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    Devastation promos


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    Devastation promos Empty Devastation promos

    Post  Casey on Mon Nov 21, 2011 5:53 am

    Promos are due no later than Saturday at midnight!

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    Post  Guest on Tue Nov 22, 2011 4:47 pm

    *The roar of a motorcycle is heard before the camera opens on the parking garage. The bike comes to the stop just in front of the camera. The bike is blue and silver with a helmet to match. The rider takes off the helmet and shakes out her hair. Belle Moore glances at the camera. It opens more to show Shannon Moore standing there appearing to wait for her.*

    Belle:Hey there Shanny. Thought you said you couldn't come? *dismounts and unzips jacket*

    Shannon:Well I got some time off. Dixie told me to come congradulate you and Wade. The whole family there says "Congradulations".

    Belle:Well send them my thanks.

    Shannon:I will. *grabs her bag* When are you going to tell the parents?

    Belle:*starts walking with him following* Why should I? So mom can tell me I should have stayed in school? Married a nice guy who doesn't make a living beating other men?No thank you Shannon.

    Shannon:That's not what I meant. You know that they will be happy that you found someone. They are just worried about youin the ring. Him,Im sure they will like.

    Belle:Yeah,right. I can picture it now. Us all sitting around the table talking about how every night we get our asses beat. Wonderful.

    Shannon:Enough about that then. Though I wish you would tell them soon. *looks at her pointedly as they enter her dressing room* But I do suppose you need to focus on the match,huh? Hows your neck from that kick?

    Belle:It's fine. It's the risk we take now isn't it?I knew when I got in the ring with him I would get hurt.I expect to. It's a new night so it's time to focus on finally having some damn gold around my waist!*smirks and starts getting out gear*

    Shannon:About time. You have been here forever and I swear I thought you had it before. That Nolee girl seems to want under your skin.

    Belle:She doesn't want under my skin. Oh no,she is just intimidated and it shows. Her getting involved with all my matches shows it.

    Shannon:Don't think about that now Belle Marie. Get out there and kick some ass. Get that gold. *smiles* Maybe one day there will be a girls tag title belt and Amy and you can have those.

    Belle:Maybe. *nods as she goes into a different room but shouts back* Right now I just can't wait to hold tag team belts with my fiance.We both dominate and I can't wait to rock both divisions

    Shannon:And I'll be right there with you. Right at ring side. I wouldn't miss being there when you win your tag belts.I'll even get you that bracelet you wanted. The one with the saphifires.
    *Camera fades as Belle comes out and hugs her brother. From the look on her face everyone can tell she loves having him there*

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    Post  Vitani on Tue Nov 22, 2011 10:44 pm

    The camera opens on an area backstage and arguing can be heard coming from a room nearby. The person with the camera follows the noise, slowly approaching a closed door. On the door there is a nameplate with the words ‘Dusty Rhodes, Friday Night Rampage General Manager’ on it. The cameraman slowly reaches a hand out to open the door and enters the room to see Vitani sitting down on a couch, while Cody is seen pacing once again.

    Vitani: *sighs* Ok, I was wrong Cody, can we just drop it now, please?

    Cody: No! He cheated against you even though he had no need to!

    Vitani: Cody, I’m fine. Look I don’t even have a bruise or anything. *she gestures to her head*

    Cody: That’s not the point, he shouldn’t have fu-

    Man’s voice: Watch your mouth boy!

    Cody quickly puts a hand to his mouth, the camera zooming out to show Dusty entering the room.

    Cody: Sorry…*mumbles, looking over at Dusty* But he had no right to do what he did…

    Dusty: *frowns* I know, but you also had no right to get in the ring and attack Kane like you did. I’ve told you what your options are about being here. You chose to be her manager, so it’s your own fault.

    Cody: Well actually I…

    Dusty: Does your actual boss even know you’ve been coming here? *he sighs as Cody shakes his head* You know he’ll find out sooner or later…

    Cody: That’s what I wanted to talk to you about dad, I…

    Dusty: I’ll talk to you later Cody. Go, before your boss does realize you’re here.

    Cody goes to respond, then sighs and nods. He says goodbye to Vitani before leaving the room and Dusty turns instead to Vitani.

    Dusty: So… Are you okay after your match with Kane?

    Vitani: *smiles* Yes, I’m fine. I’m a little sore, but nothing worse than I’ve dealt with before.

    Dusty: *nods* Good, good. Now you don’t mind that you’ve been put in a match against Layla?

    Vitani: *shakes her head* No, of course not. It’ll be a nice change after going up against Lucas and Kane and, as I’ve said before, I have a lot of respect for what Layla and the others do for us.

    Dusty: *smiles and nods* Well that’s good. Not many people do these days, that’s what I like about you Vi; you’re honest, you respect others and you don’t get all angry over small things like my Cody does. Maybe having you around will help change that?

    Vitani: *laughs softly* Maybe, but he’s stubborn, so who knows. I’m just hoping his short temper doesn’t rub off on me… *she smiles as Dusty chuckles*

    Dusty: Well I sure hope not. Go spend time with some of your friends before they think Cody’s keeping you captive, I’ll go speak to him.

    Vitani: *nods and stands up* Sure, thanks Dusty. I’ll see you later.

    The two smile and hug before Vitani leaves the room, the camera following her. Vitani looks over her shoulder, waving at the as the scene fades out.

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    Post  Admin on Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:25 pm

    As the camera turns on, the first thing we see is Nolee sitting on a front porch, a glass of ice tea in one hand and a book in the other. She rocks on the front porch swing and sips her teas as she reads before glancing over the top of her book. A smile crosses her face as she closes the book and sets it on her lap before putting the spot next to her.

    Nolee: Pop a squat Petey boy.

    Pete: *chuckles and sits next to Nolee* Enjoying the Georgia heat kid?

    Nolee: *smiles* Its about the same as Tennessee heat, I know you New Yorkers are use to the cold but here in Georgia and back home in Tennessee we have hot weather.

    Pete: *playfully shoves her shoulder* Oh c'mon Nols be nice. *he laughs* So how was your date with Sheamus? We'd ask him but he'd just tell us that he doesn't want to talk about his private life.

    Nolee: Be nice Pete. He doesn't like people getting in his personal life. *she smiles* He and Sheamus had a great night. We went out to 53 Degrees, which is a good club in Manchester. We had some drinks and danced and walked back to the hotel.

    Pete: Did you know...*he raises his eyebrows goofily*

    Nolee: *blushes* Peter! You can't ask about that!

    Pete: *laughs* Well I was curious!

    There is a pause as the two sit on the porch swing, looking out over the beautiful Georgia landscape. It's winter so the trees have lost most of their folliage, their branches looking like skeleton arms reaching to the sky.

    Pete: So, Nols, you have a title match at Devestation against Angel. You haven't paid much attention to her, you've been to busy with Belle still. Heck, you even interupted her and Carter's match. Why?

    Nolee: *smiles* Isn't it obvious why I interupted that match? Carter was going to lose a match, I was couldn't have him lose one to Belle, even though he ended up losing anyways. A legit loss would have tarnished the Lacroix name. *she pauses* AS for my match with Angel, I've been thinking about me.

    Pete: *hesitates* Is it really the match you keep thinking about or is it just Angel in general?

    Nolee: W...what do you mean Pete?

    Pete: Nolee I saw your and Belle's conversation last week and the fact that she accused Sheamus of cheating on you. Add that to the knowledge of Angel and Sheamus being close as well as the knowledge that your currently kinda hesitant of Sheamus *he trails off though his assumption is very clear*

    Nolee: *stands and walks to the white hand railing so Pete can't see her face which is crossed with lines of worry* No! He...Sheamus said he wasn't cheating...

    Pete: Do you believe that?

    Nolee: *nods but refuses to look at him* I do believe it! Sheamus loves me!

    Pete: *walks over to her and hugs he quickly* Look, Nols even if he did cheat you love him and I know he loves you. You deserve to be happy.

    Nolee: *nods* I am happy with Sheamus! When I'm with him I feel right but the way you and dad and everyone else talk about him, like he's not a good man. You all don't know the first thing about him!

    Pete: *sighs* Nolee, I'm sorry. Just calm down okay? I like you two together. It's great you two are in love. I just wanna make sure you get treated right You and Carter are like family to me.

    Nolee: *whipes her eyes and nods* Yeah, yeah I'll calm down.

    Pete: Now, your match with Angel?

    Nolee: *smiles* Angie and I are friends. We'll do a good job. But that title is my title. I'm not going to lose it. I fought tooth and nail to prove to Belle I deserved it, I defended it against her in a hellacious match. I'll be damned if Angie is gonna take my title.

    Pete: This title keeps you going doesn't it?

    Nolee: *nods* Yes, yes it does. It proves I'm not just a barbie, like some people think. My spot isn't on the shelf, it's in the ring showing my fans what I'm capable of. I wanna break barriers that no other woman has. I want my fans to leave in awe every night.

    Pete: *smiles* I bet that they do Nols.

    Nolee sits back down on the porch swing and smiles as Pete sits next to her. She sips iced tea and her eyes graze over the landscape.

    Nolee: So what plans ya got for Thanksgiving?

    Pete: I get to go home for the day. I get to eat and relax with my family. Nothing could be any better.

    Nolee: Well, hey, if you want you can joing Carter, daddy, Brian, and I for dinner. We're always happy to see someone else.

    Pete: *smiles* Well that sounds nice. I might take you up on that offer Nols.

    The two sit in silence as the camera fades out, due to the lack of a battery charge.

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    Post  Admin on Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:53 pm

    We open on a festively decorated dining room. A vase of red and orange and yellow flowers sit in the center of an oak dining table which has four chairs sitting around it and placemats decorated in orange, browns, and reds of fall foliage. The walls of the room are a red and brown brick while the cabinets are rustic brown. From the back door, Carter enters carrying a stack of logs. He's wearing a brown cowboy hat, a long sleeved red and black plaid shirt, tight jeans, and brown cowboy boots. He sets the logs down by the back door before turning to the camera.

    Carter: For the first time...I'm glad your not Pete.

    Cameraman: Whys that?

    Carter: I...I don't want to talk to him. Not for this match. It's just...I'm just...

    Cameraman: Because of your teaming with Lucas?

    Carter seems to ignore the question, instead getting into a cabinet to grab a coffee mug. He gets into the fridge to get the milk which he pours a bit into the mug. He puts it back in the fridge before getting into another cabinet, from which he produces a packet of hot cocoa mix. He sticks it into the microwave and heats it up before turning to the cameraman.

    Carter: Justin's wrong about what Lucas is blackmailing me with. I'm proud of being gay. I'm an openly gay professional wrestler and I make history as the first openly gay country music singer. That's a big thing. *he hangs his head* Just like the thing he's blackmailing me with.

    Cameraman: So this thing is big?

    Carter: I don't wanna talk about it.

    Cameraman: You have to.

    Carter: *slams his hand on the table* No! No I don't have to talk about it! All I have to talk about is my tag team match. Lucas and I are going to be tag teaming for the titles. It's a title shot. I wish it could have been against Angel and Vitani of Jeff and Christian. But it's not, it's against Belle and Wade. Belle's...or was...a friend of mine. And Wade? He's just as crazy as Lucas.

    Camereamn: So your happy to fight for the titles? I mean you were in the first match for the CWA championship. Now your in the first match for the tag team championship.

    Carter: I should be. I should be ecstatic and pumped for this match. Hell, if my tag partner was Nolee or even Belle I would be fine. But it's Lucas. I don't knock the fact that he was a any means...but I can't be tag partners with someone who killed a man. That's a different story. That makes everything different.

    Cameraman: Are you sure you can't tell the fans what this is about?

    Carter: I told you once I wasn't going to talk about it. Do you want to piss me off?

    Camerman: Sorry man. So...think you and Lucas can win this match?

    Carter: I think it will be a good match. I mean, Belle and I were putting on a great match before my sister got involved. We'll have that aspect in the match but also you have to factor in Wade and Lucas. Though he's trying to be nice, he's still Wade Barrett. He's a cold hearted warrior. He's a man who will do anything to win. And Lucas? He's the exact same way. He's in this company for the wrong reasons.

    Cameraman: Wrong reasons?

    Carter: The titles. If your a man, or woman, who truly loves the company then titles are just icing on the cake. Lucas is in the company for the titles. It's part of why he came to get me for the title hunt.

    Cameraman: A little biased aren't you?

    Carter: Not at all. You see, I work better as a tag team competitor. I always have. Lucas, by knowing Nolee as well as he does, got to know me to. He knows I'd rather tag team it up. Unfortunately, I have to admit how talented he is. His hits are hard. Real hard. And as a great fighter, he knows his opponents weaknesses. Thats what I don't like. He has no respect for his opponents. Me? There isn't a person in this company I don't respect, right down to you guys on the camera crew.

    Cameraman: Thanks. So are you and Lucas on the same page?

    Carter: Lucas Turner and I will never be on the same page, ever. But we'll win this match.

    The familiar theme song of Jerry "The King" Lawler is heard and Carter fishes his phone out of his pocket. He answers it and smiles.

    Carter: Hey pops! Yeah we're doing Thanksgiving here this year. I got the turkey and the stuff for cranberries and green bean casseroll. Nols is making a pecan, a cherry, and a chocolate pie. Corn on the cob? Sounds good.

    Carter cuts a look at the cameraman that is apologetic and the cameraman takes the hint, turning off the camera.

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    Post  Admin on Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:22 pm

    We open up on what looks like a rec room. The walls are brick and covered in old time movie posters such as Dracula and The Maltese Falcon. A pool table sits in the center of the room and a rack of pool cues sits against one wall next to an old school Pac-Man machine. In a back corner is the layout of a mini bar with different taps for different beers on the oak hardwood counter top. Lucas sits at the bar, a bottle of Budweiser in his hand as a song plays over the radio, the voice belonging to Carter Lacroix.

    Carter's voice: Georgia, Georgia The whole day through Just an old sweet song Keeps Georgia on my mind

    Hearing the cameraman, he turns and pauses the radio. A creepy smile is etched across his face and his eyes are full of condescending air.

    Lucas: Bought Lacroix's new album. It's mostly covers, like Georgia On My Mind and Tall Tall Trees. But he does have a few really good and original songs. What made my day was the cover.

    Lucas picks up the c.d. Case for Carter's new album. The cover is Carter sitting on the barricade of an arena with the fans looking at him in wonder and joy. We pan out after having to pan in to see the c.d, titled What I Am. Lucas smiles as he sets it back down on the counter before taking a sip of is drink.

    Lucas: See the fans looking at him like a hero, like he was some idol to be worshipped? If they only knew the things I knew...*he trails off but shakes his head* But you don't and as long as he keeps being a good little country boy you won't. *he takes another drink* Now about out tag team match against...who are we even facing?

    Cameraman: Belle Moore and Wade Barrett.

    Lucas: Ah. I like Wade and Belle. Wade, he's fierce. He tells you what he's going to do and then he does it. He doesn't waste time with the pagentry and the flashiness of the business. He likes to talk but usually he can back up what he has to say. He doesn't take any shit from anyone and rightfully so. I remember when he led the Nexus invasion and they destroyed Cena. I was impressed. It's not often a man can do that, can brutally attack someone for a cause they believe in. He and the others were geniuses. I would have joined them had I been on NXT.

    Lucas stands and walks to the pool table. He places his bottle of beer on the opposite end of the table as he sets up the pool balls before grabbing a cue.

    Lucas: Belle's the same way. Sure, I started out with Nolee but I'm not blind to how talented Belle is. She takes what she wants and doesn't care who stands in her way. I'm also really impressed that she can stand toe to toe with me. Hell, she stood toe to toe with Sheamus. That makes her okay in my book. There's just one teensy weensy problem: they have to fight me and Carter. See, I may not be any good at tag teams but Carter is. Carter works well with people. Thats when he's not being pressured into it. Imagine how well he's going to do when there's something on the line. Because on the slight chance that we do lose, the information I have is going to be revealed. I will not hesitate to tell the world.

    Slowly he breaks the balls with a well placed shot. He looks over the balls before he looks back up at the camera, looking serious.

    Lucas: There's one more thing that has nothing to do with Carter, Belle, or Wade. You see, I happened to hear that pretty...well...formerly pretty boy Cody Rhodes and his little happy-go-lucky girlfriend Vitani Summers and that minor league wrestler Petey Williams and his little guidette girlfriend Angel Williams have been saying about me. For starters, Angie, I didn't have any family after my dad died. My wife left me for a minor league hockey player and I didn't get to see my girls for three or four years. Petey, you don't have to worry. I don't find Angel that attractive. Nolee is much more beautiful. Vitani, I know you don't like me to much and I know its mostly you agreeing with what Cody has to say.

    Lucas leans against the pool table, crossing his arms. He sneers, looking as if Cody has offended him greatly.

    Lucas: Cody you are supposedly coming to the CWA to fix problems like me. You couldn't ever fix your own psyche after Rey Myssterio broke your nose in the WWE. So there's no way a pussy like you is gonna "fix" the "problem" that is me. Now get out of my house.

    The camera fades out on the image of Lucas taking another drink of his beer.

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    Post  Admin on Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:48 pm

    We open up on the inside of a beautiful jewelry store. Some men wearing the uniform of the Worthmore Jewelry Company bustle across the red velet carpet and behind the display cases. The door opens and in walks Wade Barrett. He's wearing a black suit coat over a white button up shirt with black slacks and black buckle shoes. He walks around, looking into the display cases. Finally he stops and smiles as he lays eyes on something.

    Man Behind Displaycase: May I help you sir?

    Wade: Yes can I see that necklace up front *he looks at the mans name plate* Gabe.

    Gabe gets into the display case and pulls out a sterling silver necklace with a heart pendant at the bottom, decorated in rubies. He lays the beautiful necklace on the counter top and gives Wade a nod.

    Gabe: Sterling silver with the finest rubies from India. Perfect for that special someone in your life.

    Wade: My fiance would love it.

    Gabe: Do you want to buy it?

    Wade: *nods and fishes his wallet out of the pocket of his coat* How much?

    Gabe: $250.

    Wade pays the man who puts the necklace into a boy which Wade puts into his pocket. He leaves the store and the camera follows him down the street.

    Wade: Being engaged changes everything. It puts the world in a, well, in a brighter light. For the first time in my life I have inner peace. Even when Belle isn't with me, the thought that one day she's gonna be my wife pushes me to do better. I even...I even reconciled everything with Justin. Everything in my life is going great, even my in ring career. I may have lost CWA title but this up coming pay-per-view I have another chance at getting a title. And this time it's with the woman I love by my side.

    Cameraman: Belle?

    Wade: *stops abruptly, giving the camera man a dumb founded look* No, Marilyn Monroe. *he rolls his eyes* Of course it's Belle! My god did you ask such a bloody obvious question? *he starts to walk again* Anyways we face Lucas and Carter. Rumor is that had Angel not been in the title match we would have had to face her and Vitani. I welcome the actual challange that Lucas and Carter pose. Belle, she can beat Angel and Vi by herself. I wouldn't have had to do any work. Lucas and Carter, however, they seem to be a bit stronger, no offense to Vitani or Angel.

    Wade walks inside the Ritz-Carlton, the hotel where he's been staying while the CWA is in Atlanta. He walks to the elevator and gets in, pressing the button for the 11th floor.

    Wade: Carter isn't the threat here. Sure, he's a talented superstar but there is one little flaw to him. He's a Lacroix. True *he grits his teethe* Nolee did manage to pin me last week. But that was only after Sheamus attacked me with the Celtic Cross. Carter? I destroyed him the first night here in the CWA to get my title. Plus, he will be easy prey for my lovely Belle. After all, she would have beat him fair and square a few weeks ago had it not have been for Nolee's interuption. No, the only factor I'm worried about is Lucas.

    Cameraman: You're worried about Lucas?

    Wade: Any smart man or woman would be worried about Lucas. But there is a quote by Julius Ceaser that sums up how I feel about this match. "I love the name of honor more than I fear death". Sure that right hook is a deadly move but if Belle and I can manage to beat Carter and Lucas, I'll have the honor of being not only the first and greates CWA champion but I'll have the honor of being the first and one half of the greatest tag team champions. Belle and I won't be able to be stopped.

    The elevator stops and Wade exits it, walking down the hall. He rests outside of a door, fixing his jacket before turning to the cameraman.

    Wade: Just one more thing. If you happen to see Stephen...Sheamus...tell him I need to talk to him. Now if you excuse me I need to go see Belle.

    Wade slips the hotel key from his pocket and opens the door, walking in as the camera cuts off.
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    Post  Angel James on Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:46 am

    The camera slowly fades in on a room with a clear glass window. Petey, Angel's boyfriend, is standing near the glass and two men are sitting in front of a soundboard. Angel can be seen through the glass, standing in front of a recording microphone. As the camera zooms in singing, can be heard.

    Angel: Today I'm gonna fly
    There's nothing that can keep me on the ground
    Touch the sky
    I'm free inside
    Today I'm gonna fly
    There's nothing that can keep me on the ground
    Touch the sky
    I'm free inside

    Angel stops before smiling as she takes the headphones off, she puts them down before going to through the door and into the same room as the camera. She smiles brightly as she walks over to the camera.

    Angel: Hello my friend, I see you managed to find the place.

    Pete: Hi Angel, yeah this place was easier to find then the last place.

    Angel: *laughs softly and nods* Yes indeed.

    Pete: So thank you again for agreeing to answer some questions for us.

    Angel: I am always glad to answer any questions for you.

    Pete: So are you looking forward to your match for the title?

    Angel: Yes I am, it is going to be nothing short of a great match.

    Pete: Do you feel like you have an advantage over Nolee? Seeing as besides tag-team matches, you have beat her every time?

    Angel: In a way yes, but also in a way no. Yes as in I know how to fight her and I know how to win. But also no because the other times Nolee and I fought it was just a match, it wasn't over something as big as the title. Nolee worked hard to get it and she will not give it up without a hard fight. And I cannot wait for it, this fight will help prove that the woman here are not barbies like Belle says. It will help prove that the Vixxens are the best in the business. Even if I do not win, I want to have the best match of the night. And with Nolee I know we can have the best match.

    Pete: *smiles* I am sure you will. *grows serious* I hate to ask this but... Are the rumors about you and Sheamus true?

    Angel: *sigh* No it is not true; Sheamus and I have never been together. We are just friends and he would never cheat on Nolee, he loves her. And I am with Petey and would never cheat on him.

    Pete: *sighs in relief and smiles* I am sure Nolee will be very pleased to hear that. So did you see Lucas's promo this week? He had some interesting things he said.

    Angel: *chuckles dryly and mutters in Italian* Yes I did and frankly I am sick on the jerk, hope poor Carter finds a way from under his thumb. No one deserves to be blackmailed by that man... *looks straight at the camera* And by the way Luke, do not call me Angie, only friends may use that name... Everyone else will either call me Angel or Ms. James. And while Petey may not have to worry I think you had better hope Sheamus does not hear you say that, I would hate for him to kick your face-off again. Oh and Petey is not a minor league wrestler, he has had more titles then you ever will and more fame then you ever will. *laughs softly* Oh and I would like to point out that most men do not call other men pretty.

    Pete: *laughs* Very true Angel.

    Angel: *smiles* I almost think he is hiding something.

    Pete: *chuckles* Maybe.... So anything else to say to Nolee or to anyone else?

    Angel: Well to Nolee just, "Do not listen to Belle, Sheamus loves only you." and I guess that is it. I have many things I could say to Lucas, but he is not worth my time. Now would you like to stay and hear another song?

    Pete: I would love to.

    Angel smiles and talks to Petey and the others for a minute before going back into the booth. She puts the headphones on and waits for the music.

    Watch your back because
    I am coming closer
    Shivers down your spine
    You were not expecting me
    How does it feel to be faced in your territory?
    Are you afraid to see me here?

    I’m not afraid
    To take my time
    To live my life
    The way I want to
    I’m not afraid
    To take you down
    And live my life
    As I want to
    I’m not afraid

    Closer but apart
    No one else can hear us
    Get out of the car
    Did you want to leave without me?
    How does it feel to be faced in your territory?
    Are you surprised to see me here?

    I’m not afraid
    To take my time
    To live my life
    The way I want to
    I’m not afraid
    To take you down
    And live my life
    As I want to
    I’m not afraid

    I’m not afraid
    To take my time
    To live my life
    The way I want to
    I’m not afraid
    To take you down
    And live my life
    As I want to

    I’m not afraid

    To take my time
    To live my life
    The way I want to
    I’m not afraid
    To take you down
    And live my life
    As I want to
    I’m not afraid

    The camera slowly fades out as it focuses on Angel.

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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Fri Nov 25, 2011 1:34 am

    The camera opens to the inside of a hotel room, sunlight shining in through a gap in the otherwise closed curtains. The camera slowly pans across the room, showing empty takeout boxes and alcohol bottles. When the camera stops panning, two figures can be seen in the bed, lying close together. When they show no signs of stirring, the camera turns back to the closed curtains, the cameraman holding up a hand with a watch on it, showing it’s already passed midday. A sigh is heard from the cameraman before he reaches out to open the curtains. Movement can be heard from the bed and the camera turns back to see Justin groaning as he sits up, crying out when he sees the camera.

    Justin: What are you doing in here?!

    The camera cuts off as the other person throws one of the smaller pillows at the camera.
    When the camera comes back on, Justin’s sitting on the couch, drying his hair after a shower.

    Justin: Sorry about that Pete…you startled us…

    Pete: No it was my fault…though seeing as it’s already the afternoon, you should be up anyway.

    Justin looks up and smiles as Heath Slater walks on screen, putting a plate of food down on the table in front of Justin before sitting beside him.

    Justin: Thank you. *he smiles at Heath, hanging his towel on the arm of the couch*

    Pete: *as Justin eats some of his food* So, what’s it like for you two…working in different companies?

    Justin: …it’s okay.

    Heath: *frowns* It’s boring.

    Justin: But…you have friends there…

    Heath: No, not really. The other former Nexus members all annoy me.

    Justin: *frowns and hugs Heath* Sorry…but I really didn’t like it there once our teams were split…

    Heath nods and Pete clears his throat noisily to remind them he’s still there. Heath says something quietly to Justin before getting up and walking off screen.

    Justin: Right, sorry. …I’m against Jay Lethal yeah?

    Pete: Yep.

    Justin: I’ve beaten both Lucas and Wade, who’s been CWA champ, then I lose to Carter and go back to fighting a jobber… *he sighs* Well at least I know here, unlike in the other company, I won’t be put up against the jobbers week after week. …Or at least I hope not. But yeah…Jay Lethal…I’ve never talked to the guy, to be honest, I’d never even really heard of him until I came here. I think he may have been on TNA at one point, but I really don’t know, or care. Unlike some of the other guys though, like Lucas, Wade and Sheamus…I’m not going to beat him within an inch of his life just to make a point to someone else, or to relieve anger caused by a problem the poor jobber had nothing to do with…

    He pauses and runs a hand through his hair.

    Justin: …or then again, maybe I will. I was after all part of the Nexus where we were taught to take advantage of a situation.

    He smirks as the camera fades out.

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    Post  Guest on Fri Nov 25, 2011 12:11 pm

    *Opens on Amy walking through the hall in street clothes. Her shirt is tight and ripped on the sides with a pair of flare jeans. Her heels clicked as she walks. Amy is stopped by a techgirl*


    Amy:Thats what they tell me. *smiles* What can I do for you?

    Tech:Well actually Im here to ask you about your match.Normally I don't but all the interviewers are late or no where to be found. *rushes out explanation and suddenly her outfit of grey pants and a black shirt with headphones make sense*

    Amy:My match against Sheamus. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. He is a beast in that ring. Hell,did you see what he did to Belle last week?

    Tech:I think we all did. Worried you might be next?

    Amy:Aren't we all? *smiles kindly to her* I know it's a very real possibility but I think his issue on the show was Belle may have sturred up some issues between him and Belle. None the less,yes I am worried.

    Tech:Do you think that might effect your performance tonight? It is your first Pay-Per-View and you already said your nervous.

    Amy:I hope it doesn't *laughs softly*. I highly doubt it will since everytime we get into the ring with a bigger opponent we are nervous. I woulod consider people an idiot if they weren't. As long as I keep my head right I should succeed.

    Tech:Any thoughts on your match with Christian?

    Amy:I underestimataed him,I admit it. But Im glad that he didn't take it personally. We both understand that this is the business,hyping yourself up. It was cool of him not to take it personally or anything.

    Tech:Would you like to maybe have a rematch with him or anything?

    Amy:Im not against it. Around here we face everyone once or twice. Right now though I think I should focus on Sheamus. Walk with me.

    Tech:*walks with her while looking at notes* Of course. Have you talked to your opponent?

    Amy:I have not gotten the chance to meet him though I have watched him in the ring.

    Tech:You also watched Christian and lost.

    Amy:Because I underestimated him. I wont underestimated Sheamus. Now excuse me,I have to find Belle. We get ready together. *flashes her a smile and the camera follows her as she leaves before fading out*

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    Post  Christian on Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:48 am

    The camera slowly fades in on a dimly lit room, before focusing on the CWA Champion Christian standing in front of a white screen. Christian smiles at the camera before starting.

    Christian: Hello to all my peeps out there, today I have decided to have a little slideshow. I thought I would tell the peeps a little bit about my opponent for the pay per view, the Big Red Monster Kane. Now before we get started with the show, I would like to thank my best friend and manager for running the machine for me. Edge wave to the peeps.

    The camera cuts to Edge sitting in front of a laptop, he grins and waves at the camera. The camera then switches back to Christian. He nods at Edge and a picture comes up onto the screen.

    Devastation promos Glen_Jacobs

    Christian: Now this is my opponent Kane aka Glenn Jacobs, he debuted as Kane in 1997. He is a former three time world champion; he also stared in a movie called 'See No Evil' while he was working for the WWE. But what many people do not know is Kane worked for the WWE before 1997...

    A different picture now comes up onto the screen.

    Devastation promos Isaac-yankem

    Christian: *makes a face of at the picture before looking back at the camera* This ladies and gentlemen is Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS, he debuted in 1995 and was the dentist of Jerry Lawler.*shakes head* Though how he was a dentist with those teeth I will never know. He would some times fight matches against Bret Hart in Lawler's place, but he was mostly used as a jobber against the many of the stars. This ladies and gentlemen this is the first WWE gimmick of Kane and he used it until September 1996...

    The picture changes again.

    Devastation promos 30-08-09-4

    Christian: *chuckles slightly at the picture* In October 1996, Kane changed his gimmick and started calling himself "Diesel". He was tag teamed with a wrestler calling himself "Razor Ramon", this gimmick was started by the WWE to mock the departure of two former employees. The gimmick's television lifespan lasted only until the 1997 Royal Rumble, soon after he was then taken off television...

    Christian pauses as the picture once again changes.

    Devastation promos Kane

    Christian: He re-debuted as Kane in October 1997, where he cost The Undertaker a Hell in a Cell match. He was wearing the mask, *laughs softly* which was probably the best thing for him after the two previous gimmicks. And of course he at the time was being called Undertaker's brother; this would be changed to half-brother in the future. He and Undertaker would feud for a while before it ended in April 1998, in the same year Kane won the WWF Championship at the King of the Ring. Sadly he lost it the next night back to the former champion Austin. He then had various feuds and tag teams; he retained the mask until June 2003....

    The picture changes once more.

    Devastation promos 4371

    Christian: *makes a slight face again at the new picture* Up until this point Kane had been a face, but that changed once his mask had been removed. He was once again a monster and he would cause mayhem and trouble for a good while. And then after a while, he once again went through various feuds and tag teams. He would win the ECW championship in 2008 and finally in 2010 he would win the World Heavyweight Championship. *pauses and grins* He would lose the title to the Rated-R Superstar Edge and once more go between various things. He then joined the CWA on its first ever show, like so many others and the rest I think we all know.

    The screen goes white again and Christian sits down in a chair next to the screen.

    Christian: See I had a reason I wanted to show everybody this slideshow... I wanted to show that while Kane acts like a demon that he is not a demon. He is human and he can be beaten, I can beat him like I did the last time I fought him. See he thinks that just because he is bigger that he is better and can bully me. Just like Wade and Lucas, just like all the other big men I have fought. Or that because he is a so-called monster, that he can roll over me and hurt me. I have been attacked and hurt by big men before Kane. Monsters like Abyss, who tried to drown me in my own pool and then hanged me with a steel chain after a steel cage match... *pauses for a minute and frowns* See Abyss was a monster just like Kane and he thought he could hurt me and steal my title. But see he did not beat me; I won and proved that I could go one-on-one with the monster of TNA. Like I beat Kane before here in the CWA, I will do it again and retain my title.

    Christian smiles again and stands up; he walks over to another chair and picks up his title belt. He carefully places it on his shoulder.

    Christian: I will fight tooth and nail to defend my title, and I will prove to all the naysayers that I have what it takes. No matter what I will prove that I have earned my place in this business and company. Now please excuse me, Adam and I have to go meet up with an old friend and train for the match.

    Edge grins as he walks over too Christian. The camera slowly starts to fade out as the two Canadian's walk towards the door.

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    Post  Sheamus on Sat Nov 26, 2011 11:12 am

    Sheamus is seen sitting in a bar, a drink that’s barely been touched on the table in front of him. He sighs and leans his head on his hand, elbow resting on the table. His phone is sitting on the table beside his drink and he glances down at it, frowning when he sees there are no new messages. A shadow falls across the table and the camera slowly zooms out as Sheamus lifts his head, a surprised look on his face.

    Sheamus: Since when do you leave home?

    The camera zooms out a little more to show Sheamus’ older brother standing there, his dark hair in its usual tangle of curls.

    Keiran: *defensively* What? I’m not allowed to? You can’t tell me what I can and can’t do…

    Sheamus: Never said I could. I just asked a question… *after a pause* So what did bring yeh down here?

    Keiran: You obviously. I’m tired of seeing yeh moping about the place on that show you’re on.

    Sheamus: *rolls his eyes* Right…because you don’t do that yourself on a daily basis…

    Keiran: I’m not the one that does it on national television…kicking a girl in the face because I can’t deal with my own personal issues…

    Sheamus: *looks irritated* Don’t! Don’t you start on that too…

    Keiran: *smirks as he sits opposite Sheamus* Aww…am I annoying yeh Stephen? Yeh know, you’re supposed to be the good one, the good little choirboy who could do no wrong in our parent’s eyes… I hope yeh know that that’s not the case anymore…

    Sheamus: Keiran… *says as if warning him*

    Keiran: What? You want me to stop mentioning problems that you’re too stubborn or scared to deal with? *he holds a hand up as Sheamus goes to interrupt* No don’t, you listen Stephen, for once. Yeh can’t just avoid the issues yeh keep complaining about. The family wasn’t very happy that yeh never got that head injury yeh had properly looked at, so imagine how they’d be if they knew yeh were kicking anyone who even remotely bothers yeh in the face because yeh refuse to deal with your own issues!

    Sheamus: *growls* Well maybe the family should just mind their own business…

    Keiran: Maybe you should just stop whining and deal with your problems, before yeh end up like Stu… *he ignores Sheamus’ angry look* So, how’s Nolee huh Stephen? Talked to her recently…? *he smirks as he looks down at Sheamus’ phone* No? Too scared or too stubbo-

    Keiran’s cut off as Sheamus suddenly punches him. He glares at Sheamus afterwards, holding a hand to his bleeding nose; Sheamus grabbing his phone and putting it back in his pocket.

    Keiran: *hisses* Leathcheann (idiot)! That temper is one of the problems Nolee’s mentioned you having! Like I said before, maybe if yeh stopped hurting every single person who annoys yeh…

    Sheamus: Shut up!

    Sheamus reaches across the table, grabbing his older brother by his messy hair, slamming Keiran’s face onto the table before letting him go, letting Keiran fall from his seat. Sheamus smirks and stands up, running a hand through his hair as he watches Keiran get back to his feet before Brogue kicking him. Laughing, Sheamus goes to stand over his brother, shaking his head.

    Sheamus: Rabhadh mé tú chun fanacht amach as seo, nuair a tháinig mé abhaile cúpla seachtain ó shin... (I warned you to stay out of this when I came home a few weeks ago...)

    Keiran: *groans and sits up slightly, holding a hand to his head* I…was just trying to help…

    Sheamus: *hisses* Yeh call that helping? That looked more like being an asshole to me! Téigh abhaile Keiran… (go home)

    He shakes his head and turns his back on Keiran, facing the camera instead.

    Sheamus: I’ve heard you’ve been watching my matches Amy. It’s good to see you prepare for your matches and you’re right to be nervous. Have you been watching to learn about my temper that seems to bother everyone though? Yeh might want to look into it if yeh want to avoid being ‘next’…just a friendly piece of advice…

    Sheamus looks down at Keiran, who’s sitting with a hand to his nose to try and stop it bleeding, before looking back at the camera, a dangerous look in his eyes.

    Sheamus: Speaking of ‘friendly’ advice…For those who feel the need to constantly ask me about, or try to meddle in my personal life… Just remember this. *he gestures to Keiran* I’m not afraid to hurt my own brother for bugging me about it…

    He turns and kicks Keiran hard in his ribs, the older man crying out in pain. Sheamus then lifts Keiran and tosses him towards a wall, Keiran collapsing onto the floor afterwards, unconscious. Sheamus laughs and the camera slowly zooms in on his unconscious, bleeding older brother as the scene fades.

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