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    11/28/11 Monday Night Carnage Results


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    11/28/11 Monday Night Carnage Results Empty 11/28/11 Monday Night Carnage Results

    Post  Casey on Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:15 am

    The show opens panning across the screaming, cheering crowd as it usually would, the Monday Night Carnage theme ‘Crying like a bitch’ playing & the pyrotechnics going off.

    Val: Hello and welcome to tonight’s Monday Night Carnage, here in Orlando, Florida! Tonight marks the beginning of the tournament to decide the next number one contender for CWA Champion, Christian’s title.

    Terry: Yeah…because the title match last week at Devastation was cancelled…

    Nickleback’s ‘Next Contestant’ plays, the crowd cheering as the camera goes to the stage and Amy Hennigan walks out. She looks excited as she heads to the ring, looking impatient as she awaits her opponent. Instead of Kane’s theme as everyone expects it to be, ‘The Collapse’ by Adelita’s Way comes on and Cody Rhodes walks out onto the stage, dressed in a white, long sleeved business shirt and trousers, microphone in hand.

    Cody: *after waiting for the crowd to be quiet* Excuse my interruption here Amy…I know you’re supposed to be fighting Kane tonight, but you see…after Sheamus attacked you as he did last week, you don’t deserve to be stuck in a match against the ‘monster’ who has title matches cancelled because of whatever it is ‘unforseen circumstances’ means.

    The camera cuts to Amy, raising her hands in a way that makes it obvious she’s saying ‘what?’

    Cody: Ok let me explain Amy…I figured, seeing as Kane likes to not show up and suddenly cancel matches, that he have a taste of his own medicine. *he smirks* I went and talked to my father, Piper and Jerry, explained to them you were hurting after that ‘fella’ was so violent towards you and said that it wasn’t fair for you to have to go up against the monster after that match last week… so now, you don’t have to…This match has been cancelled…but don’t worry Amy, you still get to compete in the tournament next week. You can thank me later; I have more important things to do.

    Cody lowers the microphone, a smug look on his face as he turns and leaves, the crowd booing.

    After he’s gone, Amy shakes her head and slowly gets out of the ring and heads backstage.

    Terry: What was all that about?

    Val: No idea, but apparently Cody knows how to pull the strings backstage…

    Terry: Yeah, by sucking up to his daddy…

    ‘Bad Girlfriend’ plays and Belle Moore walks out. She performs her usual entrance theatrics, fans booing her. She ignores them and gets into the ring, smirking as the camera zooms in on her. After a minute or so, Akon’s ‘Oh Africa’ song plays, Justin Gabriel coming out onto the stage, pausing for a few seconds, smiling as he listens to his new theme song. He takes a deep breath, looking nervous as he heads towards the ring. Once Justin’s in the ring, he says something to Belle, looking worried. Belle looks annoyed and goes to start yelling, Justin holding his hands up defensively as he tries to explain. Belle shakes her head and Justin gives up, sighing as they start the match, the bell ringing.

    Belle Moore vs. Justin Gabriel

    Justin shakes his head, then wrestles Belle as he’d wrestle anyone else. After a few minutes though, he reverses one of Belle’s moves, pushing her away instead of capitalising on the opportunity. He leans against the ropes, coughing, standing up properly after a few seconds. The match continues, Justin coughing occasionally, though he ignores the referee when asked if he’s ok. Justin hip tosses Belle, who ends up lying on the mat and Justin goes to perform his 450 splash. He hits the move, coughing more afterwards, sitting on his knees, one arm around his chest. Belle pauses for a second once she’s on her feet, looking at him. After a few seconds, Belle shrugs her shoulders and pulls Justin to his feet, hitting him with her Twist of Faith finisher, covering him for a pin afterwards.

    Winner via pin Belle Moore

    Justin stays lying on his back for a minute, breathing heavily. He sits up, ignoring both the referee and Belle as he slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp; Belle shaking her head.
    The camera cuts to an area backstage where Justin’s leaning against a wall, still coughing. The camera moves around as it gets put down, Pete walking on screen over to Justin.

    Pete: Are you ok Justin?

    Justin: I…I’m fine.

    Pete: Hardly, you were coughing like that during your promo too, what’s up?

    Justin: *snaps* I told you… I’m fine!

    He coughs again, sliding down the wall to sit on the floor.

    Pete: *kneels beside him* Right…because you really look it. Come on, I’ll take you to the trainers… *he holds a hand out to Justin to help him up*

    Justin: *shakes his head* I’m… *he coughs again*

    Pete: Don’t bother, you aren’t fine…

    Pete stands, pulling Justin to his feet to take him to the trainers, the show going to a commercial as they start walking.

    When the show comes back from the commercial, it shows a split screen of Christian, Edge trailing behind him and Wade; both walking backstage, their match coming up.

    The camera goes to the ring, the crowd booing as ‘The Warrior’ plays, Wade Barrett walking out with a smirk. He holds his hand out to one of the fans as if offering a high-five, only to pull his hand away at the last second, the kid he’d done it to looking devastated. Wade pauses and looks at the kid, sighing before taking a few steps back, letting the kid high-five him this time. Once he’s in the ring, Christian’s theme hits and the CWA champion walks out, title around his waist, Edge following, brushing his hair back in a way all too familiar to his old WWE fans. The Canadians make their way to the ring, waving to the crowd as they walk; the two laughing at something Edge said as they get into the ring where Wade is waiting.

    Wade Barrett vs. CWA Champion Christian w/ Edge

    Edge takes Christian’s title and gets out of the ring as the match starts. Wade holds up a hand as Christian goes to attack him, the champ looking confused as Wade says something. The camera zooms in on Christian, who’s seen asking ‘You’re serious?’ before Wade is shown nodding, seemingly apologizing to the champ. Christian stares at him, looking unsure, staring the match as Wade motions for him to fight him. The two start their match, Wade being less violent than he has been in the past towards Christian. The match goes on for a while, both men getting near falls over each other before Wade goes for his Wasteland finisher; Christian countering it to hit the Killswitch instead. He grins as he covers Wade for the pin.

    Winner via pin CWA Champion Christian

    Christian slides out of the ring, going over to hug Edge as the two celebrate and walk back up the ramp.

    The camera goes to Wade, following him as he heads backstage. He runs a hand through his hair, sighing, not happy after his loss. He stops walking, looking surprised as he’s handed a bottle of water, the camera zooming out to show Sheamus standing there in his ring gear.

    Wade: …thanks? *he takes the water, looking uncertain*

    Sheamus: You said yeh wanted to talk to me…

    Wade: What? …oh, so I did… *he opens the water, drinking some before speaking again* I…wanted to apologize.

    Sheamus: *looks more surprised than Christian had* …really? So yeh actually are listening to Justin?

    Wade: *nods* I am; and not just with Belle. I take it you saw what happened out in the ring?

    Sheamus: *smirks* I sure did, yeh lost to Christian…again…

    Wade goes to respond angrily, but stops himself and smiles instead.

    Wade: Yes…I did that, but I meant at the start of the match.

    Sheamus: Yeah, I saw that. Yeh scared the poor fella… *he chuckles*

    Wade: *smiles slightly*…right…*after a pause* Well anyway, like I said, I wanted to apologize to you.

    Sheamus: Thank you Wade…um…I have to go…my match is up…

    Wade: Right, good luck.

    Sheamus nods and smiles before walking off in the direction Wade just came from.
    The camera goes back to the ring as ‘Nightmare’ plays and Lucas walks out to the ring, looking focused, ignoring the fans. He stares up the stage once he’s in the ring, grinning as ‘Loyal to no One’ comes on and Sheamus heads to the ring.

    Lucas Turner vs. Sheamus

    The match starts with Sheamus hitting Lucas with a hard clothesline, knocking him over. Lucas kicks at Sheamus’ knee as the Irishman approaches him, Lucas springing to his feet as Sheamus drops to one knee. Lucas goes over and starts attacking Sheamus, who raises his arms to protect his head as Lucas rains punches down on him. After a few seconds, Sheamus violently shoves him, Lucas stumbling backwards. Before he can regain his balance, Sheamus gets up, running towards Lucas, hitting him with a Brogue Kick. He covers Lucas for a pin, though he only gets a two count. Sheamus then pulls Lucas to his feet and hits him with his Celtic Cross backbreaker. Sheamus covers Lucas again, this time getting the three count.

    Winner via pin Sheamus

    The crowd cheers as Sheamus gets to his feet and gestures for a microphone. He paces a little before raising the microphone to speak, kneeling down beside Lucas, smirking.

    Sheamus: So, think I’m still stupid fella? Still confident yeh can beat me? *he laughs* Oh and as for your hopes of me fighting Nolee in the ring because we’re ‘fighting’ outside of it…It ain’t gonna happen, leathcheann. (Idiot)

    Sheamus drops the microphone on Lucas, laughing as he leaves the ring, the show cutting to an ad.

    The show comes back to the sound of ‘She’s Country’, Nolee walking out with a nervous smile as she heads to the ring. Once she’s in the ring, Nolee plays with part of her hair, frowning as Carter’s theme plays. Carter, as he usually would, drives out in his truck. When he gets out he waves to the cheering crowd, his CWA tag team title around his waist. He gets into the ring and hands over his title before sighing and getting ready to start the match.

    Nolee Lacroix vs. Carter Lacroix

    The two hesitate before Nolee approaches Carter, hitting him to start the match, the two treating it like any other, besides Carter occasionally pulling a few punches; which he stops after Nolee kicks at his knee. Carter looks annoyed and starts fighting more aggressively, Nolee smirking as she starts using her speed advantage against Carter, dodging around his punches. After a few minutes, Nolee throws Carter into a corner so she can perform her Tennessee Tornado before going for the pin.

    Winner via pin Nolee Lacroix

    Despite winning, Nolee looks upset, guessing what will happen next. She slowly gets out of the ring and heads up the ramp, Carter following after a few seconds; the camera going to the commentators’ table.

    Val: Well um…that’s unfortunate for Nolee…

    Terry: Unfortunate? She gets to go further in the number one contender tournament…

    Val: Yeah, but she now faces the possibility of going up against Sheamus, as Lucas hoped would happen...

    Terry: So what? They’ve both been told before many times that they have to get over their dislike of facing each other in the ring.

    Val: Right…anyway, up next we have Vitani Summers vs. our newly crowned Vixxens’ champ, Angel James.

    The crowd cheers as Vitani’s Porcelain Black theme plays and she skips out, waving to the fans. Vitani dances then makes her way to the ring, bouncing on her toes as she waits. Angel’s theme plays and the Vixxens’ champion appears, Petey beside her. The two walk arm in arm towards the ring, Petey taking Angel’s title as she gets into ring.

    Vitani Summers vs. Vixxens’ Champion Angel James

    The bell rings, Vitani and Angel shaking hands before starting the match. The two seem evenly matched for speed, but soon Angel’s strength advantage comes into play, the champ managing to overpower Vitani, breaking out of a submission hold. Once the two are back on their feet, Angel hits Vitani with a DDT, flicking her hair back with one hand before moving to pin Vitani, who kicks out before the referee even reaches two. The match continues, Angel kicking out of a pin at two after being hit with Vitani’s Shiranui finisher. The two appear to be tiring, both slower than they had been at the beginning of their match and Angel reverses an attempted move by Vitani, turning it into her Twista finisher. She gets down to pin Vitani, looking a little guilty for a second, though she smiles as she gets the three count and the bell rings.

    Winner via pin Vixxens’ Champion Angel James w/ Petey

    Petey gets into the ring, carrying Angel’s title as the champ helps Vitani to her feet, the two hugging afterwards. Petey hands Angel her title, the three of them looking up at the titantron as a scene appears on it. The screen shows a half lit room backstage, where Cody is seen standing, a dark grey hood shadowing part of his face; he’s dressed like some sort of assassin, his pants matching the color of his hooded shirt, wearing wrist guards and a belt which looks as if it’s supposed to hold weapons in it. The camera slowly zooms into a close-up shot of Cody, showing only above his shoulders as he smirks.

    Cody: Nocta Hemata… People around here will have to start getting used to those two words… *after a brief pause* They may not mean much to many people, but for those who actually know how to read and actually know a good book when they see it, Brent Weeks’ Night Angel trilogy would be one of them. You see, in those books, there is a night referred to as the Nocta Hemata, or the Night of Blood.

    He pauses, shifting slightly.

    Cody: Nocta Hemata was a night where the people in a town whose castle’s throne had been usurped by an evil, sadistic man, fought back. Under the rule of this man, the women were disrespected and treated more like objects, used only for entertainment and the people lower down on the social ladder were walked on as if they were part of the dirt and mud they were forced to live in.

    He smiles and slowly lowers the hood, uncovering his face.

    Cody: Thankfully, the CWA isn’t under the rule of such a man…but we still have those same problems, only thankfully not to the same degree as in the story. The women here and the smaller competitors, not necessarily meaning the ‘jobbers’, are disrespected and walked over while the bigger men reap the benefits, fighting amongst themselves at the same time. Just like in the story I’m referring to, those disrespected, trodden on men and women were only able to fight back for their rights and honor when one man came and suggested they do so. That man came along and inspired them to have courage, to believe in themselves and not let people push them around…

    He pauses again, looking smug.

    Cody: Just like that man, I have come here to the CWA to inspire those who are disrespected and pushed around, people who are fed up with men like Lucas and Sheamus, thinking they can get away with treating people as they do. The Nocta Hemata is the perfect symbol of what I hope to achieve with Angel, the new Vixxens’ champion and Vitani, who refuses to use people’s own lives against them, both refusing to let people push them around. The two of them are the perfect people to help my crusade, to show that the rest of us deserve more respect… *after a pause* Oh and I assume you’re all wondering about the outfit… You see, the main character of the story wore something like this; he was known as the ‘Night Angel’ and was the face of justice, mercy and retribution; only like I said, I don’t plan on playing by the rules…so you can forget the mercy part.

    He grins evilly, pulling his hood back on.

    Cody: Well I hope the CWA’s ready, because now you’re going to have to deal with a Nocta Hemata of your own…

    He laughs and steps backwards out of the light, his grey garb causing him to seemingly vanish as the camera fades out, the show ending.

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