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    11/7/11 Monday Night Carnage results


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    11/7/11 Monday Night Carnage results Empty 11/7/11 Monday Night Carnage results

    Post  Casey on Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:26 pm

    The show opens in its usual way, the Carnage theme song playing and the camera panning across the cheering crowd, pyrotechnics going off before the camera rests on the table where Terry and Val sit.

    Terry: Welcome to Monday Night carnage, here in Manchester, England! We’re now only a week away from our next pay-per-view, Devastation!

    Val: We are indeed and both the Vixxens’ and the CWA championships will be on the line!

    Terry: They will be, yes. Christian will be defending against Kane, while Angel will have the chance to claim the Vixxens’ championship as her own.

    The camera goes to the titantron, which shows a scene backstage where Casey is seen walking up to Vitani and Cody, who are sitting at a table in the catering area.

    Casey: Hey Vitani, Cody… *he nods at Cody before turning back to Vitani* Mind if I ask you a few questions about your match?

    Vitani: *smiles* Hey Casey, sure, go ahead.

    Cody rolls his eyes and mumbles something, getting up and walking off screen, Casey looking confused.

    Vitani: Ignore him; he’s been moody like that since I got told about my match this week…

    Casey: Ah, right. So he’s not happy about it then?

    Vitani: No, not really. He knows I want to fight this match, along with any others against the men, but he doesn’t like how Kane threatens every women he’s up against...

    Cody comes back on screen, looking angry.

    Cody: I know you want to fight, but that’s not what Kane wants to do! He just wants to hurt you and all the other Vixxens!

    Vitani: Cody c’mon, I’ll be fine I’m sure…

    Cody: What about what he did to Sheamus Vi? He knocked out Sheamus in only a few minutes…

    Casey: Um…Sheamus was already hurt…

    Cody: *hisses* So what if he was? My point is that he did it. *he looks back at Vitani* What if he does something like that to you, or to any of the other girls?

    Vitani: I can fight just as well as the guys Cody, you know that. If you’re so worried, just come to the ring with me again…

    Cody: Oh I will. You did bring me here for that reason after all.

    Casey: *nervous* So um…do you think you can beat Kane?

    Vitani: *chuckles* I know I can. It’s just a matter of the ‘Big Red Monster’ fighting fairly…

    Cody: Which he better do…

    Vitani: *sighs* Cody! Settle down…

    Casey: Yeah um…I’ll just go…I’d rather not hang around while people are angry after Wade and Sheamus…

    Casey shakes his head and walks off screen; the camera fading as Cody and Vitani appear to be arguing.
    The camera cuts back to the ring as ‘All about the power’ plays; the crowd cheering. Justin Gabriel comes out, smiling and high fiving fans on the way to the ring. Carter’s theme plays and he comes out in his usual way, truck and all.

    Justin Gabriel vs. Carter Lacroix

    Once Carter’s in the ring, the two men talk briefly before shaking hands. The bell rings and the start off the match with various grappling moves, Carter overpowering Justin. He gains the upper hand in the match, until Justin starts dodging moves, using his speed to avoid being caught. Eventually, Carter gets annoyed and hits Justin with a kick to his gut, causing the high flyer to drop to his knees. Carter then goes over and kicks Justin until he’s lying on the ring mat, arms around his sides. Carter locks Justin in his cowboy clutch finisher and Justin hisses in pain, slowly trying to get to the ropes. Justin makes it and Carter’s forced to let go, only to kick Justin again and drag him away from the ropes before locking him in the cowboy clutch again; Justin tapping out this time.

    Winner via submission Carter Lacroix

    The camera cuts to backstage as Carter celebrates and we see Maria standing backstage in the interview area, dressed in a cute lime green tank top and black leggings with a green tutu.

    Maria: Hey guys I'm standing here with Lucas Turner.

    Lucas comes into view as the camera pans out. He's wearing his ring gear: No shirt, black tights with white tribal designs intertwining up the legs, and black boots with white laces.

    Lucas: thanks for asking me here for this interview. What do you want to know Maria?

    Maria: was wondering about what we saw last week when you talked to Carter. Why did you blackmail him and what did you blackmail him with?

    Lucas: *laughs and wraps an arm around Maria's shoulders* Ria, Ria, Ria. Put yourself in Carter's shoes. He's a good ol' country boy who an ex-convict approached in order to form a tag team. If he would of willingly accepted my offer, he would have lost every single fan he has. So I found something in the past that could affect his decision now, used it against him. And as for what it was I blackmailed him with *he chuckles* Well I can't tell you that now can I? If I did, it would be useless information to me.

    Maria: You're giving him until Jerry announces the tag team division. What makes you so sure he will?

    Lucas: *smirks* Let’s just say I have a buddy who works close with Jerry. This buddy also says that we'll be getting a new superstar soon. I can't say who it is...but he's absolutely dashing. Or as least he use to be. Now if you'll excuse me...

    Lucas walks away, leaving a timid Maria in his wake.

    The camera cuts to Lucas walking to the ring as "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold plays. He gets into the ring with a smirk, cracking his knuckles as he awaits his opponent. Angel comes out, debuting her new Lacuna Coil theme ‘Our Truth'; Petey by her side. The two head to the ring, Angel rolling her eyes at Lucas.

    Lucas Turner vs. Angel James w/ Petey

    Petey hugs Angel and gets out of the ring before the bell rings. The match starts with Lucas saying something to Angel, who looks annoyed and slaps him. Petey goes to get in the ring, yelling at Lucas; looking annoyed when the referee tells him to stay out. The match continues, Angel narrowly missing being hit by Lucas’ right hook at one point. Lucas gets a hold of Angel and goes for his Devil’s due finisher, only for Angel to counter his mover, hitting him with her Twista instead, covering Lucas afterwards.

    Winner via pin Angel James

    Angel stands as Petey slides into the ring, wrapping an arm around her waist. They celebrate as the show goes to a commercial.

    We come back from commercial to see Carter dressed in a nice button up plaid shirt, his usual blue jeans, and black cowboy boots. He's without his usual cowboy hat, or any hat for that matter, and is carrying a box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses. He rest outside of Christian's room and takes a deep breath.

    Carter: *mutters to himself* Hey Jay, I was wondering if...*he runs his hand through his hair* No, no, no. Um...Jay babe, looking good. *he shakes his head* That's not it either... god I didn't think asking a guy out to dinner was so hard.

    He hears the unmistakable click of a door that’s about to open and places the rose and chocolates on the ground in front of the door and takes off down the hall. The door opens to reveal Edge who bends over to pick up the flowers and chocolates. A knowing smile crosses his lips and he calls over his shoulder.

    Edge: Hey Christian! I think your lover boy brought you some presents!

    He turns to walk back into the room, the camera cutting to the ring for the next match.

    Vitani’s theme hits and she skips out, a sour looking Cody walking out after her. They make their way to the ring, Vitani high fiving fans excitedly, while Cody ignores most of them, giving a few fans half-assed high fives, making them boo him. Cody leans against one of the turnbuckles, folding his arms and Vitani puts a hand on his cheek, trying to calm him. ‘Man on fire’ plays and Kane appears, glaring at the fans and the couple in the ring as he walks, climbing over the ropes as he enters the ring.

    Vitani Summers w/ Cody Rhodes vs. Kane

    The bell rings and the referee tells a protesting Cody to get out of the ring. Straight away Kane punches Vitani and goes to grab her, going for a chokeslam. Vitani ducks under Kane’s arm and goes to dropkick him, only for Kane to swat her aside as if she were a bug. Kane laughs and kicks Vitani while she’s getting up, then slides out of the ring. Kane pulls a steel chair out from under the ring and quickly gets back in before Cody can get there to stop him. Kane grins evilly, watching for a second as Vitani turns around to face him, Vitani squealing before being hit with the chair. The referee sees, but before he can even signal for the bell to be rung, Cody gets into the ring, quickly hitting Kane with his Cross Rhodes finisher, yelling at Kane afterwards.

    Match ends in double disqualification via chair shot & interference

    Cody goes over and helps up Vitani, asking her if she’s ok once they’re out of the ring, the show cutting to a commercial.

    The show comes back to the crowd cheering as Nickleback’s ‘Next contestant’ plays and the CWA’s newest Vixxen, Amy Hennigan comes out.

    Val: Wow, look at her, looks must run in the Hennigan family…

    Terry: Oh lay off it Val. It’s not about the looks; it’s about skill, which her resume suggests she has.

    Val: Right. She’s been through the WWE & TNA before coming here.

    Terry: This certainly is an interesting match to have right before the champ’s title defense…

    The camera goes back to the stage as Christian’s theme plays, the crowd cheering loudly as the champion and his manager come out and walk to the ring.

    Amy Hennigan vs. CWA Champion Christian w/ Edge

    Amy is eager to start the match, quickly rushing at Christian as soon as the bell is rung. She catches him off guard and hits the champ with a DDT, hurrying over to a turnbuckle. She climbs to the top, performing a moonsault, only for Christian to roll out of harm’s way; Amy crying out as she collides with the ring mat instead. This tome Christian is the one to climb onto the turnbuckle, looking to make sure Amy’s still lying on the ground before hitting her with a diving headbutt. Christian covers Amy for the pin, only for her to kick out at one. Christian sighs and lifts Amy to her feet and performs his Killswitch move, pinning her again; this time for a three count.

    Winner via pin CWA Champion Christian

    The camera cuts to Belle walking backstage as Edge and Christian celebrate in the ring. Belle passes by people and they scramble to get out of the way, not wanting to be caught in her wrath. She stops when she sees Nolee with a glare.

    Belle: You got some balls don't ya?

    Nolee: *laughs* Nope I'm definitely all woman. But I think you're talking about your loss to my brother.

    Belle: Wow, smart fucking barbie. But not smart enough to realize your second best to me. *smirks*

    Nolee: You're joking right? I'm the Vixxens’ champion, I'm the number one ranked female superstar in the company, number two overall. So how am I second best?

    Belle: *leans on the wall next to her and holds out her hand* You mean other than the rock on my finger you just can't seem to get yet?

    Nolee: *is stunned as she stares at the diamond* Your...Wade asked you to marry him?

    Belle: Isn't that what an engagement ring usually means barbie? *smirks happily* So tell me whose second best?

    Nolee: *gulps* Sheamus hasn't proposed yet, so what? We're in love, that’s what matters. Doesn't mean I'm second best.

    Belle: You don't sound so sure of that. If he truly loves you why aren't you engaged? I mean isn't that how they show it?

    Nolee: That's not true. *she shows Belle the Celtic necklace Sheamus got her* He got me this. He's...we're just so busy you know...

    Belle: *peers at necklace* But it's just not the same is it? And we both know the "busy" excuse is a horrible one. Must suck doubting your relationship all the time; leads to sloppy tag teams.

    Nolee: Unlike you and Wade, there is nothing sloppy about me and Sheamus. What’s it like being with a man who thinks more about Christian than he does about you?

    Belle: I don't know you should ask your brother. We both know you doubt your relationship with Sheamus. A necklace just isn't the same.

    Nolee: *touches the necklace* Even...even if I do that doesn't mean we won't make a good team.

    Belle: You will start doubting your skills together eventually too. *smirks* Now excuse me, I have to go see my fiancé.

    Nolee: I'll never doubt our skills. Have a good time being a little wifey who cooks the dinners while her husband’s with other women.

    Belle: *whips around and corners Nolee against the wall, looking deadly* You listen here and you listen good. Unlike your man mine wouldn't cheat or look elsewhere. This isn't a game you want to play with me. You will lose.

    Nolee: He...he would never cheat on me. Sheamus is faithful. And I'm good at playing games. *deadly look, doesn't back down*

    Belle: *chuckles* Oh honey you hesitate so much. Maybe you should try acting classes. *smirks and walks away*

    Nolee raises her hand to her necklace as the camera fades.

    The camera goes back to the ring as Wade Barrett’s theme plays and he walks out with his tag partner and fiancé, Belle Moore. They’re met by boos as they head to the ring, though they don’t pay any attention to it. The couple talks as Sheamus’ theme plays and their opponents come out, Nolee with her Vixxens’ title around her waist. The crowd cheers as Sheamus and Nolee head to the ring, Sheamus holding the ropes open so Nolee can get in the ring easier, though there seems to be some tension between them. Nolee hands her title off to one of the workers at ringside before her and Sheamus discuss who’ll start of the match.

    Belle Moore & Wade Barrett vs. Vixxens’ champion Nolee Lacroix & Sheamus

    Nolee steps out of the ring, standing on the outside instead; letting Sheamus start off first. Belle smiles and goes to step forward, only for Wade to put his arm out to stop her. Belle frowns as Wade shakes his head, making her step out as Nolee already had. The two men start off the match; Sheamus shaking his head at Wade not letting Belle fight him. The match goes back and forth as the men fight, Sheamus tagging in Nolee after knocking Wade down. Nolee hesitates slightly as she gets in the ring, smiling as Sheamus encourages her. Belle calls out for Wade to tag her, but he ignores it and goes to fight Nolee. The Vixxens’ champ manages to dodge a few of his moves before Wade hits her with a spinebuster, Nolee crying out. Wade finally goes over and tags in an eager looking Belle, who lifts Nolee to her feet, hoping to hit the champion with her finisher. Nolee counters the move and pushes Belle away, smirking as she tags in Sheamus, who runs in and hits Belle with a brogue kick. He yells something at Belle that’s unclear to the cameras, then goes to pin her. As the referee reaches two, Sheamus changes his mind and stops pinning Belle. He lifts Belle and throws her into her and Wade’s corner, the former champ looking angry as he tags himself in. He charges at Sheamus, who hits Wade with his Celtic Cross backbreaker, then goes to tag in Nolee. Before getting out of the ring, Sheamus throws Wade into a corner, allowing Nolee to perform her Tennessee Tornado finisher before going for the pin; Sheamus going around outside the ring and grabbing Belle to stop her from breaking the pin.

    Winners via pin Vixxens’ champion Nolee Lacroix & Sheamus

    Sheamus lets the now angry Belle go, quickly sliding into the ring and he hugs Nolee, the two celebrating as the show ends.

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