

    Putting down the picture, Pete fades out on Nolee looking at some of the other pictures on the floor.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:22 pm

    We open up on the inside of a toy store, mothers and fathers bustling around getting things for their children for Christmas. Lucas, dressed in a long sleeved black shirt with blue jeans and black boots, enters and heads for the Barbie aisle, two lists in his hand. He smiles as he turns around and sees the camera crew.

    Lucas: Good, you can help me shop.

    Cameraman: Aren't you afraid Alysa and Emily will see their presents?

    Lucas: Nah, their mom don't like them watching CWA. *he picks up a barbie dressed as a rock star and puts it in the car* I don't mind it though. Got a pen I can use? Gotta cross that off Emily's list.

    The cameraman hands Lucas a pen and he crosses something off the list as he looks over the Barbies again.

    Lucas: It's funny though ain't it? I'm looking for Barbies to give to my daughters for Christmas when I fight a barbie this week? *he mocks an apologetic face* Oh I'm sorry I shouldn't say those things or her big bad boyfriend Cody RHodes is gonna do to me what he did to Sheamus.

    Cameraman: Your not afraid of Cody?

    Lucas: *takes a Cinderella doll off the shelf and crosses it off of Alyssa's list* Let me put it in a way that nerd would understand. It's like I'm Doomsday and he's Superman. If he tries to stand in my way of taking over the CWA, I'm going to crush him under my heel.

    Cameraman: That was...ouch.

    Lucas: *shrugs and puts a Draculara, one of the Monster High dolls, in the cart and marks it off of Emily's list* It's true. My chances of being CWA champion might have been put on hiatus but I've still got a championship. I'm one half of the CWA champions, something that Angel and Vi can only hope of being. But I'll tell you what, Vi, if Angel loses the triple threat match I'll give you and her the chance at a title match at Season's Beatings. That's right, if you two win you'll be the new tag team champions. If you lose then that's it.

    Cameraman: So you're sure he'll win this match?

    Lucas: *puts two different Justin Bieber dolls in the cart* Positive. Sure, Vi is quick but she's also got a lot on her mind. This new and almost Legacy like team is one for sure, the fact that she's got to worry about what I'll do to Cody if he even thinks about getting involved is another.

    Cameraman: You think she has to worry about these things?

    Lucas: Absolutely. You see, Cody has taken the mind set of Orton, Angel is the second strongest so she's the Ted DiBiase jr, Vitani is the weakest link so she's, ironically, the Cody Rhodes. Randy and Ted use to leave Cody to fend for himself all the time, Cody and Angel may do the same to Vitani. Granteed, Cody and Vi are dating so he might stick around for her. Then again, I've heard rumors about what Cody would do to and for Randy backstage when they were Legacy. *he smirks*

    Cameraman: So are you going to play fair?

    Lucas: *Puts a Rapunzel dress up outfit in the cart and laughs* Don't I always?

    He crosses the Rapunzel dress off of Alyssa's list and looks the two lists over before handing the pen back to the cameraman.

    Lucas: I can't get the rest of their lists here so I'm going to go pay and then meet Rachel for dinner. *he smirks* That's righ, Cody, I'm actually dating her. See I only bought her one daiquiri and while you may have a low tolerence for alcohol, she didn't. I've been dating her for a week now. *he chuckles* I'm gonna cut this short because I have other things to do.

    The camera fades out as Lucas walks to the cash register.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:35 pm

    The camera fades in on the locker room backstage, Wade hanging up green garland above the lockers and a small tree sitting in the corner. He's humming "Joy To The World" as he does. He turns to face the camera, a genuine smile on his face.

    Wade: I'm almost guarenteeing this is the only time you'll ever catch me in such a good mood, around the holidays. My parents never really celebrated Christmas but it was my grandmothers favorite holiday. She would cook all sorts of pies and cakes. However, the most important thing was to be in the mood for holiday cheer.

    He continues to decorate the locker room, adding ornaments to the ree and even hanging stockings on everybodies lockers. He chuckles after he adds Justin's stocking.

    Wade: *smiles* I did this when I was in The Nexus. The guys thought I was crazy but they humored me. THey realized what the holidays meant to me, especially Justin and Heath. I don't know why but they were the only ones who really got it.

    Smiling, Wade puts the empty boxes in his locker and removes his ring gear. He sits down on the bench and starts to unlace his normal boots to put on his black wrestling boots.

    Wade: Justin is also the first one to tell you that I do not go easy on my opponents around the holidays. Yes, I belive that men should have good will towards each other but I also believe that in a company like this it's almost impossible to do that. Backstage during the holidays, I'll be the first one to wish you a very Merry Christmas. In the rind during the holidays, I'll be the first one to push you to the limit.

    Cameraman: SO you think you can beat Justin? You've been on a bit of a losing streak...

    Wade: *chuckles* Here lately I've learned that anyone can win on any given day. I would have never imagined that Angel could beat Nolee or that Amy could, in all theory, pick up a win over Kane.

    Cameraman: Yeah that was different.

    Wade: So I look forward to the challange that Justin presents. He's a good athelete, very fast and very agile. Plus that 450 Splash is a killer. That's why we often finished off our enemies with the move. I have to make sure to keep away from it.

    Cameraman: Is that even pozzible?

    Wade" *slipping his dark blue button up shirt off* Oh it's possible. Every move is avoidable. You just have to know what you're doing. Now, will you excuse me? I have to change into my trunks.

    The camera fades out as Wade stands to change into the rest of his ring gear.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:57 pm

    We open up on a gala ballroom, the men and women in the room dressed in lavish tuxedos and dresses. Some of the rooms patrons are eating and some are talking with one another. We focus in on Carter Lacroix who has just entered with Pete. Carter's wearing a black leather cowboy hat with his black sleeveless tuxedo and his black cowboy boots. Pete is dressed in a white tuxedo with black Nike's.

    Carter: I feel so outta place.

    Pete: Like it or not, these are your people now. Your a member of the Academy of Country Music.

    Carter: But I'm just not a suit and tie guy. I feel weird.

    Pete: Trust me buddy you look wierd. *chuckles*

    The two sit down at a table and Carter removes his hat. He looks around, spotting stars like Faith HIll and Keith Urban. He finally turns his head to see that country music icon George Straight has sat down next to him.

    George: Howdy. You must be Carter Lacroix.

    Carter: *is stunned* Yes...yes I am.

    George: *extends his hand* Nice to meetcha. I'm George Straight.

    Carter: *Shakes his hand* I know who you are sir. Your a legend. Oh! *he gestures to Pete* This is Pete Branaugh.

    Pete: *smiles* Nice to mee you sir.

    Geroge: You two have manners. I like that. *he stops a waiter and smiles* I'll have myself a beer. Carter, Pete? You drinkin'?

    Carter: I'll have a beer. You Petey?

    Pete: Just a water. I gotta be able to drive Carter back home.

    George: That'd be it then. *he nods at the waiter who bustles off* So, Carter, I hear your a wrestler.

    Carter: Yes sir.

    George: I use to be a fan of the WWE. You wrestle for the WWE?

    Carter: No sir. I work for the Championship Wrestling Alliace.

    George: *chuckles* Don't call me sir. You can call me George.

    Carter: *smiles* Fine, I'll call you George.

    George: That's better. So, son, you a champion in that wrestling company of yours?

    Carter: Yes. One half of the CWA Tag Team Champions.

    George: With Pete here?

    Pete: *chuckles* Oh no, I'm just a cameraman. I don't get into the ring, I'm not trained for it.

    George: *laughs* I can understand that. You been on tour with anyone yet?

    Carter: *laughs* I don't have time to really go on tour seeing as how I get put in matches every Monday. WHoever I go on tour with is gonna have to accept my other career.

    George: Every Monday huh? You got one this Monday?

    Carter: Yep. I'm fighting Kane.

    George: *the waiter brings by their drinks and George takes a sip of his beer before replying* Kanes a name I know. Big, tall, bald guy right?

    Pete: *laughs* That about sums him up.

    Carter: But he's more than that. He's very strong and ruthless. Doesn't care who he has to hurt to get what he wants. And I'm pretty sure he'll be livid since he lost his shot at Christian's title.

    George: YOu scared of Kane?

    Carter: *chuckles* Never said that. You learn in this business that fear hardly ever gets you anywhere. Especially against somenoe like Kane. *he takes a sip of his beer*

    George: Now that's what I like to hear. I wish you luck in that mctch. *he take a napkin from the table and jots his number down on it.* If you want, when you feel like you have the time, call my number and we'll see if you can go on tour with me.
    George stands up with his beer in hand, and goes to mingle with some of the others.

    Pete: Did you just get invited to go on tour with George Straight?

    Carter: *smiling wide* Sure did. *looks at the camera* Turn that thing off. We're gonna go mingle.

    Pete laughs and turns the camera off as the two walk into the crowd.
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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:59 am

    A camera switches on, Justin Gabriel moving away from it to sit on the stairs that are behind him, outside the front of a house. He’s wearing sunglasses, dark jeans and a Nexus shirt, his hair spiked up in its usual style. He sighs and takes off his sunglasses before speaking.

    Justin: I suppose I should explain about last week huh? Belle I’m sorry about what happened during our match… *after a pause* …what happened was something I haven’t really ever told anybody about, besides a certain long haired ginger...

    He pauses and smiles slightly.

    Justin: *after taking a deep breath* The reason I was in that condition during my match with Belle…I um… *he trails off nervously* …why does this have to be so fucking hard? *he sighs* The reason I was like that is because I have an anxiety disorder…meaning I when I’m stressed, I can end up having I guess what you’d call a panic attack…like I sort of did last week…It also makes me get irritated fairly easily at times.

    He stares down at the steps below him for a few seconds.

    Justin: *speaking in a low voice* I don’t often have issues like the one I had last week… But I guess with the switching company, dealing with stubborn friends… and that stupid blond…

    He looks angry; mumbling something in his native language then pauses for a couple of minutes.

    Justin: Anyway, speaking of the stubborn friend, I’m up against him again this week. I know you like to push people around this time of year Wade; you pushed us to work harder in our matches more than you normally would…and you should know why it was the two of us that understood why Christmas was special…

    He smiles softly, running a hand through his hair.

    Justin: It was around this time of year that I first told you Wade that I…that I love Heath… *he blushes slightly* and you told me to go and talk to him. Once I actually did, I remember we were all hanging out together, right before Christmas…You asked if I’d kissed him yet. When I said I hadn’t, one of the other guys decided it would be funny to hold up mistletoe...after you ‘accidentally crashed into’ me and pushed me towards Heath…

    Justin laughs softly, shaking his head and blushing.

    Justin: I’m thankful that this time, the match isn’t because you decided to be an ass and threaten to hurt me…after hurting others…I’m looking forward to a proper match against you, where your only goal isn’t to hurt me as much as possible. Your comment about the 450 splash though… *he sighs and looks annoyed* It still really bugs me that people comment on my skills, then go and talk about that move straight after…I’ve said before, it’s not the only move I’m capable of. Why do you all make it seem like it is? Maybe I should just stop using the move all together? Find a new finisher… That way people will stop bringing it up every single fucking time they talk about me and what I can do in the ring! It’s just so…

    He trails off, mumbling angrily in his native language again. A door’s heard opening and closing and footsteps are heard before the person, Heath Slater, sits down beside Justin and wraps an arm around the South African’s shoulders.

    Heath: Hey, are you okay? I heard that ranting you just did…you don’t want to end up like you did during your match last week do you?

    Justin: *frowns and leans against Heath* No…

    Heath smiles and turns to kiss Justin’s head.

    Heath: *speaking softly* Come on, come back inside and have something to eat. You do have to get ready to travel to Texas after all, naw mean?

    Justin: *chuckles* Yes I know that…*smiles and rolls his eyes* …You do know I’m up against Wade again…right?

    Heath: *bitterly* Yes. *he looks at the camera* I still go by what I said last time Wade, you WON’T hurt him badly… *he has a dangerous look in his eyes as he hugs Justin protectively*

    Justin: *quietly* Heath…he apologized…

    Heath: I don’t care. He still tried to hurt you last time…and besides, he hasn’t apologized to me yet.

    Justin: He will. Just… *he goes to say something, but changes his mind* Come on, you said I should come inside…

    Heath sighs and kisses Justin’s head again before letting him go. He gets up and heads back inside, Justin rolling his eyes as he gets up and comes closer to the camera, switching it off.


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    Post  Vitani on Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:41 pm

    The camera opens to the open door of a hotel room, the sound of two girls talking and laughing coming form inside the room. The person holding the camera walks further into the room, pausing to focus the camera on the couch, where Vitani is sitting talking to a girl about the same age as her. The girl has blond hair that is streaked with pink and green; she runs a hand through it as she laughs at something Vitani said.

    Vitani: *looks up, smiling when she notices the camera* Oh hello. I don’t think you’ve properly met my friend before; I’ve only talked to her on the phone before during a promo… This is my best friend, Aislin Wyatt. *she gestures to the blond*

    Aislin: *smiles and waves at the camera* Hello. I’m on tour for the music side career and I ‘just happened’ to end up with a concert where Vi has a CWA show…

    Vitani: *laughs* Right, it wasn’t your plan at all to make it that way…

    Aislin: Of course not. *smiles innocently* you know me, I would never do that… *she laughs* so…where’s this boyfriend of yours I still haven’t met huh?

    Vitani: *shrugs her shoulders* He’s around; he went for a walk outside. So how’s your wrestling career going by the way?

    Aislin: *shrugs* It’s ok. I’m focusing on my music more right now. What about yours huh? You’re against that Turner guy again?

    Vitani: *rolls her eyes* Yes, Lucas. I’m so sick of him. I swear every time he opens his mouth he gives me another reason to hate him.

    Aislin: What’d he do now?

    Vitani: Same as usual, disrespected the Vixxens, calling me a Barbie… Why he chose to steal Belle’s line, I’ll never know.

    Aislin: *looks at the camera* Lucas why DID you steal a girls line? Do you envy us? *she giggles*

    Vitani: *shakes her head* Maybe he does. Helps though if he directs his promo for our match against me and not my boyfriend…By the way Lucas, we don’t need a title shot from you, we can earn things on our own, we don’t need you sounding like you pity us. And Cody isn’t going to just leave me like Ted and Randy did to him. In case you haven’t noticed, unlike the other former Legacy members…and you; he respects people. He doesn’t use people, nor does he bribe people like you do.

    Aislin: *rolls her eyes* He seriously did that? *laughs* Maybe it’s the only way he could actually get someone to team up with him? He doesn’t sound like he has many friends…

    Vitani: Actually, I don’t think he does, not in the CWA anyway… Poor Carter’s stuck with him though. Maybe Carter should do what Cody did to Hardcore Holly, find a new tag partner and win the tag titles off Lucas with them… *she smiles* And why does he have to threaten Cody and start saying stupid things about him? Even if he did do things with Orton, who cares?

    Aislin: Maybe Lucas is jealous…? *she giggles, putting a hand to her mouth*

    Vitani: *frowns* I hope not… Cody’s mine.

    Aislin: Speaking of which, we should go find him… I want to meet him, not just go by what I’ve seen on TV.

    Vitani: Yeah…no, that’s not a good idea; he’s not the nicest of people on the show… We have to find him anyway, knowing him he’ll probably run into Lucas somewhere and get himself in trouble.

    Vitani rolls her eyes, Aislin laughing as the two of them get up, the camera fading out.
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    Post  Angel James on Sat Dec 10, 2011 5:51 am

    The camera fades in on Angel sitting with her fiancé and manager Petey in her locker room. Angel is finishing putting on her ring gear; she looks up and smiles when she sees the camera.

    Angel: Hello my friend.

    Darcy: Hello miss James; thanks again for taking the time before your big match.

    Angel: *smiles* You are welcome and please like I told Pete call me Angel.

    Darcy: *smiles* Okay Angel, so how are you feeling about your match tonight?

    Angel: Excited, I did not think I was going to be able to beat Vitani. But also intrigued, this is my first time against both Belle and Amy.

    Darcy: Do you think you can win the match?

    Angel: It is a tough call, you see my opponents are both high flyers...*pauses* While I have a mixed style, it could only take one wrong move to win or lose.

    Darcy: Do you think that you will get doubled teamed by Belle and Amy?

    Angel: I do not know, Belle and Amy seem close but...... Belle is not known for being able to work with someone, look at the match I had teamed with her. But then again she and Amy are supposed to be best friends, so it is hard to figure out.

    Darcy: *nods* What do you think about your teammate Vitani's match against Lucas this week?

    Angel: *makes a face and mumbles in Italian at Lucas's name* I think Vitani will put Lucas in his place again, like she did the last time. You know I am glad his daughters are not allowed to watch the CWA, I would hate for them to see their father is a male chauvinist. Especially since apparently their father decides to refer to the woman he is fighting as a "barbie". And then he had the nerve to offer a pity match to Vitani and I, when he knows that me and Vitani can earn that match ourselves. I wonder if he ever treated his wife like that if he did, then it is no wonder his wife left him for the hockey player. The hockey player probably treats her better, of course how long until Lucas starts treating Rachel the way he treats the women here? *goes off into Italian*

    Petey: Angel calm down, *wraps his arms around her* It's okay.

    Angel: *takes a deep breath and calms down* Sorry about that.

    Darcy: It's okay Angel, would you like us to leave?

    Angel: No please I am fine now, so what is the next question?

    Darcy: Do you have any idea who your first opponent will be for your title?

    Angel: No not yet, hopefully I will find out soon.

    Darcy: *smiles* One last question, have you and Petey set a date for the wedding yet?

    Angel: *smiles and laughs softly* No not yet, but we are talking about it.

    Petey: *smiles* Hopefully we will have one soon.

    Darcy: Thanks again Angel for taking the time to do this, good luck with your match tonight.

    Angel: Thank you and you are welcome, see you later.

    The camera slowly fades out as Angel stands up to go stretch.


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    Post  Christian on Sat Dec 10, 2011 6:27 am

    The camera slowly fades in on the CWA Champion Christian and his manager Edge in their locker room. Christian is sitting on the couch while Edge stands leaning again the wall, watching his best friend stare at his phone. Edge chuckles softly and Christian looks at him.

    Christian: What is so funny?

    Edge: Oh nothing... *grins and changes the subject* So I heard Lucas made an ass of himself in his promo this week.

    Christian: He ends up doing that every week, doesn't he? *laughs* But your right, he really needs to think before he opens that mouth of his. Calling the women of this company Barbies is just plain stupid, and I know Vitani is going to kick his ass this week just like the last time. And he needs to learn the difference between me and Cody; after all I was the one that called him on meeting a girl at a bar.

    Edge: *nods and laughs* I also hear you are fighting the newly returned Diva this week.

    Christian: Yes I am and he is not a Diva..... Well maybe a little....

    Edge: *laughs* He is and you know it, remember his first promo here? He was flat ironing his hair, wearing only a towel...

    Christian: *laughs softly* Ok you have a point, but Morrison being vain or very into himself is not what I should be thinking about going into this match.

    Edge: And what are you thinking about?

    Christian: About how he insulted me in his last promo, how he disrespected me and my style of wrestling... *pauses and looks down* He said I was sloppy and I did not have any grace. That I did not know how to put on a show or how to keep the fans entertained. He acted like he respected me and then he slapped me in the face with his words. See I know how to entertain the fans, I would not have any if I didn't know how to. And based on the number of peeps I have I think I do a damn good job entertaining them. My style of wrestling is just polished as Morrison's, maybe even more polished because unlike Morrison I cannot only high fly, but I can attack my opponent on the ground too. See I have worked longer and hard in this business than him. I paid my dues to earn respect and I worked hard to get my fans. *looks up at the camera with a fire in his eyes* See Morrison when you like Wade before you have lit a fire in me, I did not have the time to really watch your promo the first time. Did not really pay attention to what you had said, but now that I have watched it... Let's say that giving me something to prove is not a good idea, *chuckles softly* just ask Wade.

    Edge: See Morrison, Christian is not only Captain Charisma and The Leader of the Peepulation. He's also The Instant Classic and he also has one thing that you have never had, The CWA Championship.

    Christian: *smiles* Another mistake Morrison, you pissed off my best friend. You like Lucas need to learn to watch what you say. You will learn like Wade and everyone else did that I put my heart and soul into my wrestling. I will not be beaten because of petty insults; I will show you why I am the champion. Now excuse me I need to get ready for this match.

    Christian smiles and gets up, he grabs his gym bag and heads for the door. Edge smiles and follows his best friend as the camera slowly fades out.


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    Post  Sheamus on Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:02 am

    The camera opens on Sheamus just as he’s getting out of a car, dressed in his usual style; a light blue business shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a vest and black pants and a hat. When he notices the camera, Sheamus raises an eyebrow.

    Sheamus: A little early aren’t yeh? Yeh aren’t the usual Pete fella either, I don’t remember ever seeing yeh either, you new?

    Cameraman: No, I just usually film the show, not the promos.

    Sheamus: Oh…so what’s your name fella?

    Cameraman: Luther Briggs…What are you doing up here anyway? The next show’s in Texas…

    Sheamus: I’m allowed to be here, I do come from here…

    Briggs: Yeah I’m pretty sure you’ve pointed out that you’re Irish at least once or twice… *he chuckles*

    Sheamus: *laughs and shakes his head* Yeah, I think I have…But just incase… I’m Irish. *he smirks*

    Briggs: *sarcastically* Never would have guessed. So what are you doing here?

    He goes to turn the camera towards the building they’re standing outside, but Sheamus grabs the camera and turns it back to face himself.

    Sheamus: Don’t do that fella…I’m here to do something special, you’ll ruin it.

    Briggs: Sorry, sorry… So what is it you mean by special?

    Sheamus: *frowns* I can’t tell yeh that. *after a pause* Nolee said pictures are worth a thousand words… well I was looking at some old pictures of mine and one of them gave me an idea, so we’re here to visit an…old friend, if that’s what you’d call him…

    Briggs: So why are you doing this again?

    Sheamus: Because…I know we haven’t been on the best of terms lately, which we were, to be honest, both partially responsible for; but we’re passed that now. I wanted to surprise her with something nice, because that’s just what I like to do for the person I love… *he smiles*

    Briggs: Oh, that’s nice…

    Sheamus nods and turns towards the building, motioning for Briggs to follow as he heads inside. The camera fades out and Sheamus is seen approaching a door to a room when the scene fades back in. Sheamus hesitates for a few seconds before knocking. The door opens to reveal the musician Bono, who smiles when he sees Sheamus.

    Bono: Hey Stephen, good to see you!

    Briggs: *as the other two hug* …you know Bono…? *sounds surprised*

    Sheamus: *turns back to face the camera* Yes, I used to work as security for him actually…

    Briggs: Really? *he pauses as the musician nods* …wow…

    Bono: So I take it you still wanted to do what we talked about on the phone…? *he raises an eyebrow from behind his sunglasses*

    Sheamus: *looks nervous* Um…yes?

    Bono: *laughs* After seeing you work as security for so long, that look seems out of place on you…

    Sheamus: *frowns* Can we just get this over with before I change my mind?

    Bono: Right, right…

    The camera fades out and in again, showing Sheamus & Bono sitting on the edge of a small stage in the club area of the building, the musician holding a guitar.

    Bono: *looking up at the camera* So, my friend Stephen here has asked to dedicate this song to his girlfriend Nolee…

    Sheamus: *smiles and nods* Is breá liom tú Nolee...

    Bono: You ready?

    Sheamus hesitates nervously before nodding, the musician chuckling before starting to play the tune to his song ‘All I want is you’. Sheamus takes a nervous breath before starting to sing.

    You say you want diamonds on a ring of gold
    You say you want your story to remain untold.
    All the promises we make
    From the cradle to the grave
    When all I want is you.

    You say you'll give me a highway with no-one on it
    Treasure, just to look upon it
    All the riches in the night.

    You say you'll give me eyes in the moon of blindness
    A river in a time of dryness
    A harbor in the tempest.
    All the promises we make, from the cradle to the grave
    When all I need is you.

    You say you want your love to work out right
    To last with me through the night.

    You say you want diamonds on a ring of gold
    Your story to remain untold
    Your love not to grow cold.
    All the promises we break, from the cradle to the grave
    When all I want is you...

    Sheamus looks down at the floor nervously, blushing as the camera fades out.

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    The camera slowly comes into John's dressing room: John in his ring gear and Mike Mizanin, his best friend, on his couch, chewing his lip nervously. John stares at himself in the mirror, his mind racing. But he kept himself composed, for the most part, as Mike spoke to him. He is somewhat relaxed until Mike mentions Christian, to which his back tenses.

    Mike: Ya know John. I love you man but… Christian had some very good points and...

    Johnny: *glares at Mike, his eyes having a spark in them like never before* I didn't come back to worry about the unimportant shit Christian was going on with about me. But I suppose... some of it got under my skin. I applaud that. It means he's done his job. *purses his lips* But, it pisses me off.

    Mike: *shifts his eyes* John, don't do anything stupid, yeah? You have a history of being… reckless. Johnny, just don't embarrass yourself.

    Johnny: I don't get embarrassed. Pissed, angry, insulted? Yes. But embarrassed? No. It's a sign that you’re insecure with yourself. I'm very secure and confident in what I do. I'm confident in my ability to beat Christian into his deathbed.

    Mike: His deathbed? C'mon, John. You and I know both know you wouldn't go that far. *stands* Johnny babe, your worrying me. Don't work yourself up too much about this. Christian is just another bump in the road. You know that.

    Johnny: *clenches his jaw and snaps* I'll work myself up all I want. *he runs a hand through his hair and glares at the camera* Every week, it seems Christian likes to point out my obvious flaws. The things he has over me: I haven't been in the business long enough, I'm a Diva, and oh! I can't attack someone from the ground? Oh you'd be lucky if that was the case, huh? But it isn't. I can beat you just as badly on the ground as I could in the air. I'm not just a pretty face, and you need to realize that. I'm not just a little Heartbreaker Junior. I'm not just a Diva-- which, by the way, is something I embrace about myself. I'm sick of your shit. I'm sick of you saying the same things about me all the goddamn time. *growls*

    Mike: *puts his hands on John’s shoulders and pulls him from the camera* John. Calm down. You know what happens when you get amped up like this? You regret it. You’re going to do something stupid and I can sense it. Whether it’s in the ring, or you take this personal, you need to chill the fuck out... Okay?

    Johnny: *glares up at him, but he knew Mike had a point* Mike, doll face, I'll be just fine. I'm in control of myself. But what can I say? *smirks into the camera* Christian, I'm a firecracker. In the bed, between the sheets, in the ring and in the air. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be wishing you never stepped into that ring with me.

    He shoos the camera away, but the cameraman is still rolling, shooting John through the crack of the door.

    Mike: *whispers harshly* John, what are you doing? You've been away for a while and you come back, ready to take this personal with Christian? C'mon man... You don't need to do this to yourself.

    Johnny: Myself? More like to Christian. He'll fucking regret everything he said about me. The Diva cracks especially... They're getting a bit old, don'tcha think?

    Mike: I admit, they are. A lot of what the man says is getting old...

    Johnny: *smirks, and speaks in a singsong voice* That’s riiight. Christian himself is getting old. Everything that comes out of his mouth during his promos annoys me and bores me. Because I've heard it all before. *stands up looking at Mike* I'm back, and that fucker better watch himself... *spots the camera at his door and glares into the lens* Put on your big boy britches, Christian and meet me in that ring. I promise you, doll face that every moment of that match will hurt.

    Mike: *sighs and shakes his head* Hope you know what your doing, man.

    Johnny: *looks at him and smirks* ‘Course I do. *glares at the cameraman* Now get out kid!

    The camera shakes a bit as the cameraman scrambles away from John’s dressing room door before shutting off the camera, the silence echoing loudly to ears of the fans. It spoke a million words of what was coming.

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